Nov 28, 2008

word of the day: gila shitty (as usual)

procrastination is the most favourite past-time hobby ever. period.

memandangkan semua laki2 pergi sembahyang jumaat, aku terpaksa mengangkut kotak2 yang bapak besar gila. and not to mention the weight! i had to push the boxes on my knees all across down the library's sideway. i sweated like a pig (ada ke expression tu?) and short of breath. nampak sangat gila tak fit aku nih. ish. lepas tu, da la baru lepas makan, macam nak terburai perut pun ada! (habis aku punya laksa nyonya and nasi dagang, penat je mengunyah ;p) and lagipun i consider myself a superwoman, i wouldnt ask for help. call me egoist but i tak suka nak menyusahkan orang lain selagi aku mampu nak buat kerja. ngehehe, gila mengangkat sendiri. (angkat diri sendiri pun lagi x larat!)

harap2 peranak aku kat situ lagi. kang jenuh nak menjawab soklan2 x patut seumur hidup.

this cousin of mine is getting married any sooner and i have promised him to help him out. partly coz his mother is not around anymore and partly sebab aku memang cepat tersedih hati bila mengenangkan orang yang xde mak bapak ni, lg2 mak la kan. kan aku penah rumah anak2 yatim, aku melalak kat situ padahal diorang yang happy lebih. maybe, when you are short of everything, you tend to appreciate more. ok cukup citer emo.

oh, yeah. went to this launching yayasan oum and pak lah did the launch. tangan dia gila lembut, org xpenah buat kerja berat kan. memang la kan, aku rasa dia memang xsesuai jadi leader sebab dia tu yg macam bapak yang baik sampai xsanggup marah anak. patut la rakyat kita naik kepala sikit. (tapi in a good way) kita kene ada org macam mahathir tuh, jahat sket and tegas. tapi jgn la jahat sgt sampai pentingkan diri sendiri kan. aku wonder la, lepas ni kalo najib jd pm, agaknya sume menteri2 akn buat lg banyak scandal ke?and letup kan scandal2 yg naik kepala? mesti najib akan tolong punye. hmm

Belakang Pak Lah pun jadi lah sebab mmg saje xnak tgk muka dia tp bini dia sweet la! ;p

sekarang tengah in a shitty mood. aku tau mesti ada perasaan ni whenever he's going away. padahal da slalu je dia tinggal aku tapi i never got used to it. menyampah aku. and aku akan keep cursing my whole alone-routine-to-work. da la nanti boss perempuan, x boleh nak lambat2 da. cisss. aku kene pujuk dia pindah k.l ni tp macamane? kene buat aksi2 sepatutnye? tapi karang time tu je dia janji lepas tu lupa kata x penah ingat pun ada janji. xvalid janji time2 mcmtu. ;p so, im in the phase where i get easily irritated and will snap at him sebab marah dia nak tinggal aku. pastu bila dia pergi mesti tambah lagi shitty sebab napa la aku xbuat baik je at least kalo ape2..tak nak terus kan la ayat tu. tapi aku benci la kene tinggalkan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (aku tau dia xkan baca ni nye) aku rasa aku boleh kene tinggal tapi jangan bagi aku pergi kerja pagi. boleh tak boss?

pastu belum ape2 lagi, aku da kopak!!!mcmane ni? mati la. mcmane aku nak pergi gathering BENLians? harap2 x mahal2 sgt kau pilih tempat zeti. kalau tak aku kene tompang katil kau! ngahahah

im thinking going back to ibu's sebab aku rindu saeed yak-yak.

Nov 26, 2008

the rubbing a*s*s* day

so today i packed some souvenirs and gifts to give away to a few colleagues of mine. who knows waht will become of all the things in our store by the time the department closed down. and i even loaded myself with the stuff too. but, only the expensive ones, mind you. ;p

i admit its a bit interesting to see how all this will turn out. and how speculations change from time to time. but one thing for sure, if you rub the right ass, you will be in the right position. but just beware of the sceptical and scornful looks from everyone else. i wish i could rub ass too but that ass sure doesn't look too inviting!

so i might as well save my ass from any contamination. coz i believe that when my time finally comes, i want to know that i really deserve it. not because of some other bum-schmucking ass!

i wonder how this people can sleep snugly at night?

p/s: the tarnished ass has been transferred (demoted?) to another department and i cant just imagine whats it gonna be like. yeah, like you're used to everycome shoveling and groveling at your feet and suddenly you're all alone in this world. no one to come at your beck and call. ever. really, i do pity him but what can i say? KARMA!

