May 31, 2009

last night, i dreamed brushing saeed's teeth. the whole night.

saeed, apa kau telah buat?!

May 30, 2009

nothing much except..

...for three weddings today.

and two weddings tomorrow.

and the result isa beriyani-bloated glut bag.

May 29, 2009

another entry on food...NOT!

i have this one lady in my office, sitting exactly opposite of me. she's in her middle 40s, i think, and she's not married. i have nothing against that.

she's quite big (fat/obese is the right word but i feel guilty using that word because i wouldnt like people to call me that..;p). she can barely walk and bring herself about. imagine, she would drive just to go to eat at the stalls outside of the office, which is just a mere of 50 metres? and yet, im not against that either.

what gets on my nerves is that she constantly talks about food. anything about food. jokes on food. sleep on food. ada ke? sit on food. or anything she does, she will related to food. ANYTHING.

like example, she had nasi lemak for breakfast. the entire room smelled of nasi lemak. im okay with that. then she asked, semua da makan? she practically asked every each of us. then she went on, i dari semalam x lunch lepas tu balik rumah malas nak dinner. tu yang beli nasi lemak pagi ni. lapar. im still okay but i was like, no need to make excuse lah, just eat.

another example. continuation of the same story. a few hours later. alamak. ngantuknya i. makan nasi lemak ni mengantukkan plak. ntah apa la kak min letak dalam nasi tu (kau nk blame org letak apa? mestilah santan) i nak pergi amek air panas buat nescafe la. then she waddled off. and everytime people came into the room, she would say that all over again, i ngantukla ni yang minum nescafe. ni pasal makan nasi lemak la ni.

third example. she would be the first to buy any keropoks, kacangs, kuih-muih. saja nak rasa , she says. her desk is like a kedai runcit. i can assure you that no one will go hungry in the office.

banyak lagi examples but this one is the last. she would look for snacks and she will eat things like pisang goreng, kuih seri muka, i think most with santan lah. and her excuse? ya allah, i ngantuk betul lah. itu yang makn kuih ni nak hilangkan ngantuknya pasal. but the thing is, she ends up sleepier than ever and she will eat even more and so on. memang gila lah. at first i was amused but now, alah kau ni tahu mengantuk makan benda alah tu, tak payah la nak menyeksa diri sendiri.

sekarang aku mau gi makan plak. sapa mau? *hands up*
makan, makan supaya tak ngantuk!!!
pic courtesy of google image

a klutz..or a nutcase?

last night i dreamt i was in uk. but to my disappointment i cant remember a thing. all i know is when i woke up, ohh i was in uk and i cant remember anything. talk about memory loss. or short-memory loss in my case.

yesterday i misplaced my office key. i looked for it everywhere but couldnt find it. turned out i left at one the food stalls outside the office building where i had my breakfast. my friend saw it on the tablewhen she went out for lunch.

on the same day (in fact a few hours later), i forgot where i put my handphone. so, i made trips to every room that i visited (ni case slelau pergi bilik orang and bergossip..haha). and yes, i didnt find it. seorang mamat poyo cakap, kau ni asyik hilang barang je, tadi kunci pastu handphone plak. and i replied, eh kau jangan nak bebel kat aku eh, aku tak suruh kau cari pun. dah hilang barang pun mau kerek lagi. ;p when i called, rupa-rupanya in the piles of papers and files on my desk. gila lah.

thats why im good at keeping secrets because most of the secrets people tell me i will tend to forget after a period of time, the quickest of a week time. haha. therefore, my friends, if you want to do something with me, i advice you to tell me in advance and remind me time after time, especially 2 days before the actual date. i cant tell you how many events i missed out on the weekends or other days due to my forgetfulness. yeah, im a lazy bum in putting things in my calendar/pda and whatnot a big loser of a procrastinator? hahah.

so, kiddos, do we have anything planned for the weekend? ;p

May 27, 2009

picking apples

it seems that i will be missing the important weddings this month, if everything goes accordingly to my plan.

i hope everyhting goes well.

and i think i will need another blog to do my own thinking. of course, it will be private.

green puke

sometimes i don't understand the society. what is there to a status, may i ask?

here, our society looks up to people who take sciences subjects, specifically medicine and engineering, who later on will become doctors and engineers of course. there are those who take bio-science, physic-science etc but that is considered low-class of subjects. see how double-standard our people can be? so, you can imagine how people would look down on us who took english as a major. or anything arts-related, people would just walk by with their nose in the air!

oh she's taking english? she must be really stupid because she can't cope with sciences course.

english?! what will you do then for a living?

pity her taking english, she seems such a bright person. (wtf?!)

oh, our subjects (sciences) are tougher than yours (english, of course). we have to study all the time while you just do your play and read storybooks.

english? how did you get a scholarship? and they give scholarships for english degree?

yeah. i got that throughout my uni years. surprise2, i am employed, thank you. it doesnt take me to be an engineer to get paychecks every month. in fact, my salary is just the same as all the engineers at my company.

usually, i get slightly annoyed when i get invitations stating datukships and what not but i guess thats how the society works, flaunting all the titles you get. bila lagi if not in the wedding cards? i mean, oh well, its not everyday you get a datukship or a professor etc.

