Dec 23, 2010

time glass, an eyeopener

i've been coming to work as early 7.15 for a week, minus yesterday because it seems like aeons i am being good.

what else would i do (besides snoring at work desk) at such ungodly hours than reading my favourite blogs, right?

i was on this blog,, reading about her experience as a PHD student in UK and she mentions a few friends of her who had lost life partners at young age too. so, i hopped onto that blog,, and i CRIED! i just can't help it, it was so sad and tearful, i can't imagine what she's going through because I can't imagine MYSELF going through the same thing. and i must say that she is such a strong person, regardless the pain she's dealing with... and she has a young daughter too, which made me cry even harder...

that open my eyes, we can never anticipate what could happen in the future. we could plan, save up millions of money, buy a car and a house but all that mean nothing once we are gone from the face of this earth... or if our loved ones should go first before us...

i know i'm a grumpy person by nature, easily irritated by the silliest gesture, and usually the nearest i.e. my husband would get the brunt end. i think over-reaction runs in our family. couldn't put the blame otherwise. ;p

and since we part ways everyday for work, i can really count the hours we spend together a day. minus the time he goes to the mosque, internet, playing games (i blame his iPhone!), family duties and so on. so how many hours, or seconds of quality time left for the both of us? nearly none, and thats why we have to make the best of everything...

i will try to be a good wife from now on. i will try to be calm before getting emotional on silly issues. i will try to be a good sister, a daughter, as a whole person. we could lie to ourselves, telling that we are still young and the future's wide in front of us, sacrificing the people we love just to get what we want. we have to march on, to make the best out of our lives and appreciate the people we love, while we still have time.

because after all, a loved person, once gone, can never replace all the Louis Vuittons in the world.

Dec 22, 2010

cat got my tongue and spit it out back

i wish i never checked the stats. i never do, in fact i didn't know its existence. stupid, i know.

it's just that when i blog, i just write down (anything that comes to mind) and posto! i rarely dig through the whole blogger thingy hence why you guys see my layout has been the same since god knows when.

now i have to THINK before i say anything, which i fail miserably i should say, but what the heck, this is just something random that i'm sure it wont cause any harm.

anyhoo, it's that time of the year again, CHRISTMAS SALE! of course i dont celebrate xmas, but it's one of the best sales in a year, yeah? and boxing day? i wish they have that in malaysia so we wont be deprived all that gorgeous sales. but then again, sales in malaysia can be a tad too deceiving, don't you think so?

so, if i'm anywhere that has boxing days or black fridays, i'd love to get my hands on these:

yeah, i can't believe that i'm still a clutz in posting up pictures, let alone using the fancy schmancy photoshop. that'd be my next year reso - learn to be more gadget/it savvy. ;p lagipun, i'm giving u extra work to excercise those hands. hihi.. there's more but i have to keep my fingers all plump and spudgy. ;p

sadly all of that is just a dream. PUFF! i should be looking for lights and fans, airconds, sofa, all the household items. they are my priority as of now. or if i feel irresponsible later on, i'll pick up one or two from the long list waiting patiently on the next tab browser.

and oh, despite my saying malaysia's sales are deceiving, i cant help noticing that dorothy perkins stores here are quite affordable after discounts. jeans after discounted rm70, tops and blouses at rm70++. reasonable eh? after the conversion and all, still it's not that bad unless you can get DP blouse at 5 quids! one thing for sure, we can't beat gorgeous topshop jeans at 7 quids! no, man, wont get that in malaysia, i stocked up 3-4 pairs. heheh

happy shopping, you lucky lucky lucky people!

Dec 21, 2010

couldn't get any better than this

and i thought last week's news was bizzare enough, apparently not. this is even more sick, i tell you.

what the world is coming to?

Dec 20, 2010

is there another place we can go to?

a friend over my cubicle was telling me about news she read from last week's local tabloid papers. of course, there's reason it's called a tabloid, the excuse to glorify all the gory news.

the main reason why i stay away from the news. politics, wars, crimes and social misconducts.

the news was about a brother and a sister, checked in a hotel and made an incest video tape.

what is the world coming to???

it seems nobody knows rights and wrongs anymore. father slash son's throat. son suffocate mother. brother pour acid on sister. grandpa rape 3 year old girl.

when these things happen, we just dont know who to point the finger to. parents? government? media? internet? peer pressure?

of course, the parents will always get the first and last 'guilty as charged'. pandai buat anak tapi tak reti nak jaga.

it's sad you know, knowing the society that we live in is no longer safe and secure. true, we shout for freedom of expression, we fight for our rights, we are pushed aggressively to think out of the box, to be creative and innovative, to be someone that stands out from everybody else.

but is this the price we are paying? in order to be that kind of society, we forgo our humanity? is that how it should be? we can be a healthy and productive society without all this unhealthy commotion right?

somehow, politics is playing big part in this. i know it's crucial for the betterment of our country but personally, our politicians are carried away by their greed of power and money. who has seen the news, where a party does not speak bad of other parties? it's bad enough that our media is one-sided (so much for democracy) just to cloud our judgement.

like the flood in north recently. yes, we are so thankful to B* for helping us out, giving food, giving shelter and money. we are really disappointed with P** for abandoning us like this bla bla bla....

why is it only one party who got all the name? how about other big corporations/organisations like, petronas, tm, to name a few. in fact, these big companies, especially GLCs channel their means to the government (which mostly are upon stricted orders).

we are blinded, people.

all we do good in politics is bickering, slashing people, pointing out others mistakes but never see ours. they even fight in parliament! so, when do they have the time to look into these social diseases?

i don't know what will become in the near future. i shudder to think the fates of my own children (if i have one day, insya Allah). or my nieces and nephews. seriously, parents, we just can't rely on the government alone, we need to take a firm hand on this. be firm, dont just let children get their own way because you dont want them to throw tantrums. there must be a limit or they'll never learn what is right or wrong. YOU are the parent, be RESPONSIBLE.

RELIGION is the foundation of all. don't be in too hurry for money and neglect religion because i know most parents want to provide the best for their children, branded clothes, expensive food, out of the world strollers, quite forgetting that religion teachings are important too for spiritual & conduct growth.

please, my friend, it's no longer a safe world.

sorry, wrong number!

yesterday. the funniest thing happened.

we went to see our new house's progress righting the defects. it sure is slow progress, into 3 weeks already and still, no updates from esatek. sometimes i want to strangle those people, never miss taking advantages in the mean time victimising us poor people.

back to the story. decided to cruise the neighborhood, just looking you know, what kind of renovations they have done, and who have move in, and so on. many ad posters/banners are up, screaming for us to take them up. oh well, since we are on a tight budget, we decide to just stick to the basics while waiting for another home ready, hopefully by 2012. then, unleashed powers baby!

sorry, side-tracked again. ;p so we arrived to our house. a car was parked in front of the gates. we were, ahh the contractor must be here to get things done quickly. (i had to threaten them we will be thrown out in the streets by end of dec).

so, we went in, the door was locked. tried our keys but to no avail. a worker came from next door and gave us the key, telling us to return it after that. i didnt think anything was funny, because i did report a defect on the main door of the house, so i assume they got the locks changed. wah bagus betul diorang ni.

we into the house and inspected any new progress. it seems that the defects we reported were fixed while many extra defects were tabbed. wahh memang bagus betul, very thorough without our supervision. were quite satisfied with minor details noted for the developer later on. locked up the house and returned the keys, when a neighbour opposite came up to us,

anak dia ke ni?

eh tak, kami tuan rumah lah.

eh yeke? kalau x silap saya, polis punya rumah ni. saya ikut dia tgk rumah ni. dah nak start buat renovation dah.

ya? dia silap rumah ke?

takkan kot, dua kali saya ikut dia.

we just nodded, uhuh kami nak balik cepat ni, when we saw the house number. 38!!!!!! not bloody 20!!! (i knew i hate that number) we quickly ran into our car, and burst into laughter. oh my god, how can we be such fools???!

giggling all the way, we finally stopped at the right house. yeap, definitely right, and truthfully i think my house fare better than the one we went to. it's just a matter of time, whether they can get them done on time or not.

after much debating, we went back to that pakcik and told him the real story. had to put on a straight face though. you never know, this is a police we are dealing with. ;p

we couldnt stop laughing until we went to bed.

what if the real owners came when we were in the house? dahlah polis, makkk!

holiday making

i am in dire need of going somewhere. anywhere that is cheap and fun. money is not at its strongest forte right now.

and that comes from someone who just got back from a short weekend stint in johor with a small burned hole in the pocket, and at the early month too. i mean, when do we get to spend wisely, it can't be too early of the month or you'd eat sticks and stones at the end of the month, which usually is the case regardless we are cautious in the beginning, right?

nevertheless, muar is a food haven. the only regret i have is i need to make more research because i know that there are more to explore in that little quaint town. i'll post up pictures later. ;p

so, naturally, you'll come to to office feeling bored after all the excitement, right? yeah, office will be busy in the new year. boss in not in the by the way, hence the blogging, and at the same time looking for places to go.

malaysia airlines is having great promotions and i found the best deal to jeddah at rm2500. cheap, yeah? and when i proceed to the next page, suddenly it was SOLD OUT!!!! i was tonggang terbalik frust babe! so yeah, jeddah's out of the question unless someone is willing to fork out some money for me. heheh.

this time around, i have planned out my 2011 leave since states is in the plan (i hope it still is when the right time comes), i need to use my leave wisely. couldnt waste them away for nothing. and even states doesnt happen, there lots of places to go to. uk should be in 2012 so people dont hassle me to go next year okay. tempat lain boleh lah ya. heheh

oh well, all this seems too good to be true of course. what with the house(s) coming along, i need to cut back on unnecessary expenses especially holidays. except the ones that i cant really miss and need to beg syarif to go. hihi.

okay back to work, woman. enough dreaming.

p/s: BUT i really need to plan something for jan 2011. it's what we call the opening curtains 2011 hahhahaha

Dec 16, 2010

wake up call

i'm sorry for such a depressing outlet yesterday. but i won't promise it will not happen again though.

as i face this space, trying to squeeze some ideas, my blog header screams at me.

