Jan 26, 2009

drums rolling...

Too many weddings nowadays. And too much eating of everything. Practically everything,i must say. Today is no exception. Nor yesterday. Its a whole journey of kl-jb-kl-gombak-seremban-kl. Never had a full dose of driving through all that. Stiff limbs,yes,but fun nevertheless. So tomorrow is a whole different thing but nothing new of course. Get the drama rolling!

Jan 21, 2009

its hard to just sit down and write

a few minutes to five. in the usual tradition of mine, its either 5 or 7. if he doesnt get back to me by 5, then it has to be the 7. i cant be bothered to push my ass over the busy roads. might as well lay back here while blog-rolling. hah.

ok. its 5. so, i'll continue later then. but who knows when. ;p

Jan 12, 2009

marriages and goodbyes have made me a soft person

today work is no fun at all. my other office-mate is not coming in anymore. or ever. unless i can get myself transferred to her place.

i have always thought that i am a hard-hearted person and can be quite heartless at times too. but that last final day has finally shown me a softer side of me. i had tears in my eyes while waving goodbye at yatoque.

i think i know why im still stuck here after all this while ive been bitching about the place. its because of yatoque. i always feel guilty whenever im looking for another job. because she made everything seems bearable. whenever i get into a glitch over my previous boss, she would always say the right comforting words. so, now she's not around any longer, i guees theres no reason for me to stay on. the only problem is that i dunno where to haul my ass off to.

enough about work, eventhough im still not finished yet with the papers. but yesterday was something. the lil sis going to get herself engaged in chinese new year and hitched around may. i woke up wondering how could she made a decision of getting married at an early age. ok, i am married and not at an old age either, but all of a sudden i got hooked up. did she feel that way too? gosh, no wonder im sick because i want to find reasons why im getting married in the first place. besides you get to be at the side of the love of life, of course. oh well, as long she's happy thats all matter. ;p

nowadays, my headaches are getting more frequent. the ache will throb like mad around the area of my eyes and nose.im still relunctant to go to the doctor but at this rate, i think i have too. because it affects my mood swings and i pity sayang having to bear my mengada-ness.

im known for my ignorance of world's situation at most time but i must say the things happening in gaza really caught me off. some say kalau boycott barang2 yahudi, nanti kesian kepada the employees. so tini rahim got that straighten out, i tell you. i just got myself a new nokia and it turns out that its also a product of israel. and its been my first nokia gadget since like, forever?

tu la, i want to upload some pictures here but since yatoque is not here anymore (i always borrow her card-reader) i have to made do without them at the moment. but i will soon but i wont promise nanti makan diri balik. hahah!

anyhoo, congrats odah for getting yourself married ealier than expected. and kau mushtaq and rumaisa, bile lagi plak? ;p

Jan 8, 2009

can you do it again please?

i woke up to stiff and sore limbs. i can barely part my legs (woopss!) and walk normally. at first, i was puzzled about this and tried to recall any excessive exercises (besides in-bed activities of course). i even thought that maybe there some kind of jin (or whatever) that rode or jumped on me while i was sleeping. i nearly freaked out by the mere idea.

and oh suddenly it dawned one me, yesterday i made 10 times tawaf, upside-downside, inside-outside of every crooks & crannies of pavillion. no wonder im in this state. but even though i nearly broke my bones over walking too much, i succeeded in not breaking my wallet. an accomplishment. but there verges that i nearly could've toppled over, i tell you.

so, seeing that my body hurts every time i make a small movement (a crybaby, i am), and so little sleep too (i slept at 5am marking the papers), sayang said he will make dinner. awww, its nice to have someone ( especially a guy!) wait on you sometimes, and at least expected, while you get to laze around. it was a bliss. and sorry, i forgot to take any pictures because the moment it was ready, we literally gobbled up..haahahaa, no lah. i see that as a bait for him to make dinner again. hahah.

saya berasa sungguh bahagia kerana terasa begitu di sayangi ;p

rm6 till 12am 10 jan 2009

headache, headache.

only half way through making the papers.

neck already stiff and eyes getting heavier.

sayang is happily in lala land.

when i get the money, im going to buy ibu a new wallet. hers looks too buruk and crappy.

im glad for this celcom connection even though it costs me rm6 for 24 hours. if a month, rm180. shite, better get streamyx installed soonest. rm66 for 1MB? definitely.

i think i'll turn in now and continue marking tomorrow. i hope nothing bad will happen because i took mc and didnt tell my boss. i lost her number, so yeah, my bad.

and i should be getting my resume ready because i dont think iso and the works agree with me.