so, i was really irritated when i read a wedding invitation with the groom's name starting with ENGR. what is that, i ask you?if it had been IR, then i would have understand the whole situation even though it won't stop me from being totally disgusted. but no. ENGR.

i think that act is so kampung-like. trying so hard to impress everyone but failed miserably.

did he think we are all stupid by pulling off that stunt as ENGR?

did he want people to know that his wedding will be a grand affair because he's an engineer and therefore he expects grand presents? or tips?

is it because he is not entitled IR rightfully but wants the whole world to know he's an engineer nevertheless?

did he expect respect and honor from people and so we have to treat him like one? and how DO we TREAT engineers? talk about pipes? gas? wires? screws? it would be good if he had specify what kind of engineer he is, then we could prepare some notes on what to converse. how interesting.

but if you are an ENGR, why didn't you make expensive wedding cards rather than those cheap-looking ones. or at least, expensive-looking cards since you ARE an ENGR. such camouflage.

i wonder if he did get an IR one day, will he still stick to ENGR or upgrade to IR? or did i miss something here, once you're an engineer you're entitled ENGR automatically? forgive me if that is the case because for the life of me, i didn't know.

well, i have to think twice going to the wedding because i dont talk like ENGR.


p/s: i should be proud being married to ENGR then. ;p

May 25, 2009


my lil sis got married yesterday.

if the mat salleh would say its a beautiful sunny day but i would say scorching, as usual. i was running around drenched in swear. yuck! and it doesnt help that the hall's air-condition was a bit failing. hish.

but nevertheless, it was a sweet and simple ceremony. nothing big or too small. just nice for a small gathering of family and friends. just how a wedding ceremony should be.

didnt get to grab a bite the whole day except for a few cold drinks and cendol. such a bliss on a hot day! when the caterer was clearing everything away, then we all sat down and munched away while updating each other on the tidbits of the event. the best part of an event, i must say, since im a sucker for hot&juicy stories. haha.

oh, shucks. tomorrow is monday. work. *groans*
its been a week my presence at the office was ghost-like. more of like chipsmore cookies, skejap ada, skejap takde. heh.
i got the transfer and will report in october. but i havent told my boss yet about that. i guess thats why they are not giving me any work thinking that i'll be going any sooner. hahah. good thing though, at least i can let my feet up in the meantime. and do more of my disappearing acts.

and owh yeah. some of the pictures i managed to grab from someone.

see, we have the same cheeks

the sisters ;p

her dream, an indian wedding;p

May 20, 2009

shrinking brain cells

we are into middle of the week and already i am exhausted.

first, my usual friends/colleagues are not around.

second, i hate the people there with them.

third, i hate my wannabe boss.

fourth, i hate my work.

fifth, i hate my work. period.

5 reasons that made me stay at home. what else can i say?

so, i did my facials. its been ages. and the event is just around the corner so i have to look good. even though i might not be the limelight. hahah. but what the heck, at least im looking forward to something nice.

its hard to think while the mask is hardening. it seems to harden the brain cells too. everything is out of places, in bits and pieces.

i hope odah is coming soon or i'll die of boredom.

May 19, 2009

still hanging in

i made it to the office today. *applauds*

work seems a bit laidback this week. when you do have something to do, then you won't have enough time. but when you have the time, you have the whole world to yourself.

i can see a naughty idea forming in my mind. i see glass windows at the corner of my eye. people stopping to ooh ahh ooh ahh. i smell leather tingled with fragrance. bright lights. more bright lights. almost blinding.

should i follow the light? who knows, it might take me to the right path.

of happiness.

even for a moment.

May 18, 2009

how could you?

i thought my heart stood still.

i just stumbled across an old memory (not a nice one though, in fact it was traumatising) and all the while it nestled quietly among the faces whom i consider friends.

how could i've been so blind all this time?

old wounds start to bleed again.

no friends, no food

all my favourite people at the workplace are not in. so i had my breakfast all alone. morning is the only time when theres's no one around. looks like i'll be taking nap when everyone's out for lunch, WITH FRIENDS.

its going to be a whole week of loneliness. i have a deep feeling that i won't be coming in tomorrow. :


May 17, 2009

siapa kata bapa borek, anak rintik?

my lil nephew can be such a funny guy.

he knows now that when we don on our scarves, it means we are going out. then, he will get all excited and asked to tag along.

so, last night seeing we were putting on our scarves, he wanted to tag along as usual. nana had to let him go because he was starting to make faces. he went to get his shoes.

'shu shu shu' looking for his shoes.

my sister was unlocking the door. saeed was still looking for his shoes while saying, shu shu shu. the sister opened the door. he was so afraid of being left behind, he slipped his small feet into my brother's size 10 crocs. he tried to walk but it was too heavy for him.

the sister was screaming while doubling up with laughter, hey saeed bukan kasut tu laaaa! mana shoes saeed?

and he was all flustered and menggelabah and running round in circles for his shoes. as if he doesnt know what to do.

it was such a funny sight that we had to sit down and laugh.

tolong lah saeed. mak bapak kau tu cool je, where did you get all your gelabahness?

i'm just saying..


weekends are best spent lying on bed while bloghopping. i feel majorly disappointed when some of my favourite blogs have nothing new posted.

now i know how it feels like when coming into my space for the past two weeks.

