Jul 29, 2010


I've been quiet, I know, but that doesn't mean I'm gone.

There were posts I wrote, most at times during one of my passionate moods, but sadly, unfinished. Sometimes, my boss would come up to my desk, I had to hide it quickly, or a friend asked out for breakfast and by the time I get back to it, the moment has passed. Not to worry though, I'm sure those mood swings will come by soon enough.

Let's start on a lighter mood, shall we?

This month is going too fast. Niece was admitted in DSH last Sunday for something bacterial thingy, I'm not sure what (there's a reason why I can never be a doctor ;p), then her brother was admitted yesterday. The parents must be tired out, what with the SIL being heavily pregnant. But the kids are getting okay now, hopefully they are out by end of this week.

A few weeks ago, lil brother got married. All the fussy last moments came to end, everyone is breathing easily now. Welcome, you, to our 'crazy' family. ;) Two more to go, hoyeah!

And then there's the Bali trip, postponed since last year, so I hope that nothing happens to cancel out the trip again, insya Allah. We fly off this Saturday evening and come back on Wednesday morning. On the same day, I will be off to Singapore in the evening until Saturday. That's a whole week of balas dendam untuk bercuti. Sakan nooooo… Heheh.

Being a sporadic (writer) that I am, I don't know when I will write again. If I can't contain myself over the excitement of going somewhere, you'll find me here again. I kan batak sikit, jarang lihat dunia orang ni.

p/s: On a heavier note, I'm broke even before the month runs out.

Jul 2, 2010

clarks warehouse sale

just got back from the clarks warehouse sale at corus hotel. man, were they humans or what?

yeap, the office is still meltingly hot so i decide to check out the sale. arrived around 9.20am and there were 50 people queuing already. i was alone so i enjoyed observing people without disturbance. kids screaming and running around, parents 'trying' to hush them, in an annoying way, 'sit down there' and 'put there'. geez, these kids are sure lucky coz in my days, us kids were always left at home while the parents did the shopping.

by the time i got in the hall, people, especially WOMEN were crowding along the tables, fingers pointing towards pictures, yelling for shoe sizes while the salespeople trying hard to entertain everyone and reprimanding not to push the tables at the same time. i was partly amused, and annoyed too. the deal is, get all the shoes you want and try them in the middle of the room where there is space. if it doesnt suit you, there are people in charge who will take care of the unwanted items. not try them at the tables and shoving people away. such selfishness! if you really want to try at the spot, go to the shop itself, you can take all the time there.

and there was this makcik, telling off another chinese lady for pushing her, 'awak tu jangan tolak2 saya pun nak beli kasut jugak' and the salesperson got a word too, 'saya dari tadi mintak ni tak dengar2 pun'. it's interesting to watch this kind of spectacle, in fact you will be amazed by what you learn about other people.

in the end, i didnt buy anything, everything in my size were sold out. kids shoes were at ridiculous price of rm80 per pair. i could get a nice new pair of shoes for myself at that price! anyways, ever since i got back after a short stay in uk, sales here dont attract me as much as before. now, i'm spending wisely. hahahahhahaha

oh yeah, if you are interested, go to corus hotel in jalan ampang. the sale ends tomorrow.

Jul 1, 2010

Brain dead with a hot bod

The air-condition system has not been functioning since yesterday due to a leakage in chilled pipes and the TNB people are still working on them.

Yesterday, the office attended an event at the National Library, so that was a relief.

Today, we are still debating to go somewhere cooler, like, a cinema hall, perhaps?

Don't ever get stuck in a building without air-cond especially when no windows can be opened. It can affect the brain to do nothing at all. Even pooping in toilets can take up so much energy and by the time you are done, you're sweating bullets the whole body. Don't ask, I know.

And there's the fear of eating. Or in my case, abstinence from spicy food. Cili padi is my life-time best friend and not one day I miss them out. It's torturing to think I have to pass them and eat the tasteless cafeteria food. Never in my whole life can food be so bland. I mean, who can walk into the office with sweaty shirt stuck on the back? EUW.

Drama, drama, drama.

Getting this written is giving me a major headache. It's like squeezing out the ideas from the brain. Is this how brain-dead feels like? I cant even read emails. Isk isk isk. Maybe that cool cinema hall wont such a bad idea after all. Any movie will do because I'm sure I'm gonna sleep through it. ;p