'live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air'. the wise words of emerson.

that's what my blog should be about. being happy (at most times), always excited and curious to try new things and of course, the courage to bring and expose myself with new experiences, never stopping the need to learn. it sounds fun, yeah?


somehow, i never realise this familiar feeling of FEAR. it has been inside me for so long without knowing exactly when it placed itself there. sometimes, i mistake it for SHY. or timid. or anything that associate with being over bearing.

i used to be confident and always know what i want or where to go. BUT it was always with sudden decisiveness, taking risks on a whim so there was never a PLAN. that's the beauty of being young, stripped off responsibilities.

growing up was a pain. i think the moment started in primary school. out of a sudden, responsibilities were bulked on my shoulders. not the kind of earning money to bring food on the table, put clothing on the family, no no that kind. for such a young kid, at that time, piling homeworks were such frightening state to be in. heavy bags to and fro, extra classes, and major exams. as school classes weren't enough, extra classes were compulsory. if not by the teachers, by the parents of course.

and this went on until i got out the university with a degree.

i always hear people say you will miss uni years, the care-free life where you have no obligations. who am i to be fooled? as students, you DO have obligations, towards your studies, right? you have to make sure that your grades are on top at most times, so that you can secure good careers once you done. so, i really didnt agree with that as i frankly admit that i hate my study years. not the friends though, they are amazing, they keep me alive until today.

honestly, i miss the days before school was a serious state of affair. play all day, and play some more at home, do whatever i wish, just like a bird flying freely. and what i regret most is that, those years are so short, 5 years certainly are not enough. plus, how far back can you remember your early childhood? you start to remember at the age of 4, so what is left?

i was in denial, couldnt accept the fact that i am an adult now, having to make the wisest decisions of all, very careful of not screwing up because thats not allowed in the grown-up world. i need to wake up from this deep slumber, get my feet on the ground, 'live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air'.

thank you, emerson.

Dec 15, 2010

2010 is coming to an end, everyone is taking leave until next year so the office is quite somber and out of nowhere work comes piling in. it's bad enough being swamped in piles of papers, but KNOWING that these works will result zero-effect on the company, let alone me is pretty depressing.

Many a million times I said I should be grateful for what I have now. Not that I am not, I am, for certain things of course, but being stuck in a situation that is heading for point-blank, I really need to sit down and think. Fast. I am a hard believer of fate and that things always happen for a reason, may it be known or not. This would stop me into making rash decisions but now I think it's time I take a step ahead. For who knows, that step taken could change my fate altogether and let's hope that regrets wont root in.

Sometimes, I blame myself for being such a coward. I hate to admit that I fear leaving my comfort-zone. I mean, who doesn't right? You've made friends along the way, (near to non-existent) achievements to be proud of, the best stall at the work's food court, the most scrumptious horrible-looking curry puffs, strategic work station, loving & caring husband, wonderful families, (hopefully) great house and the list goes on. See what I mean?

Company is generously giving us a week leave starting Christmas until New Year. Perhaps I have to start look around and do some stress-relief activities. I might come back to work a whole new person.

Dec 1, 2010

a diet programme & other matters

this is going to be one mixed-up shambles.

ever since i got my work computer serviced, thanks to the trojan worms, i could only open one application at a time. all this while, being a dumbo in computers, i thought my pc was slow because of the viruses, hell yeah it was, but also it runs on 512 ram!! so, when i got the pc back, it was practically brand new with all the up-to-date applications, using windows 2007 and all. i was ecstatic, of course.

but it was short-lived.

i asked yatoque to help out for an internal hard disk, anything below rm200. her husband has this cool computer shop, selling cool gadgets especially for serious gamers, a car seat for a racing game anyone? you get the drift lah. she sounds a little surprised but promised to find out.

the verdict, it's the pc's RAM, my dear, and rm150 for 1gb. yes, pricey for a gb, so i asked around. remember, i'm a dumbo?

turns out the price she quoted is for old ancient computers, and even though my pc runs on 512 ram, it is not that ancient, folks. it's just the ram that's a bit outdated. heheh.

got that one solved, with the right specs and at reasonable price too. so go to her blog, i'm sure there's a link there to her husband's website. i'd do it for you, but remember one application at a time?? too lazy yaw. sorry babe hehehe.


the end of 2010 is drawing near. let me see what i have done/ achieved so far.

baby project - none but working on it, going for gynae appointments.

career - okay, looking at the bright side, but on the not so positive tone, i want that place in m**!

house - got the keys already, waiting for last minute detailing, AND in the process of a second house. LOL

holiday - anniversary trip to bali, singapore: gorgeous food and universal studio, penang: benl trip

financial - managed to curb shopping whims but i still can't resist on books!! at least that'd be lifetime investment, no? and still, a wee savings because life is too short not to spend spontaneously. ;p

and what else? oh yeah, the diet program. could stick to it for two weeks then off the track i jump for more than 2 weeks! :D

really need to be serious with my eating habits, i'm getting on (in years), wouldn't want to be sickly with genetic diseases. so, i did a minor research, just to pass time in the office. ;p

blood type diet. have you ever heard of this diet programme? i did, years ago, but i dismissed it hihihi. now, i'm looking at it again.

for an A+ type, i have to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. most of the food that i love to eat is prohibited. dairy products (goodbye, cheese!), seafood (of crispy sotong, butter prawns!), meat including LAMB (except for chicken on rare occasion), certain vegetables, nuts and fish like cabbage, pistachios, brazil nuts, almonds, white flour, rice, bread, CATFISH and... basically the normal food i take daily.

so you see why i can never shed off these fats? because im not eating properly!! of course, we do need to allow some of the prohibited, only once or twice a year, NOT EVERYDAY. whoaa. i need the courage as big as the mount everest!

apparently, these A types have naturally thick blood hence the XXX food above because they can congest up our blood stream. and that's why most diabetese, high blood pressure, heart failure diseases are found common with A type patients.

so i'm a tofu and tempe person, y'all. *bluek*

the best blood type is O because these people can eat almost anything, tolak batu and kayu, no wonder they are universal blood donor. they need all the food in the world just to give us back a pint of blood. :)

besides that, i bought e-books from for rm40, a great package deal that consists of one book (a must buy) with survival tips&guide as freebies thrown in. and the best part is you get to access any future e-books from kevin zahri. well, i havent start reading yet, but im excited to so, i'll let you know once i'm done okay.

end of shambles.

Nov 26, 2010

weekend is here already...

and i feel as it was just yesterday the colleagues and i went for mahboub's fix in bangsar. that was last Friday, people. time really flies, so moaning here or whining there will get you nowhere for time waits for no man.

at crucial times as this, i tend to ponder, what have i done so far that i am really proud of? besides the expected expectations, of course. have some of my dreams come true? did i enjoy while chasing them dreams? what sacrifices been done to get what/where i want? looking back on time, some of the good things that happened weren't really part of my plan, nevertheless i count them as blessings. as mere mortals, we succumb to the best intentions of God and personally i think it's a test for me to take further steps towards the right path.

for example, all my life i have been wanting this particular matter to happen, but when you can see it coming nearer and nearer, you stop and doubt, do i really want this? what if it's not right for me? what if something better comes along? what ifs what ifs... humans are so complicated they don't even know what they want, even when things fall into their laps.

well, in my case, i hate making mistakes or bearing the consequences. i just hate to deal with things that could be avoided in the first place. taking in consideration of my true nature, i act upon first instinct without elaborate thinking. that's why husband and i are a couple matched in heaven. i can always depend on him to stop me in track. ;p

again, time is playing tricks on us. i am not getting younger by the second, so i need to get all those ridiculous whims out of my system before i grow old, regretting things didn't happen the way they should.

embrace, embrace!

