May 31, 2010

The best week ever

Weekend was fabulous. In fact the whole week was fabulous.

Started with two celebrations for Ibu, one on her actual birth date at Subak in TTDI and another surprise throw at Ruz Aladdin in Ampang. Ayah requested me to organize a surprise for her, which I did and could have gone as planned if Ayah could just stick to the plan and, well, keep a secret. I never knew he could be so bad at lying AND keeping secrets.

Scouting for a present was supposed to be a secret. Ayah, of course, had to let it out to Ibu AND paid with a credit card where monthly statements are screened by her (she settles all the necessary bills btw). Of course, she questions a lot but we managed to get that covered up.

Overall, the surprise went well, in fact she called us bragging that she's off with ayah to a special place. When asked, she answered "rahsia" such in a way to irritate us. Turned out the joke's on her and we wouldn't live it down. Been imitating around the house with that snotty tone, "rahsia". Ibu said she won't be fooled anymore after this. Heh

Then it was small getaway with the family in Port Dickson. Got a great deal at Ancasa Suites. And the nephew and niece were hilarious. They were the most entertaining part of the trip. Everything that comes out of their mouth or do, we clap in glee and laugh our heads off. Such clever beings. Yeah, now we talk like the nephew. "Sama nah". (Sama lah)

Oh I teach him to sing 'please please please kamu jangan nakal'. Of course in his version, 'pnis pnis pnis…' hahah. Loved that one.

Back to work, suddenly I feel tired out. The boss is not in, have some things pending on him, so in the meantime, here goes an update. And on days I feel like pasting some pictures, cables go missing. Couldn't be bothered to search for them in this hot weather. ;p

Am planning another trip so that the bali trip comes more quickly. heh

May 20, 2010

When I actually have lots of time on hand, I don't know what to write. Its when things get really paced that I will go, 'ah I'm going to blog this blab la.. that bla bla'. Now, I'm having the whole world to myself, I'm out of ideas. Frustrating I tell you.

It must be the briyani rice, chicken curry, naan bread, lamb curry and sago gula Melaka that's making me go like this. Gosh, did I really eat all of that? *cringes* okay, I will hit the gym if I have time. *burps loudly*

On a different note, Syarif has been away for 3 days and he's coming back this evening. Hope to God that he won't request late night snacks. I cant refuse, right? Not an obedient wife would do anyway. J

Sister's safely back from the states for a short break. And oh yeah, nearly broke my bank too. All the more reason to work harder. As if! Hihihi. Ibu's birthday is coming up next week, and plans are waiting to be executed. After this, it's not the breaking bank I have to deal only, my almost popping belly too!

Some things happened in the office yesterday, that got me rethinking my future plans. Being the kind who always wants to know for sure, I find it hard when things don't really go my way. For example, I need to affirm that I will love the job I take up. I cant play God so I have to learn to take things easy and make the best out of things.

It is disappointing really when you meet people for the first time, work up expectations and turn out that it is all bullshit. For the strong-hearted, they will trudge on and find ways to overcome, but for people like me, indecisive at best, and a quitter at most times, will be heart-broken and do nothing about it, just like a wounded puppy.

The lesson here? Don't put too high a hope. But, then that would make me an all-time pessimist.

May 12, 2010

Bring me a lion

I have been bad lately. Broken a few rules here and there.

Skipped gym sessions nearly two weeks. Checked.

Wallowing munching after 7pm. Checked.

Starting to want skip work again. Yet to check.

What else?

I've been on a hiatus long enough. You should know by now, that when I rarely blog at times, it means too many ideas are flowing, to the point I don't know where to begin at.

Lately, I am feeling restless. The need to get away from all this is coming back. The need to be alone is intense, without anyone to bug me. But, it's funny that when you want to be alone, you start looking for someone to be with. I am one confused soul.

It's in the blood. I cannot stay in one place for too long. I become restless. I will see everything too mundane. People no longer interest me. Traditions, normal practices seem no more relevant than they are before. Everything gets on the nerves.

I need someone to amuse me. Please?

May 4, 2010

Guilty pleasure

Guilt consumes me.

Last night was the epitome of my greed, rather than hunger. My sister, her husband and I went to Midvalley to break fast. Beforehand, I had to tag along them looking for baby stuffs. That alone has got me depleted, and what else could I have done besides planning what to eat. Every restaurant we passed by seems to call out at me, even the non-halal restaurants. That shows how hungry I was. ;p

So we decided to eat at the food court at the Gardens. More choice, more variety to choose from. In my case, I had a hard time of choosing and ended up ordering fried kuew teow topped with fried chicken, a an unagi California roll and prata bread with sausage, cheese and mushroom. The prata totally differed from the original picture I drooled at. In the picture, it was rolled with oozing cheese, overlapped with sausages and mushroom. The actual? Not really appetizing enough, it was just a slap stick of dough embedded with sausages and mushroom. I couldn't even taste the cheese at all! Even the condiments, dhal curry tasted funny. I swear, I will never let greed get the better of me next time… not.

And you'd think that's all? No, apparently.

Going out with pregnant women (in this case my sister, of course) prove to be damaging on one's diet plan. After prayers, she claimed she wants chocolate ice blended. After much debating on San Francisco Coffee or not, we headed to Paddington House of Pancakes. She did get her drink, but that didn't stop me either. I had Triple Decker sundae, a combi of peanut butter, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and a generous helping of mini dollar-sized pancakes. Speak of the devil! Carbs and fat! It feels weird to eat like a hog after a month of one-meal-a-day practice.

After that entire food hoard, I fell asleep immediately in the car. Gila gemuk! Upon arriving, I continued sleeping until Syarif came to pick me up. When I woke up this morning, I felt so sick sleeping on all the food I have eaten.

And that, my friend, won't stop me doing it again.