Apr 29, 2009

tiredness is talking now

still tired from jakarta trip.

not enough sleep. i slept at 4.30am and got up at 6. i dreaded going to work then.

tons of work. and not enough time.

i wish i could live a simple life for a moment without thinking of work all the time. no wonder people die of heart attack because of work. so stress lah!

odah got some real good shots at jakarta. will post up when all tiredness is gone.

as if.

Apr 23, 2009

a little break

why is it that when you are going away for quite some time then suddenly work piles up. lots of work to be done and im running out of time. 3 proposals to get done by tomorrow. 3 programmes to run. gee, if only i was this busy when i had nothing better to do.

how am i going to leave this place everything is still not settled yet. my boss da la cucuk2 supaya jangan pergi. everyone been telling me that going over there will be much difficult and hectic. dont they get it that i dont want to be stuck in a comfort zone like them?! especially not like theirs though..haha no offense.

okay, getting back to the proposals.

Apr 22, 2009

i've never come across CGD before..

few days ago, we went to visit the inlaws' friend whose child had just died of chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), a very case like 1 in a million. the inlwas weren't around so we went on their behalf.

only last week we visited them at HUKM. the boy was admitted to ICU. that was my first time entering ICU. it was quiet and quite depressing looking at people sick and in pain. but i can also sense hope in the room, people were praying faithfully for the best of their loved ones.

i was out of words. i was really quiet. inside, i was trembling because i have always dislike hospitals. i hate looking at people being sick because it made me feel useless. and helpless. thats what i felt that day.

apparently, the boy has been warded for a week. he was in coma. his brain shut down down suddenly. his parents work in qatar and had send him back to be schooled in malaysia. the moment they heard the news, they flew back immediately but the most sad thing is, they didnt get to see him wake up form coma till his death.

just so you know, his disease is very rare, only one in a million will be affected. im no bio genius but it is caused by some genetic disfunctions. the xY chromosomes thingy. just read here if you want to know more. so far, there has been no cure and only antibiotics to keep the infections at bay. of his 5 siblings, only one of them is not affected. they can't afford to be sick because they do not have immune system, like us, to fight back. the most effective way to avoid falling sick is to not play with soil. they are allergic to soil as it has some fungus/bacteria that can trigger infections in them. no going to waterfalls or playing in streams for them. but sand is okay so all they can play is with the sea water. once they get ill, they have to immediately get antibiotics.

so what happened is, the boy goes to a boarding school. being a such young spirit, he just couldnt resist the urge to play with his friends out in the field. imagine a young boy who couldn't play football at all? he was aware that he's not allowed to but he did. even worse, he played in the mud due to rainy weather. which he got a fever instantly.

he lay 5 days being sick and slipped in out of conscious. he couldnt call his nearest relatives. fortunately, his friend's mum who is a nurse took care of him. she tried her very best giving all the medication until he was well enough to tell his friend to call his aunt. they rushed him to the hospital, did operations. each of his organs collapsed one after another. if the kidney was okay, then the pancrease gave out. it was like that until the brain shut down. but before he lapsed into coma, he confessed that 'muaz main bola dalam lecak..sorry'

i was crying inside when i heard all this. he was only 16, sitting for SPM this year. he still had lots of things going on for him. and his family didnt even get to see him wake up from the coma. but i really admire the mother. in fact the whole family. they were so calm and strong. i can see that they were near to tears but they held back. because they know, with this kind of illness nobody could predict anything. if not for the soil, it could have been something else.

even though i met this family in not the best of circumstances, i am really glad to know such nice people. if i were in their place, i wouldnt know how to hold up my head. knowing me, i would just break down and questions things that shouldnt be questioned.

al-fatihah. may his soul rest amongst the salihins.