Nov 22, 2010

different side

i took 2 days off from work, today and tomorrow. just so that i dont have to meet people, for now.

right now, i'm in a little corner of alamanda's starbucks, sipping on iced turned to watery green tea. and a piece of inhouse peanut butter cookies. *bliss*

and riding on free wifi too because currently internet connections at both parents' and inlaws' are down. who knows when streamyx people will get them fix. haissh

went to an interview this morning. i seriously need to work on my interview skills. i really sucked man, big time! and i shouldnt be because im known for answering people back. i guess the awareness of being judged and criticised set me off, making me nervous and stuttering. ive come to realised that i tend to leave sentences mid-way, cos suddenly i'd be loss at words. bad, bad, bad!

it doesnt help that emotions show clearly on my face whenever i find some questions that took me off guard. im torn between telling the truth or what they actually want to know. and i end up making wrong decisions. haahhaha. oh well, kalau dapat dapatlah kalau tak nevermind.

being the greatest procrastinator in the whole wide world, i forgot to complete an online hr survey before i took leave. so getting inside company's intranet is soo tedious, ive been trying for the past hour. there are 3 candidates to evaluate with 21 questions each and i only got 2 done so far. everytime i get to question 4 the system kicked me out and to get back in needs refreshing the browser 100 times!! so penat nak login jelah sebenarnya. nasib baik tak nampak muka boss, or im sure i would bawl my head off. ;p

i must admit that it's a bless to be somewhere far from work. im in a fickle state, can't bear to go to work but at the same time couldnt imagine of doing anything else except work. i can be a retard at such times, one moment i need people all around me, the next moment i turn into a hermit. boleh tahan psycho. and no, i dont ask you people to try and understand me, because i dont sometimes. ;p except you ya, sayang. muahahha


Nov 18, 2010

still feeling exhausted from all the eating and visiting yesterday. hari raya shouldnt be celebrated a day only, at least two days are easy enough on the tummy.

got ready at dawn for raya prayers. we decided to go to putrajaya mosques this time. syarif has this notion of trying out all the mosques in the neighborhood. i layankan je. ;p

had a simple breakfast of fried noodle and curry mee after prayers. that alone was fulfilling. then, we headed to an aunt's for a dose of nasi dagang (not a favourite at all, thank god for normal rice!). then, off to an uncle's in sri petaling for a spread of mendy lamb, assam pedas, sweet sour crab and stir-fried mix veggies. in late evening, we went back to seremban to pay the obligatory visit to grannies. and the usual feast of rendang with nasi himpit, curry beef and peanut gravy. but i opted for grandma's overnight assam pedas (all time favourite!!). last destination was to syarif's sister for a birthday party cum bbq cum raya gathering. there were lontong, fried meehoon, bbq-ed chicken, lamb chops and all sorts of cakes.

all that are making me drowsy in the office today. thankfully many took extra leave so i can rest my head (and eyes ;p) from time to time.

and yeah, happy eidul adha!

Nov 12, 2010


yesterday saw syarif off. we didnt get to say goodbye properly. after all, what is 3-4 days right? still, i felt half of me drowned in nothingness.

it's worst at night. too quiet for my liking. and it's the usual moment we talk and bicker. and i miss that. :(

i begged to sleep with littlest sister. 'ah, mesti sebab kau tak berlaki sekarang kan'. i had to put on my best sad puppy face.

it rained the whole night and i felt lost for no reason. i slept, feeling sad. in the middle of the night, woke up with a start and accidentally stretched my right leg into wrong position. the tendon pulled tightly and cramped at the ball of my muscle leg. i whimpered and cried but nobody answered. littlest sister was snoring gently beside me, not caring what's happening around her.

i consoled myself back to sleep. if only my half-soul was here...

i'm glad daylight came, even thought the skies are grey, as grey as my feelings of this moment.

i have come to dread dark nights.

Nov 11, 2010

hidup lagi

i came across rumaisa's comment on odah's fb wall, ''blog kau dah mati ke?"

that pure simple question jolted me.

nowadays, writing here seems difficult for me. most of the time, i let it out at another place. when i first started out here, i didn't expect too many readers (not that i'm saying i have many readers now) and anonymous readers sit fine with me. as the blog progresses more, and i accumalate some friends along the way (THANK YOU!!), i have to be selective on what i write. i cannot simply write things that may hurt families and friends or any other people i might not know.

yes, you can laugh. somehow, this made me feel old. i'm still learning to curb my temper (and cutting words) and it's hard. being oppressed and supressed can put a toll on mind and mentality. i'm not surprised why most of us are going crazy by every moment. imagine a situation like this, you have to be apprehensive at all times, watching your mouth and praying hard that it will not betray you with uncouthed words. at the same time, you tend to say things that you don't mean at all. call it hypocrisy but that's how we live in a society. i need to tell myself over and over again, if this makes them happy, then i'm happy. truth is, i'm not.

so i resort to my reading. the only escapism i'm aware and familiar with. i choose how to read the lines. i get to criticise without the fear of letting the emotions run away, or hurt anyone in any ways. i get to express freely, be sad, happy, let one or two tears, laugh loudly without a care in the world. husband always says i'm crazy when i'm with my books. that explains why i'm always cooped up in my room. i know some people don't understand this and it tortures me that i have to do otherwise lest i will be thought of ratu dalam bilik. i almost always get that from my mother, "orang panggil buat tak tahu je, jangan baca selagi tak siap kerja rumah". i didn't hear you, ibu, i'm in my own bubble and you burst it! pop!

being married should not necessarily stop me from seeing my books. thankfully, i am blessed with an understanding soulmate who knows it's the only way i can calm myself after a hectic day at workplace. he knows when i need to be left alone. being compromised made me be fair towards him after that. or else, how can i give the best service in the world if i'm all stressed out? though bear in mind, services come in many forms, not necessarily cook meals and ironing clothes (excuses, excuses!). being the best listener and companion need hard work too. :)

after all being said, yes, i will try my hardest and bestest (if there's such a word) to be here as often as possible. i will try to be more communicative and involve in matters that can open my eyes wider than they are now.

so, sya, kau jangan rindu sangat kat aku lagi okay...

Nov 8, 2010

taking a 5 minute break. ;p

everyone's absent from the office. except for me. boleh tak gitu?

i was awaken by a call from the boss. he called in to represent him for a 9am meeting. crap! i hate meetings. and plus, most attending were managers and above. so, i feeling2 manager lah tadi. ;p

a last minute project, of course, what else is new? might need to stay back a bit later than usual. if there's one thing i dislike is calling up people i don't know. kalau gayut dengan member or ibu sendiri memang lah best. no need to ask me to do them, i'd get them done in a juffy! ;p i'd prefer to communicate face-to-face, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart (wups!).

3 day weekend wasn't enough. parents-in-law are around, lil bro's around, surveying house decos, a really fun bbq get together (need to do that often!), laundry, monitoring maid on sunday, sleep and of course reading! mmg tak cukuplah... tap tup suddenly, hello monday!!

husband will be off this wednesday until saturday/sunday. so i'm considering some options that i have as a single lady. ;p wehuuu!! its not everyday that i get freedom like this so i really really need to optimise my time. will call people later on!

okay peeps, back to work again!

Oct 27, 2010

this is for you, ESATEK

i know i haven't been posting too much on the house we bought in the previous years. mainly because i was thinking if i bitch lesser about it, nobody (read:IBU) will say 'i told you so'.

but now it seems i got hit back on the nose.

i could tell my mom was a bit reluctant when she found out that we decided on a house in section 15. i was adamant about it because location-wise, it's just perfect. i can just hit the highway to work. no hassle, right? especially for a not morning person like me.

apparently, mom's say still has wisdom, even after you are married. ;p the developer in charge, ESATEK SDN BHD, is totally being unprofessional and cunning too at the same time.

first off, we managed to get a 100% loan on the house and thus entitled to a refund of a deposit i put earlier. it took 2 bloody years to get back the refund AND the check i received stated half of what i paid. when i called up ESATEK, they said it's because of penalty charges due to late payment release by the bank. is that even my fault???

secondly, the house is behind its delivery. syarif called them and said keys can be collected expectedly next week. BUT we need to pay miscellaneous charges first only then the keys will be given. MORE CHARGES? when asked what for, they refuse to tell, saying just come first. and syarif said, then what about late delivery charges? they replied, oh you have to clear misc charges first then we'll pay you. easier said than done huh??

i'm angry now. i was hoping against all hopes that nothing bad will happen. looks like i'm going through the same nightmares that most house buyers have. houses are not cheap nowadays and house developers are rushing taking advantage of us poor people.

thank god that i have a good community. they are all fighters. and we will fight for our rights. chewah!

Oct 21, 2010

work was abit slow today. sleepyhead goes synonymously well with me. i yawned until my brooch below chin came off!

sent off the parents yesterday and suddenly malaysia sounds so quiet.

ever since i was prescribed with antibiotics for my bad tonsil, my skin breaks out. the whole body itched and tiny red spots appeared. agak menggelikan bila banyak sangat. after two dosages, i stopped and went back to the clinic. yeap, definitely allergic to the medication. now i can add erythromycin to my allergy list of medicines.

when my throat is not feeling too good, swallowing seems to take extra effort, i have no desire to go to work. haha, yes i know, what else is new? but seriously, i need to summon all my strength just to climb out of bed and hit the shower. and doesn't help when time seems to tick ever slowly.


so, i'm sure most of you, especially the women heard about the budget plan proposal recently. besides most (supposedly) designer merchandise will have a reduction up to 30% off on duty tax, the gst will increase up to 2-3%. we'll see who gets the better bargain in the end. just don't get your hopes too high though.

while in the same loop, the govt also proposes 3 month maternity leave. why are they targeting the women this time? because we are easy preys, ready to fall for anything and so easily sidetracked from the main purpose. plus, since women outnumbered the males now, they need our favours badly. BUT that proposal is only for the public workers. hence the question, why the need to air it in the budget? it's not for the advancement of our conutry, it is more like discussing hr matters involving benefits and perks, matters that employer resolve for employees. i bet they have nothing better to do at all, flaunting what they can do for themselves using our money. most of the budget proposals are repetitions from previous years and from what i observe, nothing seems to get better, if not a little. oh well...


it's been ages since i did any socialising. i hope friends have not forgotten me yet. will try to call up some people next week when syarif's outstation. and i need to do some scouting for the new house. but i think it's better to look around once you get the keys, right, so that you don't have to do things twice. penat okay. browsing magazines alone for now is good enough for me. ;p

Oct 18, 2010

today has got to be of the sleepiest days i've ever encountered.

i woke up earlier than usual, at 430am, to cook sambal telur. office mates decided each to bring along one dish and hence, the sambal telur. it got a bit burnt because i dozed off while waiting for the sambal to garing. ;p

so, imagine myself trying to keep my eyes orpen throughout the whole morning. i was half asleep reading emails. i was hald asleep playing sudoku. i was half asleep through everything. i could hardly wait for the afternoon to come because being sleepy on an empty stomach doesn't sit very well with me.