Nov 24, 2008

the perks of bondage NOT!

okay, so the news is out.

mm* will no longer be known as mm* but rather as tt*. back to square one. and confusing too. but that is a whole different story.

since its still not officially black & white, i heard that i will be placed under a unit of school of management, content development. and yatoque laughed at me, saying that i have a never-ending curse with research.

huh. all my life i hate doing research, or any academic writing (reports) for that matter. so, i guess when people say don't hate too much because one day you'll end loving it, it is more than true. in my case, i dont think i will end up loving it, far from to liking it, but to suffer.

i am destined to suffer as long i am in bondage.

oh, well.

please tell me, what is it guys with gadgets?

Part 1

this morning, on the way to work. in a teasing mood.

me: sayang, bawak your handphone x? (with a sarcastic look on my face)
him: ishh, mesti bawak. mana boleh tinggal.
me: hmm, yela. (muka x puas hati ;p)

Part 2

then, a massive jam ahead, exit on jln tun razak. a conversation took place.

me: shit! apehal jam macam ni?!
him: uhuh (taking out his new 'thang')
me: yang u keluarkan handphone tu kenapa plak? macam la boleh nak check nape jam kat depan tuh.
him: baby, my phone can do anything.
me: huh, datang la mengarut dia. sheesh.
him: baby ni! (buat muka comel konon)

Part 3

a few moments later, nearing to the exit.

"keep left," the thingy ordered. (terkejut aku dengar sebab alih2 je dia bersuara)

him: sayang, dia cakap keep left. nak kene pegi left ni.
me: by, i have been telling you all this while and you never listen to me and suddenly this machine ckp go left baru nak pergi left. its a machine ok!
him: yeke? (giving me sheepish look)

pray, tell me, girls, what is it guys with gadgets?

(but he's really cute when he gos all gooey-like ;p)

Nov 23, 2008

i like his new toy babeh

i'm blogging away at this alfresco joint in s15,bangi.just trying out his new e71.

Didn't realise its this fun. Now i guess i need to get one myself :p

And of course s15 is my future home. Can't wait for that too.

Ok got to give this back to him cos he's giving me looks already!


Nov 21, 2008

this one is untitled

yes, nana. salvatore at klcc.

30 mins to go. before i go pick him up.

been to maju junction. someone suggested me to go there to get contact lenses at affordable price. so i'm trying out first whether i can stick to them or not. and that SA can be very adamant in selling their product. i nearly got ripped off by the thousands, technically. oh, but she's excellent, no doubt about that.

tomorrow off to melaka. if luck is in, maybe a plate of black peppered prawns will be nice. aha! i know you will be reading this!

okay peeps, have a nice weekend!

Nov 20, 2008

i said "i'm from uia" with proud. 1st time. ever.

it's raining very hard outside. pertfect time for sleeping. ;p

i am always amazed by my own fickleness. like today. i had to emcee a function and some big-big datos' would be there. odw to work this morning, i had a major stage fright. tetibe je. aku pun xpaham. rasa macam ada banyak big butterflies in tummy sampai rasa nak muntah. perut berpulas-pulas.

i texted yatoque.

"weh, aku rase mcm major fright la. ak pun tatau nape.ak takut ni."

"alah, kau ni.jgn risau.mesti kau bolehnya.good luck eh."

"yela.thanks.ak cuak ni.ish.kau good luck eh nanti"

if she didn't have to attend a scholarship i.view, i wouldn't have to be this scared. at times of like this, i would curse and hate my job. i would promise myself to get another job so that i don't have to be scared shitless all the time.

another thing, i have this problem with the bosses here at work. i don't know why but i really hate them especially the janggut one. my boss's bf ever. memang padan mereka berdua tu. kalut lebih tapi taknak buat ape2. and then when something went wrong, they will never take the blame. padahal its their job to screen everything first kan? bongoks.

and another thing that i noticed is that if the ceo is happy with the turn-out, then no matter how big the mistake will be, it's ok. but if the ceo is moody, even the smallest thing yang kau rase mcm bangang kalau nak dimarahkan akan diperbesar2kan oleh mereka. tak ke gila kalut nama nya?

so i was cursing this janggut boss throughout yesterday. (agaknya sebab tu lah aku cuak lebih, kene badi dia ni). just because my boss is not around it doesn't mean that you can take advantage of me. or our dept for that matter. after various heated emails to him (which he didn't bother to reply at all), he was quite polite to me this morning. good, made my point there.

so did the emcee stint. and was praised by the big boss of hr. really flattered i must admit, after all the feeling muntah2 period i had to go through.