Apr 20, 2009

my dearest aunt

Kak Intan,

get well soon ya? i miss your jahat comments on my posts. i wanted to call you but afraid that would disturb you so im sending you my prayers for afar.

love, sarah.

p/s: how come i dont have a picture of you huh? im such a bad bad person.

quacking chicken

reasons why i am still up at this ungodly hour:
  • i have to get a proposal ready before tomorrow (who knows i'll be on mc then i don't want my boss to kill me even though i'm moving out next month)
  • i had 3 hotdog+burger buns. ibu baked them and i packed them to the in-laws.
  • sleeping at my in-laws. the usuals, hard to sleep at new places.
  • i am nervous about the ct scan tomorrow. or should i say, in 5 hours time?
about the ct scan. its just a follow-up procedure of my chronic sinus. the doc gave me 2-week medication and i missed out on a week. now, im chickening out. i've always maintained 'self-healing'. ngahaha.

its not so much of the sinus. they will operate if the result shows the worse. but its the fear of knowing something else. like a brain tumor. or a cataract. i mean, something that you are not preparing for. yeah, i know its better to know beforehand but in my case? i think i'd rather die not knowing any mysterious diseases because, hell, i'd be miserable most of the time. at least, i'll die happy, no?

i'll shoot the proposal to the boss now. after that, im going to lie down and think about tomorrow. i wonder what will happen. hmm.

Apr 19, 2009

it was hot and sweaty but fun for april babies nevertheless

the heat finally got to me. i cannot sleep. so let me humour you with these. its not usual that i update the latest so here goes. the belated celebration of april babies.

of course, the yummylicious food. everyone had a hand in some dishes. and you would not believe this, nana made most of the desserts. 'i made them from scratch, okay'. her words of the day. yes, nana, im very impressed. and you should be flattered that im taking some with me home.

nana's approved-by-zaid tiramisu

again, nana's cinnabon yang menjadi kali ini

mushtaq's delicious artwork

ibu's handiwork..delectable with the lamb rice which i forgot to take the picture!

yeah..mine..it's the only thing that i can do something right ;p

after all the food, dessert time! or rather it was the blowing candles thingy. there were 3 candles, one each for me, mushtaq and saeed. but saeed was afraid of the candles and started to call out for his mummy. tapi kami buat tak layan je sebab kalau x, bukan april babies la!

see how that lil guy is eyeing suspiciously of the candles?

we were the only ones semangat huffin' and puffin'. saeed boleh cam-whore plak.

cutting the cake dgn penuh sopan santun

the sisters...see odah?she was telling some stories about the friend. with all her might. yes, mam, i get it, i know how mean friends can be. i mean, isn't that what friends are for? haha

the brothers..and a cousin..and the grandma too!! who insisted that i was too old for a birthday pressie? whoever heard such thing?! sob sob sob

of course the highlight of event..saeed yang gila camera. he would pose for you alright then he would demand to see the picture taken. this is one techie kid! a cam-whoring techie kid!

even though it was hot like hell and i was sweating like nobody's business, i had fun and went home with a tight belly. there goes my week worth of diet!


Apr 18, 2009

from above soon

i got the job at the tower under campaign management for marketing communications. it will require lots of travelling and doing events. has to be always on the go. can just go and up to anywhere as demanded. it will be something quite new since what i have done so far is nothing compared to the new job so i hope i'll do okay. tentatively, i will report on 1st may. because letters from hr can be so lembap.

even though i have been posting photos of food this week, just know that is my only meal in a day. i have been avoiding rice (konon, tengok brapa lama bertahan!) since monday. sekarang, macam x keruan because i feel as if im missing out on something. pleasures of life.

there'll be a bbq do at the parents tomorrow. i think i deserve to eat my whole heart out.

Apr 16, 2009

breaking the rules

this is what i had for dinner last night:
dea's fujiyama chicken with fried kangkong.
and rice noodle (substitute for rice)

Apr 15, 2009

midnight feast!

cucur bilis: i made these just to melayutkan lagi my pipi!