then afternoon came. everyone flashed his/her own part. from 6 of us, there were tauchu bawal, asam pedas kembung, ikan goreng, sambal telur, sambal ikan masin (the highlight!), bayam & labu kuah santan, ulam, cencalok, tempoyak, daging masak merah, telur dadar. crazy right? what a spread, and the winner goes to one of the managers since she contributed to half of above. if it was me, i would have sleep through morning already.

and of course, after quite a heavy lunch, the sleepiness won't go away. i could hardly keep my head up. sudoku no longer helps, numbers swimming through drowsiness. i decided to do zuhr and snatch a quick nap. which the 'quick' nap was a solid whole one hour. now, i'm fresh again! should have done that earlier morning and save all the trouble.

i still have another day before the parents fly this wednesday. funny this is, syarif said to me, sayang you could just a year leave and go stay with ibu. i was, what??? and leave you behind so that you can look for someone else? if i want to look for someone else, i would have done that sooner. but, yeah, then you wouldn't have an excuse right? at least you could come up with lame excuse your wife abandons you while i'm gone. no way.

men. can live and can't live without them. *sighs*

Oct 15, 2010

first council meeting

forgive me for being here twice, and at office hours too. i have too much time at hand that i am going wonkers not knowing what to do. i'm munching on some leftover junk from yesterday while typing this..

i should just have taken leave today but i was absent for 2 days already this week. wouldn't be very nice for the people to see. although actually i never care much what people say but i pity my boss for causing him trouble. ;p

not in the mood of hopping blogs today because my office computer is damnnn slowwwww! potong stim bila nak baca. so, i'm going to save that for at home later. looking at my current blogroll on the right side, don't be fooled by that. i read more than that. since i'm a lazy wuss ass, i never bother to update my blogger. instead, i just bookmarked the blogs i read. saves hassle and space, anyway. so, don't think because some of you might not be in the blogroll, i don't read you. i do, in fact. i would die of boredom (at office) without you guys. heehee

okay, i mentioned earlier (can't remember when) that i bought a house somewhere in bangi. it should have been ready by now, but the developer is behind almost 2 months. of course, thay will have to pay compensation, but you these guys, they charge you for late payment as quick as lightning and when they have to pay us, it will near to doomsday. metaphorically speaking okay.

nevertheless, syarif and i always check on the progress and i can see they are coming on nicely. roads are tarred, grass planted, road signs are up. i assume CF is in progress, i hope.

you should know that the buyers have set up a forum wayyyyyy before the poles were up last two year. i registered as a member last week (such a slowcoach i am!) and last few days, an active member texted inviting to the very first council meeting. how cool is that? heeeheee. semangat okay. of course, i said yes, but i do not have any intention of being a rep for any neighborhood. not saying that i hate to mingle with people, i'm just helping them by not appointing a lazy ass who will take forever to get things done. ;p

in a way, i think it's good what they are doing now. last time i lived in seri kembangan, i never actually knew my neighbours well. yelah, i left for work before dawn break and came home nearly midnight. and if to say someone broke in next door, i won't even know because i don't even recognise them! so, in the spirit of a new home, i'm trying to change that. good thing is that most of the neighbours are of young generation so i hope we'll gel well.

put that aside, i have to plan necessary things to be done once i get the house keys. need to do some wiring, lightings, fans, and of course the kitchen. it's ridiculous to hear kitchen cabinets are worth of thousands!!! even the midget ones... and you'll go ohh even small cabinets cost a fortune might as well make bigger cabinets. and you'll eat sand and rocks for the rest of your life after all is done.

i kid you not.

i mean, how far are you willing to spend just to make a perfect home, the house of your dreams? i know that some people did the crazy works just to impress people. biar papa, asal bergaya. it's silly, i know, but us humans are so easily sucked up to what people around say. i, for one, at times can be that too but perhaps for (not) entirely different purpose. you can't let people come over to a barren unfurnished home, can you? oh the horror!

so here's my priority list:
1. cooktop and oven
2. some cabinets for necessary storing
3. lights and fans
4. wiring

that's all i can think of right now. you might say, whatt??? only that? humphh!.
that, my friends, could mount up to 3 month salary!

so, the furnitures might have to wait. besides, if i'm having lots of people coming over, i need all the space i can, so see that as a BONUS. housewarming/yassin recital will happen, Insya Allah. let's just hope that it won't be for long now.

people say you get for what you pay. i believe that some good things should be reasonably priced. because nowadays, you pay a fortune for a certain brand regardless the look and taste AND still MADE IN CHINA, just like the rest of other cheap stuff. that's blinding stupid i say. even cheap products are such a ridiculous price, making us resort to products with well known brands but same quality as the cheap ones. see, how people suck up to this kind of thing? i'm like that too, sometimes. ;p

oh yeah, any good suggestions who can do ID for people on budget like me? ;p

just a lil remembrance is all

i'm still groggy from the little sleep i got last night.

left home for work quite late this morning, nearing 8 but we got to my office around 8.35. only a few minutes late, which i think is okay except kesian kat syarif because he has to clock in at 8. heehe.

yesterday, the office held a small surprise party (not so surprise after cos he smelled it out). it was a potluck (as usual) so i settled for banana&peach crumble pie, a courtesy to supermommy hawa. well, knowing me, i can never follow a recipe to the dot (in baking department, that is), always making twitches here and there and most of the time they never turn out right and i always always will put the blame on ibu. hihihi.

and the outcome? not as delicious as expected. no, hawa, i'm not saying your recipe is not reliable, i'm saying my hands are not super wondrous like yours and i couldnt get the crumbs right!!! so i'm going to try blueberry crumble pie next time around. and maybe i'll try twitching some new methods here and there. i never learn, do i? ;p

speaking of parties, in my humblest opinion, i don't think it's fair that bosses always get to have parties all the time, while, we meagre earners have to live a once-a-6-month party, and THAT we have to share with a whole load of people from the 6 months and we should thank our lucky stars IF there is one. like in my case (and others too), they totally forgot to have one, which is fine with me as i'm not into birthdays so much, but being in an employee engagement department, i think it is fairly crucial.

a boss needs to appreciate his staff so that the staff is happy (and healthy) at workplace. it's bad enough that we have to carry out orders (while he gets the credit) and when it comes to his special occasions (that includes wedding anniversaries, mind you), we have to be at beck and call again. and when it comes to our own special occasion, nobody gives a damn shit. seperti maklum, i hate ass kissers.

some companies, the bosses will put in efforts to make their staff happy. like, making sure the department gives some cupcakes on an employee's birthday. or, a small gift chipped in from everybody. anything to show an appreciation. yeah, the gesture may seem small, but i tell you, it goes a long way.

somehow, i know the current company i'm working at is going through a rough time, and based on a recent survey carried out, it shows employee engagement is nearly non-existent. how sad is that? politics play a big part in this because everyone is eager to please the top management and would push anything that gets in their way. bosses grin smugly knowing there are balacis looking after them, while the balacis are hating the bosses but carrying out tasks nevertheless and at the same time create disputes among themselves. no integrity, y'all. such a miserable environment to work in, i must say.

having high hopes at a balaci level is too wishful. i'm such a realist that i get depressed easily by all these. my wish right now is to open run a kedai makan2 at a simpang (of anywhere), operating from 4pm-7pm. that would be a dream come true, because there's nothing sweeter than simple things in life.

Oct 13, 2010

hey you, you have to be my Sahabat! or else..

i was on leave for two days due to a bad tonsil and major headache.

no matter how long my absence is, rarely unusual things find their way onto my desk. except for random express deliveries made by Tursina (a habit she develop during her confinement). so, i was quite surprised to be welcomed by a white sheet of paper, shouting Sahabat 1Malaysia.

obviously, it is a miserable failed attempt of our Government.

they must have create more than necessary share of enemies and had to turn to us, public people, as friends. mind you, not in nicely manner, i should say, but rather force us to fill in the form and submit by a deadline given. apparently, the iniative was introduced sometime earlier this year and they targeted 1 million applications and succeeded with 18 thousands so far. see how sad that is?

what tickles me most is the listed faedahs given should you sign us as their Sahabat.

1. Sertai secara percuma. (as i care?)
2. Menikmati keistimewaan eksklusif. (what??? can you be a bit more specific please??)
3. Ganjaran pemulangan tunai segera dari setiap ringgit yang dibelanjakan. (really? i can never trust the government when it comes to money ;p)

and some more that is no more interesting than my own sad ass.

i mean, what is this all about? we have tiniest of knowledge on this and suddenly you come up forcing a new rule down our throats? just like a true dictator. if you need to make friends with the people, go the right way. win our hearts. not by being a bully.

well, im sitting this one out, let's see how far i can go. but dont be surprised should i be deported to nowhere land. so much for Sahabat 1Malaysia.

Sep 24, 2010

300th post in 3 years?? such a bad blogger i am.

as i'm typing this away, my sambal is sitting cooking nicely on the stove. the office is having a potluck lunch cum farewell session cum raya celebration. i'm trying not to make too much noise as hubs is sleeping soundly, and yes, it's 5.35 am.

suddenly i realised it's been more than a month since my last update, which was before i left for bali. something came over me and blocked me from logging in only tonight (and at ungodly hours too) that i feel the urge to write.

wait ah, kacau sambal kejap.

okay.. where was i? oh yeah. eid celebration was okay, minus a few dramas along the way, which i won't dwell on anymore. except that laundry business is still halfway through due to excessive travelling. the only thing that kept bugging me is the time we went visiting one of the relatives. i was greeted, 'haaa, i know a tip that will guarantee you a baby'.

oh great. now, you're giving me tips?

i have nothing against people pushing their famous tips towards me, but i feel a bit apprehensive when it's only ME who gets the brunt end. hello, it takes 2 to get a baby, remember? and somehow, it's always me who have to do the changing part. i guess my feminism got carried away. i am not less of a woman even i dont have kids (yet).

okay, my sambal udang is ready. :))

enough of emotional drama. don't worry, even though i may rant, somehow i still try to follow the tips. of course, ego always got the better of me, ask hubs if you don't believe me. heh.

alright, getting ready for office now. will update frequently from now on, regardless such random posts because god knows, how i miss this little space of mine.