May 8, 2009

satay sri melaka

the other night i fell asleep while typing away. lets hope it doesnt happen again tonight.

we had a small gathering cum lunch cum celebrating a soon-to-be-retired colleague cum birthday people from april to may, termasuklah diri aku sekali kan. it was supposed to be a pot lug (is that the right word? ive been confused by people saying its potluck) but ended up i was the only one who brought food. there were some other food ordered at the canteen and thats about it.

mula-mula konon nak buat something dengan air tangan sendiri. tapi kuali tak cukup besar nak masak for 30 orang. pastu nak buat cake takda oven plak. kesian. then i remembered nana's infamous tiramisu. tu tak payah cook or baking kan. tapi bila calling2 nana, kene pukul dengan handmixer. aku mana ada. no way im going to beat the whipping cream manually. tak pergi office jadinya karang. haha. so i had to figure out another way.

satay. mmg paling senang. tapi kalau untuk 30 orang mana cukup 100 cucuk. and its in the middle of the month so pocketmoney is a bit tight. tapi xpe google je dulu. mana tau kan. penat aku mengoogle untuk mencari satay yang sedap. i dont fancy hj samuri anymore, in fact i have dissed that certain satay for a long time. i prefer the small stalls besides the roads. their satay would be much juicier and delicious.

seeing that i work around kl, its impractical for me to order satay kajang kan, so i searched around dato' keramat. luckily i found one. yang paling banyak timbul adalah satay sri melaka in au5 keramat. it seems that place is quite popular. when i went to place order, the gerai was so crowded and it was only at 6pm at the time. and tambah luck lagi, aku jumpa member yang nak beli satay gak. so kongsi la kami berdua. okay la kan daripada end up bayar RM160 just for satay. bukan berkira tapi dgn org tmtc mmg kena gitu. haha. mentang2 nak chow dah.

the satay was a hit. a better option than samuri. siapa yang tahu mana lagi yang sedap, please tell me. i heard there's one in queen's park avenue. nak heret sarip sebelum kena tinggal bersendirian. heh.

jadi sebab penat sgt cari mana satay yang sedap, thats why i fell asleep while typing an entry that night. haha.

May 4, 2009

no one to talk to at 530am

so i went to sleep at 830pm and woke up at 1am. did isyak and am wide awake now.

had nothing better to do so i uploaded some pictures, which is a rare thing for me to do. i am such a lazy bum-bum when it comes to posting the pics.

i never knew that online shopping could be so addictive. the sheer feeling of being adventurous of not knowing what the purchase will turn out like, the anticipation of waiting, the excitement of receiving, is something that i did not quite expect. i can almost imagine myself turning into an anti-social bug in the next 10 years. but if malaysia continues to be this frizzling hot, maybe i just might...

i think my rebellious streak is getting out of control. because when on weekends, i will sleep early. BUT on the eve of monday, i will still be up regardless if i have slept earlier (like i just did now)

sekarang kerja tidak seronok sebab ada boss yang poyo. jadi adalah susah sedikit untuk mengular di waktu emergency.

an old school-mate and uni too, tak habis2 cakap benda yang sama, "sarah, aku da kawen tau. hah, aku da kawen tau. kau ingat apa, aku da kawen tau."

sampai aku balik cakap lagi. ye, fakhrul, aku tau kau da kawen. semoga kau bahagia ke akhir hayat. and no, i am not jealous of you getting married because i already am. haha. and yes, its quite unbelievable for you to get married tapi eventually mesti la kau kawen kan. mana tahan dowh! syazu kata, musim mengawan sudah mula tapi i think da lama pun bermula. see nana with 2 kids now! :P

ni semua pengunjung2 yg terakhir, da xde meja kerusi nak duduk jadi posing la dulu jap before chow

"haa, aku da kwen tau. kau jgn tatau, aku da kawen tau" fakrul dalam terujaan

May 2, 2009

someone, please humor me

oh my. what a week!

i kinda like the idea of two work days.

all of a sudden, i'm starting not to like trying-to-be-my boss. pity my real-direct-report boss, she couldn't squeeze in her orders. see how politics gets you? and i hate it because i'm stuck in between. i just can't wait for my transfer to get through.

i would love to stay in jakarta some day. their culture is somewhat interesting. but i could live without the traffic hazard though. if you think traffic in kl is bad enough, wait till you get caught in one their jams. it would just shut you up, like i did. and their traffic is like, forever. until midnight in fact. i dont know how people can live like that. hmm.

i miss their pecel lele. their pecel (sambal) is awesome! im gonna google its recipe.

its a 3day weekend but no interesting activities. except a few weddings. im tired of weddings actually. i have no qualms over my own friends' weddings but it seems that nowadays, ive been attending sarips friends' wedd. it made me thinking, i dont have friends anymore? haha. jangan marah. good thing the closest arent married yet kalau tak susah nak hang out lagi da..

jakarta, with some random stranger ;p