Apr 13, 2009

jangan gelakkan pipi aku!

for starters, my cirit2&muntah2 phase has just passed over. but that didn't stop me to get a dose of spa massage and sauna. and hair treatment too. so, i feel like a million bucks now!

in the wave of running to the toilet every 30 minutes, i managed to drag myself to the most awaited event of the company, t* group night award 2009. we were in time for the singing competition. my my, can they sing! better than those af-ers! i was totally blown away.

there was Jason something (an american i believe but he can do many accents so i'm abit confused), apparently he's a comedian who's been around in malaysia for quite some time. he did perfect impersonation of p. ramlee and other veteran entertainers (who i don't really remember). he is a real funny comedian, i must say. nabil, you have to learn from him and none of your stupid antics on the stage next time.

speaking of nabil, i'm surprised that malaysia voted him as the winner of anugerah bintang popular. absolutely unbelievable. hmm..

overall? i think last year's do was way better. partly because siti performed of course (my all time favourite!). and there were lots of people. this year was, kinda somber. blame the recession. so the fun has got to cut half.

i hope next year will be a better fare for all of us.

sarip suka main2 time ambil gambar tau!

cam-ho while stuck in jam

Apr 11, 2009

false alarm

yesterday, my best childhood friend treated me belated birthday lunch at marco's. i threw up 5 spoonfuls of linguine beef carbonara, a slice of turkey ham pizza, a slice of pana something, a glass of kiwi juice and a glass of water.

i had nothing since morning and i had to throw all that out.

everybody's speculation: i'm pregnant.

couldn't drive back to the office. stopped to rest at tok yang's. every hour i had to rush to the toilet. fever was rising. waiting for sarip to finish work was the longest wait i had to endure in my entire whole life.

went to the clinic for a checkup.

result: negative.


nevertheless, i'm okay now. no excuse not to go to tm night award tonight. hehe

Apr 8, 2009

3 more to the three o

20 minutes before the clock ticks at 12.

today is my birthday. 26. i was quite surprised, actually, because a few months back we just celebrated sarip's 25th. how time flies. and yeah, i got myself a toy boy. it was the trend then.

spend half a day in bed. a waste, i know, but well worth it. ;p had to run back ikea to return torn quilt set. thats the thing about ikea, cheap but nasty (sometimes) or expensive and nasty (all the time!). so, now the bed looks so inviting, i wonder if im able to drag myself to work after 2 days of medical leave?

had buffet dinner at crowne plaza. the food was so and so. but the desserts could have killed me! all sorts of cream and.. cream. sinful i tell you. but since im getting older, the rounds of food weren't as many as in the younger days. need to keep track of cholestrol here. huh

truthfully, i dont feel like im 26. it sounds too old and ive many things that havent been achieved yet. few days ago, someone asked my age and i said 23??!!wtf. somehow, that number just stuck there. no wonder i never grow up, whining and complaining here and there.

so, what i feel and think right now? as of at 26? happy and contented. of knowing that someone is always beside me and wake up to that person i love. i think that should be enough. i couldnt ask for more, though i would like to have a baby (soon). thats my birthday present i asked from God.

never was much of a fan of birthday celebrations, hence no parties whatsoever. but i do appreciate all the wishes from friends. love you all. and to nana and odah, thanks for giving me the honors gracing your blog. i will come to klcc for the lunch you promised!

okay, 26. 3 more to go before i hit the three o.

sarip trying to act 26!

Apr 3, 2009

thanks to dengue and ciku2 we are now as one

i was getting ready for work, while the news blared on. a menteri (i dunno know who as im bad with their names) was giving his little piece of mind on deaths of dengue nad cikuguya (did i get that one right?).

partition of the quotation:

"Saya meyeru kepada semua parti, tidak kira PAS ke, PKR ke, UMNO ke semua bersatu untuk membanteras penyakit denggi dan cikuguya. penyakit adalah buta warna, dia tidak mengenal orang itu mengikut warna kulit atau parti mana2...bla..bla...bla"

very fascinating. at last we are united by the diseases we have in malaysia. together we unite, together we fall.

Apr 2, 2009


need to turn in early tonight..

have something big going on tomorrow. i cant tell now because i dont wanna jinx up everything. i just hope that everything goes well for me..

good night everybody and..

carpe diem baby!