Jul 29, 2010


I've been quiet, I know, but that doesn't mean I'm gone.

There were posts I wrote, most at times during one of my passionate moods, but sadly, unfinished. Sometimes, my boss would come up to my desk, I had to hide it quickly, or a friend asked out for breakfast and by the time I get back to it, the moment has passed. Not to worry though, I'm sure those mood swings will come by soon enough.

Let's start on a lighter mood, shall we?

This month is going too fast. Niece was admitted in DSH last Sunday for something bacterial thingy, I'm not sure what (there's a reason why I can never be a doctor ;p), then her brother was admitted yesterday. The parents must be tired out, what with the SIL being heavily pregnant. But the kids are getting okay now, hopefully they are out by end of this week.

A few weeks ago, lil brother got married. All the fussy last moments came to end, everyone is breathing easily now. Welcome, you, to our 'crazy' family. ;) Two more to go, hoyeah!

And then there's the Bali trip, postponed since last year, so I hope that nothing happens to cancel out the trip again, insya Allah. We fly off this Saturday evening and come back on Wednesday morning. On the same day, I will be off to Singapore in the evening until Saturday. That's a whole week of balas dendam untuk bercuti. Sakan nooooo… Heheh.

Being a sporadic (writer) that I am, I don't know when I will write again. If I can't contain myself over the excitement of going somewhere, you'll find me here again. I kan batak sikit, jarang lihat dunia orang ni.

p/s: On a heavier note, I'm broke even before the month runs out.

Jul 2, 2010

clarks warehouse sale

just got back from the clarks warehouse sale at corus hotel. man, were they humans or what?

yeap, the office is still meltingly hot so i decide to check out the sale. arrived around 9.20am and there were 50 people queuing already. i was alone so i enjoyed observing people without disturbance. kids screaming and running around, parents 'trying' to hush them, in an annoying way, 'sit down there' and 'put there'. geez, these kids are sure lucky coz in my days, us kids were always left at home while the parents did the shopping.

by the time i got in the hall, people, especially WOMEN were crowding along the tables, fingers pointing towards pictures, yelling for shoe sizes while the salespeople trying hard to entertain everyone and reprimanding not to push the tables at the same time. i was partly amused, and annoyed too. the deal is, get all the shoes you want and try them in the middle of the room where there is space. if it doesnt suit you, there are people in charge who will take care of the unwanted items. not try them at the tables and shoving people away. such selfishness! if you really want to try at the spot, go to the shop itself, you can take all the time there.

and there was this makcik, telling off another chinese lady for pushing her, 'awak tu jangan tolak2 saya pun nak beli kasut jugak' and the salesperson got a word too, 'saya dari tadi mintak ni tak dengar2 pun'. it's interesting to watch this kind of spectacle, in fact you will be amazed by what you learn about other people.

in the end, i didnt buy anything, everything in my size were sold out. kids shoes were at ridiculous price of rm80 per pair. i could get a nice new pair of shoes for myself at that price! anyways, ever since i got back after a short stay in uk, sales here dont attract me as much as before. now, i'm spending wisely. hahahahhahaha

oh yeah, if you are interested, go to corus hotel in jalan ampang. the sale ends tomorrow.

Jul 1, 2010

Brain dead with a hot bod

The air-condition system has not been functioning since yesterday due to a leakage in chilled pipes and the TNB people are still working on them.

Yesterday, the office attended an event at the National Library, so that was a relief.

Today, we are still debating to go somewhere cooler, like, a cinema hall, perhaps?

Don't ever get stuck in a building without air-cond especially when no windows can be opened. It can affect the brain to do nothing at all. Even pooping in toilets can take up so much energy and by the time you are done, you're sweating bullets the whole body. Don't ask, I know.

And there's the fear of eating. Or in my case, abstinence from spicy food. Cili padi is my life-time best friend and not one day I miss them out. It's torturing to think I have to pass them and eat the tasteless cafeteria food. Never in my whole life can food be so bland. I mean, who can walk into the office with sweaty shirt stuck on the back? EUW.

Drama, drama, drama.

Getting this written is giving me a major headache. It's like squeezing out the ideas from the brain. Is this how brain-dead feels like? I cant even read emails. Isk isk isk. Maybe that cool cinema hall wont such a bad idea after all. Any movie will do because I'm sure I'm gonna sleep through it. ;p

Jun 9, 2010

As usual, when the school hols start, the office becomes a bit too quiet. To the point at 5.25pm when the centralized air-cond shuts off, silence is more like death. If someone happens to sneeze, you'll jump out of your skin. You could even hear the small ants walking on your desk.

With the boss out of town, you can imagine my state. Laziness could not describe the real picture. Everyday, I come into office at nearly 9am. Because you see, if the kids get to sleep in, why can't I sleep in a bit late too? Heheh.

Here's a bit of a joke for you guys. Since I've been complaining lately about how bored I am nowadays, suddenly I decided to take up lil brother's hantaran deco. Those who know me very well know that I do not have a creative bone at all when it comes to twisting ribbons and sticking roses.

Mom is a bit unsupportive and supportive at the same time. Supportive, she's glad that someone is going to do the hantaran as the aunty we used to deal with had a last minute emergency back-out. Unsupportive, because it's me who'll be doing it and because she happens to be my mother, of course she's doubtful, especially when I always do things half-way through. Heheh

I said, at least I got through my degree!

Anyhow, before you start being doubtful towards me, I'm doing this with a friend at my office. Bonus point is that she lives in Kajang. And of course, most importantly more creative than I because she made hantarans and what not for her own wedding. Well, I'm not asking too much, just a simple deco can say a lot more, right?

So, I did some research and googling, I can safely conclude that roses is the rage in town. Blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, cream, you name it. They have roses in every colour. Truthfully speaking, I am not a flower person and roses are the last choice I would make. Since I couldn't be bothered with my own wedding long ago (there were roses too!), I decide not to use roses for the lil bro's deco. I'm sure there are other poor flowers waiting to be exposed like lilies and orchids. Poor them!

The wedding's less than a month now, we are in the middle of planning a spree and doing some online research too. Seeing that I usually am cool and laidback, I can imagine mum's tearing her hair out worrying I might not complete the hantarans. We'll see, shall we?

Jun 3, 2010

Seasonal swings

I seem to realize that ever since I started working in 2007, I find myself most disoriented starting May until October/ September. That is, if the situation does not get any worse or it will go on until November.

This sickness is like a season, in my life cycle. I have 3 seasons, one, bliss happiness and carefree, two, disorientation and restless, three, anger and frustration.

I would be really happy and contented, everything I do or say in high spirit. Then after some time, the cheerful side wears off, plunging me into gloomy doom. I start to feel restless, having no specific aims and I begin to question, is this all I can be happy about? So I initiate a search, to find something that may spark interest again. When I fail (which is the most usual case), I fall deeper, feeling angry towards the world, lashing out to the closest and nearest, blaming at anything just to ease the frustration.

Then, I learn to forgive and forget. Back to the cheerful season and cycle goes on. I guess that's a reason why I forget things easily. Sometimes, I get things mixed up too.

At times, I ask whether this is what I really want, not just a thing that I'd do because everyone is doing it. Yes, as much as I hate to admit, I think, subconsciously, I tend to follow in people's footsteps. What's good for them should be good enough for me, right? So they say…

To make my disposition clearly complicated as it is, I have multiple choice disorder (MCD). (I may have mentioned this in the earlier posts). I have trouble in making the right decisions hence why sometimes I end up buying the same item in different colours. I'm afraid of making the wrong choices. Most of the time, I worried what if that other one is the right one?

That being said, I'm in search mode season now. I hope what I'm looking for will be the best thing. It's just a matter of time and patience.

When patience is not exactly my strongest forte.

May 31, 2010

The best week ever

Weekend was fabulous. In fact the whole week was fabulous.

Started with two celebrations for Ibu, one on her actual birth date at Subak in TTDI and another surprise throw at Ruz Aladdin in Ampang. Ayah requested me to organize a surprise for her, which I did and could have gone as planned if Ayah could just stick to the plan and, well, keep a secret. I never knew he could be so bad at lying AND keeping secrets.

Scouting for a present was supposed to be a secret. Ayah, of course, had to let it out to Ibu AND paid with a credit card where monthly statements are screened by her (she settles all the necessary bills btw). Of course, she questions a lot but we managed to get that covered up.

Overall, the surprise went well, in fact she called us bragging that she's off with ayah to a special place. When asked, she answered "rahsia" such in a way to irritate us. Turned out the joke's on her and we wouldn't live it down. Been imitating around the house with that snotty tone, "rahsia". Ibu said she won't be fooled anymore after this. Heh

Then it was small getaway with the family in Port Dickson. Got a great deal at Ancasa Suites. And the nephew and niece were hilarious. They were the most entertaining part of the trip. Everything that comes out of their mouth or do, we clap in glee and laugh our heads off. Such clever beings. Yeah, now we talk like the nephew. "Sama nah". (Sama lah)

Oh I teach him to sing 'please please please kamu jangan nakal'. Of course in his version, 'pnis pnis pnis…' hahah. Loved that one.