Jan 7, 2009

i wish for the moon, if not for the stars..

call me bimbo or ungrateful, but right now im wishing for the moon to fall down in my laps. And the stars? Oh, they are far away too.. Because its not that interesting anymore to be on ground all the time..

Jan 6, 2009


daku sangat mengantuk.

rasa mahu hantuk2 sahaja kepala di meja.

tidur sejak akhir2 ini kurang mencukupi.

ces! aku baru sahaja mahu membaringkan diri di ruang solat yang kecil itu.

tetapi makcik itu telah mendahului aku.

nampak nya sleeping competitior aku makin ramai..


Jan 5, 2009

now i can lepak2 at ma's

haha. I have a splitting headache. From trying too hard not to fall asleep in the office. Berpinar2 mata aku ni. Got myself a new hp with wi-fi, thats the rage nowadays, so that i wont get easily bored, especially at PIL's. Nope, don't get me wrong. I like being here but sometimes i don't know what to do besides gossipping with ma? So at least while i surf, i can entertain her too at the same time. Okay this is so random. I'm getting off before i say something so silly that even i cannot comprehend myself. Ciao.

i am one grateful person, in my own way

ok, so much for not wanting to succumbing to buy anything at all.

in just a matter of few days, ive created a massive hole to my financial status. its funny how hard it is to earn the money but so easy to spend it in a blink of an eye. i wish i earn more than my needs. heheh. as if. yeah, i know. if i do earn bigger than my needs, i'll bet my needs will get bigger too. because these humans, they never seem to feel satisfied of what they have. i, for, am grateful for what i have currently and especially, the people around me. they are special to me in so many ways. you know who you are.

tapi aku ni jahat sikit. everytime aku dapat sesuatu kebendaan, aku pasti suka akan ia namun ada sedetik di dalam hati aku yang berdetik, "xpe, ni kepuasan sementara je. kalau ada yang lain akan datang lebih menarik, aku akan dapatkannya juga." tapi aku bersyukur juga apa yang ada, so you cant condemn or judge me saying that im ungrateful because thats not for you to judge, but God.

okay, im happy now. with everything. and of course, for now.


p/s: ada orang tuh beli kasut untuk nak nikah tapi belum lagipun tunang ke or anything official. tu kira tersyukur lebih la tuh nak kawen kannn....;p

Jan 2, 2009

please humour me with something else

there have been reasons why i haven't been to malls for so long. and one of them is of course, to lure away from the tempting handbags, attractive bright-colored shoes, wow make-ups, fabulous clothes and the meagre small purchases but not-at-so-cheap-prices.

besides the fact that i need to control my financial strings, which i have done that since i was married a year ago tetapi mengapakah aku masih tidak kaya lagi? adakah mungkin aku kurang bersyukur? ya ampun, aku bersyukur, ya allah, atas segalanya tetapi aku akan bersyukur lebih lagi bila aku pun kaya sikit je lagi. ;p just kidding!

but today, i have stepped into pavillion after what seems like aeons ago. i was like, starry-eyed at everything. yeah, call me jakun, i dont really mind. when it comes to this kind of situation, you tend to appreciate even more.

so after treating yatoque lunch at michaelangelo's (she's moving to menara soon), we walked around a bit. yeah, great sales everywhere, i must say. and really, really, really tempting. and i mean really tempting. to the point, that i nearly bought myself a burberry hangbag and a ferragamore wallet. its amazing how one can succumb to the oh-its-sale-and-maybe-there-wont-be-like-it-in-the-future moment. i nearly got sucked in, believe you me.

and now im stuck in the office and feeling depressed. because i wouldnt let myself took a dive in one of those indulges just to see what will happen next.

haha. im a psycho lah.