Back to work, suddenly I feel tired out. The boss is not in, have some things pending on him, so in the meantime, here goes an update. And on days I feel like pasting some pictures, cables go missing. Couldn't be bothered to search for them in this hot weather. ;p

Am planning another trip so that the bali trip comes more quickly. heh

May 20, 2010

When I actually have lots of time on hand, I don't know what to write. Its when things get really paced that I will go, 'ah I'm going to blog this blab la.. that bla bla'. Now, I'm having the whole world to myself, I'm out of ideas. Frustrating I tell you.

It must be the briyani rice, chicken curry, naan bread, lamb curry and sago gula Melaka that's making me go like this. Gosh, did I really eat all of that? *cringes* okay, I will hit the gym if I have time. *burps loudly*

On a different note, Syarif has been away for 3 days and he's coming back this evening. Hope to God that he won't request late night snacks. I cant refuse, right? Not an obedient wife would do anyway. J

Sister's safely back from the states for a short break. And oh yeah, nearly broke my bank too. All the more reason to work harder. As if! Hihihi. Ibu's birthday is coming up next week, and plans are waiting to be executed. After this, it's not the breaking bank I have to deal only, my almost popping belly too!

Some things happened in the office yesterday, that got me rethinking my future plans. Being the kind who always wants to know for sure, I find it hard when things don't really go my way. For example, I need to affirm that I will love the job I take up. I cant play God so I have to learn to take things easy and make the best out of things.

It is disappointing really when you meet people for the first time, work up expectations and turn out that it is all bullshit. For the strong-hearted, they will trudge on and find ways to overcome, but for people like me, indecisive at best, and a quitter at most times, will be heart-broken and do nothing about it, just like a wounded puppy.

The lesson here? Don't put too high a hope. But, then that would make me an all-time pessimist.

May 12, 2010

Bring me a lion

I have been bad lately. Broken a few rules here and there.

Skipped gym sessions nearly two weeks. Checked.

Wallowing munching after 7pm. Checked.

Starting to want skip work again. Yet to check.

What else?

I've been on a hiatus long enough. You should know by now, that when I rarely blog at times, it means too many ideas are flowing, to the point I don't know where to begin at.

Lately, I am feeling restless. The need to get away from all this is coming back. The need to be alone is intense, without anyone to bug me. But, it's funny that when you want to be alone, you start looking for someone to be with. I am one confused soul.

It's in the blood. I cannot stay in one place for too long. I become restless. I will see everything too mundane. People no longer interest me. Traditions, normal practices seem no more relevant than they are before. Everything gets on the nerves.

I need someone to amuse me. Please?

May 4, 2010

Guilty pleasure

Guilt consumes me.

Last night was the epitome of my greed, rather than hunger. My sister, her husband and I went to Midvalley to break fast. Beforehand, I had to tag along them looking for baby stuffs. That alone has got me depleted, and what else could I have done besides planning what to eat. Every restaurant we passed by seems to call out at me, even the non-halal restaurants. That shows how hungry I was. ;p

So we decided to eat at the food court at the Gardens. More choice, more variety to choose from. In my case, I had a hard time of choosing and ended up ordering fried kuew teow topped with fried chicken, a an unagi California roll and prata bread with sausage, cheese and mushroom. The prata totally differed from the original picture I drooled at. In the picture, it was rolled with oozing cheese, overlapped with sausages and mushroom. The actual? Not really appetizing enough, it was just a slap stick of dough embedded with sausages and mushroom. I couldn't even taste the cheese at all! Even the condiments, dhal curry tasted funny. I swear, I will never let greed get the better of me next time… not.

And you'd think that's all? No, apparently.

Going out with pregnant women (in this case my sister, of course) prove to be damaging on one's diet plan. After prayers, she claimed she wants chocolate ice blended. After much debating on San Francisco Coffee or not, we headed to Paddington House of Pancakes. She did get her drink, but that didn't stop me either. I had Triple Decker sundae, a combi of peanut butter, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and a generous helping of mini dollar-sized pancakes. Speak of the devil! Carbs and fat! It feels weird to eat like a hog after a month of one-meal-a-day practice.

After that entire food hoard, I fell asleep immediately in the car. Gila gemuk! Upon arriving, I continued sleeping until Syarif came to pick me up. When I woke up this morning, I felt so sick sleeping on all the food I have eaten.

And that, my friend, won't stop me doing it again.

Apr 26, 2010

What I wouldn’t Do For Briyani Lamb and Nasi Kandar

Excuse the emotional entry below. It's hard to keep up the façade all this while.

On a different note, I've been hitting the gym in a month now. This means I go once every 3/4 days and that does not help much at all. I have to be more diligent and disciplined in my regiment, to at least shed off the stubborn fatty fat-fat. Since I am intolerable to pain, I know I have real work cut out for me. So, if I happen to skip gym, I will try not to eat after 7pm, while trying to eat healthily during the day. Agak2nya, berjaya ke cara ini?

On top of it all, the sole reason I'm going to the gym is so that I can eat whatever I want without letting it stay as fat in my body. Rather than eating my way out, then doing nothing, I see this as an alternative to eat as much without feeling guilty gobbling up sinful spread of food.

Hence the need to run for 5km and 20 minute sauna, to break even with briyani lamb and nasi kandar I had over the weekend. ;p

cold blood

disturbed. shouldn't be feeling this way. but i am and it makes me feel bad. because i shouldn't feel this way.

uneasiness. trying too hard. to blend in. to be one. standing out. stark naked. awkwardness.

irritated. seeing things not in the right place. right way. tired of picking up after things. dejected, finding locked doors. everytime i try to reach out, i stumble across closed doors. repressing true feelings.

it shouldn't be this way. really. it's not right. and i can't seem to do anything about it. really.

Apr 14, 2010


in times when my creativity is much needed, i have failed. i miss writing crap. too much of serious issues makes me an old woman, quicker than i anticipated. sometimes i wonder, why make things simple so complicated? so that you can go around and tell people how busy you are with massive workloads, when it could've been easier. for you and for me.
thats the bad side of working in such a big organisation. you can't really satisfy anyone, and being me, i tend to take things personally.
nonetheless, i've been busy with reading, which makes me happier, what with all the ridiculous workload. and that explains why i have been away quite some time from internet.
upon some requests, i have entries yet to be published like ayah's birthday celeb but i need an entire lifetime to upload the photos. after this, i will not promise pictures anymore because i know i am not like that. ;p

ok, back to the serious world.

Mar 23, 2010

Laundry business

Of all the house chores I hate doing laundry the most. Gathering used clothes, putting them in the machine, waiting for them to be done, taking them out, hanging them according to type and length, and folding them based on colour and type. All of these seem to take up more time than I bargained for, especially when clothes get too piled up I had to fold them begrudgingly.

Oh, don't mention about ironing. Thanks to ibu, I send clothes to be ironed every Thursday. Her maid lah, of course.

In spite of my much dislike for the tedious task, I would not let others do my laundry, even Syarif. I have my own standards of doing laundry, which I know it irritates Syarif at some point, but in the end, who will wear the clothes? Yours truly, right.

I do washing every few days and separate them by colors. Wouldn't want to spoil the whites/ lighter colored clothes. I have decided daia as my faithful detergent and daia (blue) as the favourite softener. I'm such a sucker for smells so these are the ones I have narrowed down, thanks to spending hours in detergents aisle at Giant.

When the clothes are done, they need to be hanged within a few hours, maximum by 3 hours. Meaning, I expect them to be hanged nicely, kurung paired with kain, syarif's work shirts and t-shirts by row, undies in one line and thick clothes lined sparingly with thin ones so that they will look neat and tidy but most importantly, easy to dry. There are at times I have no mood to hang them and had to ask syarif's help and I would cringe looking at the way he did them, which I did not dare to rectify for fear of hurting his feelings.

If there is one thing I cannot tolerate in laundry business is the smell of abandoned washed clothes, even if it's only for a day. I hate the smell and would wash the clothes again because I know that if you attempt to wear them, the body sweat will trigger the most horrible kempam smell. If you're thinking of saving on water bill, then you should remember other people's feelings around you. If not, get them washed again, or even better, dry them quickly after the machine stops.

Laundry business and I is like a hate/love relationship. As much as I hate doing laundry, I love the aftermath of it, its fresh smell putting my mind at peace, making all the efforts put into hard work worth it.

Mar 8, 2010

It’s not what you think

Things are beyond my control, I need to get a grip before everything is lost.

All I need is self-determination, a belief that I can do it.

A whispering comfort telling I'm not a quitter.

Maybe God knows that you are still not ready. He knows what is best for all of us, says he.

I don't know, I can never bear with pain. How am I going to go through all this? asks she.

Prayers, prayers and more prayers. After all, it is all that we have in the end.

Mar 2, 2010

Something to look forward

day in, there was no break in between. Well, except for a quick lunch and prayers. Then another meeting at 3 but was postponed to 4, so this is a breather I'm chancing upon.

Tomorrow will be my dad's 55th birthday and you know how you never know what to get for parents since they have everything they needed, if not more. So I decided to treat him dinner at a place I've been eying on for quite some time, waiting for the right occasion. Since my dad is retiring soon this year, I think this should call for a celebration of hard work putting us siblings through school and all.

Will tell you guys more tomorrow. This time, I promise to take photos (I will make sure sarip does :P) and post up here. At least I have something exciting to look forward to in the midst of piling works.

Feb 25, 2010

Another 4 day weekend

Whoa I can't believe how much work it's going to be this year. The reality has finally sunk in, hard labour is just starting at full force. Come to think of it, it's not the burden of work that scares me, it's the burden of responsibilities (read: plural) towards the top management, especially the ceo. That means I cannot afford to make silly errors/mistakes which, if you know me well, I can never really live without with. I seem to attract all the mistakes in the world and can be so oblivious at most time.

So, I need to get a grip and list down what I should do/need to be organized.

  • Learn how to focus and pay full attention in discussions/meetings. This is because I usually can focus the first 30 minutes and last 30 minutes. Daydreaming is the best time in between. Hence, the lost in a forests of words and ideas.
  • Learn how to take notes in meeting. Well, beside the same reason as above, I need to google up some useful tips and tricks. When I can give my 100% attention, taking down important points will be much easier.
  • Learn how to complete tasks as required, as excellent as can be. Like now, I don't have the faintest clue on how to workout a 1 page communicating on KPI with target revenue and all. There goes my whole weekend.
  • Go extra mile. As quoted by my boss, be visible. By all means. Hence more study on how to kipas donkey's ass.

Okay, I think that's all I can think of right now. And making list is never my strongest forte. Maybe that's what I need to improve on, making lists. ;p

Will be on leave till Monday, so have a nice long holiday!

Feb 23, 2010


Two events in a row. One of those menteri is coming, going to be a fussy affair. By the time everything is over, I hope I still can breathe. Not that I have to do anything much but you know how these things go, just attending can be tiring too.

Everything is aching. I think sleeping on the floor is much better than on the mattress. Tapi dah geli plak, even though when we first moved in and couldn't afford anything, wood floor seemed the best mattress in the world. ;p

And, when my preggie sister laments about all her clothes don't fit her anymore, I think I kind of understand her because right now, I'm going through the same thing and I'm not EVEN pregnant! ;p

Mari odah, kita beli bra ramai-ramai..

Feb 22, 2010

Great weekend, great people, great food

Weekend was just too awesome for words.

Friday night started off with me helping out at burger Ramli stall. The experience was indescribable because I have never helped out at stalls or bazaars before. Even back in high school, I missed out that chance because, well, I prefer to be the buyer instead. :p

As I mentioned to a good friend, aini, since that burger affair (I wont' go into details here), I swear not to bugger customer service people so badly, unless it is unavoidable. Unfortunately, I will need to bugger the people at tmpoint though, the service should really be looked into. I applied for internet installation and waited for 3 weeks just to get an email informing that the service is not available in the area. Which I hard to believe considering that area is vista angkasa, right in front of menara tm!

Saturday was filled out with small gatherings and good food. Went to arina's new crib around noon and had marvelous food. Mee goreng mamak was my favourite, and the brownies too! Met up with kussesians, haven't met them for ages! Pial's son is soo adorable, I must say he did a good job of bugging arina. Heheh. Then headed off to pial's cny open house. Too bad we missed out on the lion dance, but we were entertaining a friend at arina's. Had a karaoke session, it was my first time melalak, and I think I am kind of addicted, even though I was really off the keys most of the time. :D

Sunday was a bit relaxed, went to a cousin's aqiqah ceremony, missed out on a schoolmate's wedding because it took place at the same time. Sorry, dude, another time maybe. ;p

Did a last minute laundry, a really huge pile that is, that needs a few round of trips. Berjalan je tak ingat sampai laundry melimpah ruah. And turned in quite early because I bet Monday traffic will be awesome. It was awesome because the traffic was smooth after all.

Now, waving a red flag with an aching back. Help!

p/s: that reminds me, I need to start doing research on house deco. Will be getting the key in 3 months time. Yikes.

Feb 18, 2010

Kenneth Cole up for grabs!

Yeah, see that title above.

I rarely do a post on jual-beli but I will allow this one to pass. I kasihan, and who knows it would become a past-time favourite. :P Anyhow, this will sure benefit us, either ways.

For now, I have 2 Kenneth Cole Reaction wallets for sale. Both come in different colours, peachy pink and classic brown. Just look down below, then you decide whether it's worth buying or not.

Kenneth Cole Reaction in Peachy Pink

See? Nice color, with faux snake skin, really sesuai for you girls yang gediks2 itu.

Inside, there are 9 slots for cards, including ID pocket. And, and there's a cute coin purse which you rarely see on other wallets. Comel kan?

Kenneth Cole Reaction in Classic Brown

Now, I must apologise for low quality picture. It sure didn't do much justice of its true color. It's dark brown, in a classic way, really suitable for those who have understated classic taste.

The front image, the inside is just the same as the pink above.

The price? Nothing overboard, I assure you. Each retails at RM250 with free postage, of course.
It can be a nice gift for your loved one too. J

If you are interested, leave a comment or email to for more details.

If there’s one thing I cannot bear is, bad smell

I was never a judgmental person when it comes to people I have never come across before, let alone construct a few words of conversation. I do my judgments after getting to know them better and let them have a taste of my dry humor beforehand.

Now, it's a different situation altogether. In front of my work station, there's a man who reeks of body odour mingled with strong nicotine smell. Every time he comes in after a smoke, I nearly puke of disgust. I had a hard time of keeping my face straight so it won't be too noticeable of my dislike. I couldn't even lean towards my monitor without getting a full dose of his smell.

It's like heaven smiles at me when he's not in (mostly he isn't) and I can't wait to move out. Our place needs to reno before we can settle in. Because I have this problem, when I start to dislike a somebody, everything about him can be impossible. Like now, I can't stand his voice or the way he speaks, especially on the phone. He sounds so, gatal-ish. If he says something to me, I would just nod and give a polite smile, a way of saying I'm not that interested in what he has to say.

Cruel, I know. I pray that I can survive all of this without hurting anyone, particularly him. That would be beneath of me.


friggin' bored

Hubs is on leave today. Which is not fair.

I'm having constipation problems since yesterday, so I concoct a drink of apple cider vinegar and honey. The burning aftermath is a relief.

My colleague took emergency leave, her baby girl is not feeling well. And the little manager is nowhere to be seen.

Hubs will be busy with his business affair the whole day so I might have to crash at tok yang's after work.

So much for 3 days of work only but why do I feel time crawls so slowly?

2 small gatherings this Saturday and a schoolmate's wedding on Sunday. Can't wait to start socializing!

And oh, there's a makan-makan at the old office. Now I can go to the place without feeling remorse and hate. Weeeee

I've a feeling it's going to be a looooong day..

Feb 17, 2010

piri piri

I can never get enough holidays, no matter how long it is.

Waking up this morning was such a pain after 4 days of late sleep-ins. Fortunately, roads were clear and managed to secure a parking. Planned to continue sleep in the small room at the back, but got stuck in front of pc, surfing through online shopping sites while chatting with little sister. And now, I can't possibly sneak in because everyone is stationed at their own work stations (in front of the small room of course).

I've done a lot of cooking during the hols. I made nasi lemak, bbq, piri piri fish and.. that's all?! I thought I made a lifetime of cooking!

When I was in uk last year, during ramadhan, we went to a nearby neighbor for breaking fast. She made this marvelous spicy fish dish and I asked her how she made it. She used a kind of herb I've never heard before, piri-piri, and foil baked with whipped cream. Being a fresh water fish, it releases that fatty tasty moisture which I can't get enough! So before I came back, I hunted down that particular blend of spice and found it on the counters of tesco.

I was figuring out what to do with my sardine for lunch yesterday when I remembered I have still yet to experiment with piri piri. I didn't have cream in stock so I used coconut milk instead. It turned out quite well but I think the cream would have done the trick much better. And switch to fatty fish too. J

I've wiki-ed on piri piri (which is surprisingly the same as nando's peri peri), apparently it is a name for bird's eye chilli (cili padi) in some parts of Africa. It is widely used for making sauces and marinades for grilling and roasting, especially in Portuguese dishes. Even chain-stores like KFC is using piri piri in their recipes. I need to look up for more recipes using piri piri. I think I'm addicted to its spiciness. But I still need to pound in some fresh cili padi for more heat. Little Aatikah loves it though, she's such a punk!

Feb 9, 2010

Specks of rainbow

I am into the second week at the new work place. So far, I love it here, mainly the perks that go with it, clean toilets, free coffee, great environment. I am happy, most of the time.

The only side kick is that people hog parking space. Imagine 55 floors worth of people cramming into, what, 500 lots? Ridiculous, right? Yeah, I have to get to the office by 730am or let the car exposed to the dangers of dbkl and pdrm. Saying that, I think the summons accumulated might just be more saving rather than pay parking fees of rm120 (that's the cheapest btw) per month.

Nonetheless, I'm happy as it is.

Because I drag myself out of bed every 530am and out of house before 630am, I always feel drugged despite the cold showers I usually take. I would sit in the car, half-awake, not bothering to put any makeup whatsoever, and arrive at the office, puff-faced. Horrible. I have no options than to feed in my once-buried addict for caffeine. Like I said earlier, we get free coffee, so sugarless expresso has become my new best-friend while sifting through emails. On days I feel adventurous, I mix black coffee, expresso and cappuccino altogether, without the sugar of course. On top of all that, I strictly keep to one mug a day and flush out with gallons of water.

Luxuries aside, I get on quite well with my bosses, which I communicate more with the superior rather than the supervisor. The supervisor is retiring soon in april, hence the slow momentum of things. I'm still learning my way around here, I just hope I get to settle in soon enough. Haven't really moved into the right floor yet, which is supposed to be one floor lower than where I currently am staying.

Last night was terrific, I couldn't ask for more. J

Jan 29, 2010

new routine

as i'm typing this away, we are heading back to kuala lumpur. it's quite daunting typing in a moving car while squinting very hard through the blinding hot sun. i can already feel a headache coming along.

since this is my first time blogging in a car, im quite excited, as you can see. who knows, when i get my netbook in a few weeks time, blogging in car will be the next thing in my daily routine, especially when stuck in traffic jam.

oh yes, i forgot. yesterday, i received a letter, which i've been waiting for weeks, and next week i'll be reporting to a new place. i hope this time it's something that i will love, thoug i heard unsettling news about the new boss. but what the heck, he's going to retire in april soon, so let's hope for the best for the time being.

i need to blog off now. it's giving me the jeebies now.

Jan 27, 2010

mad mad mad hour

on days that you especially need to come to office really early, and i mean 745am early, things always come up, just to test your patience or endurance or mentality or whichever.

like today, for instance, we (hubs actually) need to be in early because he has an important presentation to make to his bosses. i turned in quite late last night, nearly 1am, and had to haul off my big ass to the bathroom at ungodly 6am. amazingly, we took off at 645am, with breakfast and all, isn't that too quick even for me? ;p

to make long story short, even at that ridiculous timing, we arrived barely after 8. quite frustrating you know, because you have put so much effort in getting up really early but still you arrive exact punch in time. and what's more, hubs just texted that the presentation was cancelled and that his colleague didn't even bother to inform him when he knew all along since yesterday. his office is in jalan tun razak and the presentation was at dayabumi and he went there all for nothing! such a waste of time and money. memang kalau aku cuba mamat tu kena maki sebakul.

in less than few minutes, i'm picking up hubs to go to tok yang's. has some business to settle before the week ends. if the letter doesnt come in tomorrow, i might have to forgo my leave on friday because who else would be so kind-hearted to pack up all my stuff, right? nahh, i might have some personal things buried in the 3 year stint (has it been that long? GOSH), things that i dont want unwanted people to nose about.

i found another reason for my depressional work, i don't have a colleague to work with, especially on maps. im so hopeless with this thingy, only yatoque understands how big a fool i am in maps. clearly, the 3 year stint haven't taught me all yet. :P

Jan 26, 2010


paycheck is out but already am back at square one. or squareless. hmm.

haven't done my maps tracking yet and it's due this friday, and i'm planning to take leave that day. so that leaves tomorrow and thursday.

will be going to kedah this thursday, need to buy tickets soonest. another damage to the pocket, it comes so naturally it seems so silly. but what the heck, as long fun comes with it, i'm jumping on.

a vaio laptop was stolen from a department across mine. we lodged a report already but i doubt we'll see that thing ever again.

struggling to keep watch of what i eat nowadays... never knew it could be this hard.. while i know it's more effective with work-outs, i simply couldn't find time/ or courage to drag my ever expanding arse. please god, help me out in this department.

everyone at the office is demotivated, the parking lot is half filled up. the vibe has caught on me, i'm feeling not too good either. letter is still not out yet, i just hope that no decisions will be taken back, god knows, its been a trend of making and remaking decisions in this company.

i feel the week is going too fast, already february will meet us when we come in after the long hols.

Jan 23, 2010

shooting star

hubs is yet off to another prospect hunting. stuck at home is way better than office. ;)

woke up quite early this morning (a first on a weekend!) and went for a brisk walk in putrajaya with ibu and lil sister. we covered the whole taman in just 40 minutes. haha! ibu was quite excited and keeps on saying that we have to do this more often. yes, there goes my future weekends. such lazy bum, that i am..

will be attending a wedding in bangi and later in the afternoon, shooting off to jb. i hope the traffic won't be so bad seeing that sultan of johor passed away last night. would that mean his birthday is no longer on 8 april? no state holiday on that particular date? tak sempat i nak duduk johor and rasa public holiday on my birthday. yeah, we share the same date you see..

getting ready for the wedding now..

Jan 22, 2010

olly yolly polly

it's friday and i'm still at the office. :(

not because of work, per se, just because hubs went off gallivanting with his friend on a hush-hush project. trying to act like a good wife that i am, i try to give my best support in any way, that is... by staying late at office. ;p

if it were a thursday, i would have been at the gym (please don't mock me!) as fridays are for men only. however, should the case be young handsome guys sweating out, i would totally not mind at all. so i would pass this one, which is safe to say, middle-aged people to have fun by themselves. ;p
at times like this, i usually lock the door from inside, partly i do not want people (read:boss) to barge in and dump last minute work on me, and mainly i take off my shawl for a breather. it also helps by not feeling too much of being at the office. bahahaha. and then i crash out on the sofa. today is an exception though, because i do not feel like sleeping because i know i will be the crankiest person on earth the minute i wake up.
hence, the blog writing twice for today. i never know when i will be writing next, so whenever i feel like crapping away, i take the chance.
oh yeah, people keep asking me, 'sarah, kau kena pindah ke?'

naturally, i always like to read in people's tone (you'd be surprise to hear the zillions types of tones here) and from what i can muster is that i am the black sheep and needs to be deported as quickly as possible. while on the other hand, i see this chance as a liberation, freedom from the too narrow-perspectived people. because it's less than a week now, i taichi myself that to hell with these people, they don't know nuts that's why they are still stuck in this crappy rut. rhymes huh? well, it goes together anyway.

off now to a dinner date with huda. (which is just outside of my office :P)

all in a cap

i am trying to eat healthily these past few weeks. if i really miss my usual rice with ikan keli and sambal tempe, i will succumb to the longings, in moderate portions of course. so far, i had them once in a week and manage not to eat after dark. im really proud of myself. ;p

my working days here are numbered before i report to a new post at rebung. i have a week to get evrything settled and handed over. in some ways, i feel relief at going out of this place but like everyone else, no one gets a free meal ticket over nothing. parking is a major headache for people over there, getting summons is normal. i come to terms that you win some, you lose some. it's all the mind, people say, whether you let some small nuisance to get in the way or not.

i'm getting annoyed with blogger nowadays. like women, i believe it also suffer from hormone imbalance. i write quite long entries and when i publish, a page pops out saying an error has occured. to add more salt to the wounds, apparently, the draft hasn't been autosaved and all my ideas go, pooof! hence the lacking of updates within a week, which i can't be bothered to write again, it'll never come out the same way as the first time.

i'll be heading up to jb this weekend (again!) and coming down to kota tinggi for a wedding. i hope this time, i get to have the lovely steamboat at dataran ( i think thats where it is). weekends are so bad for my diet programme and thank god that it's just 2 days but while we are it, i have to make the best of them. :P

excuses, excuses, excuses.

Jan 19, 2010

things seem to turn up lately. God have been listening to my prayers. all i need is just in black and white. eventhough it isn't exactly what i ask for, nevertheless it is a ticket to what i have in mind.

baby steps at a time.

Jan 15, 2010

end of the week, a start to fun

fridays, at work, mean casual attire. in decent way, of course, not like dressing up for a movie. (which i usually do all the time, cardi over a tee with dark jeans, pair off with flops). but because i have a meeting this afternoon at the headquarters, i have to be appropriately dressed in a shirt with pumps. :)

fridays, also mean half of the office is empty. upon arrival, the carpark is only half filled up. not surprising, though, it's been the norm for decades. no wonder people who hate work like to be dumped here, whereas in my case, i wish to get out as quick as possible. who knew getting the right job is hard? need to go through many obstacles and cemuhan to get to where you want. tapi cemuhan belum lagi kena, just preparing for the worse lah. :)

because the place is a majority of senior citizens, mostly waiting to retire, people like me who occasionally likes to dress up a little bit or striding in 3-inch heels, sadly categorized as 'vogue'. why the word is in inverted commas, the word is mentioned not in the nice way. as if it's a nice way of saying 'slut' except because they are 'nice' people, they can't say words like that.

i just knew that in order for online applications to be processed, it needs approval from the supervisor. no wonder all my previous applications came to nothing because the ex-boss didn't approve them. the more reason i should hate him, but since he no longer get to point orders at me, well, let him be. what comes around goes around, and i can see that coming already. not too long, not too long...

i'm hoping that i can make it in time for celcom blackberry party at pavillion at 4.30pm. even though i have decided on htc hero, it won't hurt just to check it out. then off to dinner with the girls, breakfast tomorrow with the girls, hang out with the girls until sunday. my service for hubs is during nights only. :P

so, get ready for the weekend!
today's work was 4 hour chit-chat and 3.5 hour idle net browsing. though it may sound unproductive, catching up and bashing (in a friendly manner) did a whole good to the soul. of course, it's not healthy to be doing them everyday. :)

throught the chit-chat session i had curry mee, nearly half a dozen of cucur badak and nasi tomato. all that unhealthy goodness at the times when going to the gym is hard enough. and as if that alone is not enough, i decided to get a new lappie and mobile before a treadmill. i think i got my reso all mixed up. ironic that it's still early 2010. :)

tomorrow i have a meeting at rebung at 3, so beforehand i may do lunch with fuzz in bukit damansara. haven't seen her for ages. chef n brew's baked fish. yum yum yum.

i know i said i wont be doing social duties during the weekend but it seems that many plans are lining up. i can't wait!!

happy friday, y'all.

Jan 14, 2010

rakan gaduh

beberapa malam yang lalu, saya cakap dengan hubs, sayang, i rindu pulak nak gaduh dengan nuha.

hubs menjawab, dah pulak. ym lah, pasang camera.

eh, mana sama. lagipun perempuan kecil tu mana main gaduh online ni, mesti face to face situation punya.

hubs, habis tu?

kita pergi sana lah. dah puas gaduh, kita balik. ok?

hubs buat muka malas nak layan. ces.