"oh you are good, you know"

"really? (gedik2s skejap) thank you, dato"

"you should audition for the internal emcees because we try to avoid taking outsiders. if we have good emcees, then its a bonus because after all, internal je pun. so where did you study? your english is quite good."

"tu lah, we are vey proud to have her at mm*" (that was my ceo)

"i'm from uia. and yes the medium used is english." (time tu bangga sket dgn uia ;p)

and that compliment really made my day (yela sebab yang janggut tu suka je cari pasal kan). but i don't think i can handle major stage frights all the time. it would kill me slowly. and quietly.

so there, i dont understand myself, do i really love doing what i do or not? i think im the behind-scene person. i guess.

Nov 19, 2008

run run with me

the day seems to end quickly.

i lost count of the hours that passed by.

now, i'm chasing the hours to come.

Nov 18, 2008

people, i am trying to survive with the english

everytime class finished, i always feel so drained. so exhausted. and i still can't define my feelings towards this oh-not-so-new-but-still-new-to-me endeavour.

i feel like i am a disciplinarian. a stickler for rules. which i am so not, those who know me well. teaching english is teaching the rules and usage of the language.

in my case, i never learn the real grammar of the language. since kindergarten until standard 5, i was growing up partly in the states and united kingdom. the perks of following your dad for his studies. so, i was reading by the age of 4 or 5 (i know its a bit late). thanks to my mom, enid blyton and agatha christie were my early best companions. how i love them till this day.

i was never seen without a book. my mom was always scolding me for not helping her out with the house chores. she even threatened to burn all the books. (which im glad she didn't). day and night evolved in a world of boundless imagination. fancy words that amazed me. (which i dont have the ability to put them in use, hence the bad writer of me). how a matter of a small word can change awhole story.

i think, even i was not brought up in any part of the world, i know i can comprehend english, if not a little. because my family (mother's side that is) has always been a huge fan of books. my uncle practically spends rm1000 every week on books. no wonder he is not married until now. no one can keep up with that kind of lifestyle.

because you see, when i went to school in uk, the kids there were a lot worse. their spelling were horrifying. their grammar were not perfect by the book. its like we malaysians trying to learn bahasa malaysia. of course we can speak malay fluently but does anyone here speak the correct grammar with the baku and all? NOT. we get by with the 'bahasa pasar' so, i really dont get it when most malaysians (yang terer ckp mat salleh lagi2 yang penah duk overseas) turn their noses down on our people when trying to speak the 'language'. i mean, even the natives (english) dont get them right all the time but we never question them. as long as you can get the message across is fine. for now. BUT if you speak with a thick accent, brit or american, then everything sounds right (even if you are not). aih, i just dont understand our people sometimes.

so, english is just there for me. never had a real education on it. yeah, dont count high school days because i was a real dumb back then. even in uni, it was literature and linguistics mostly. i should have benefited from that course to polish up my english, which sadly i did not because i was too busy doin something procrastinating? ;p

oh, well. if i can teach these kids right, maybe my grammar wont be so much rusty then.

i need a reboost now

its been months since i bought new shoes. when i started this blog, my passion for shoes is undeniably passionate. ;p don't get me wrong, my shoe closet might not be as impressive as it should be (as a true shoe lover). truth be known, i would fall heads over heels on beautiful heels (corny isn't it) and when looking at the price, i would fall again but this time, heels over head!

thank god i am not a fanatic or i would have been broke at all times. or as my mom would say, 'hah, kau makan lah kasut tu. dah suka sangat kan!'

since the blog has been rolling for some time, my passion starts to dwindle away. bit by bit. i dont know whether this is a good sign or what. i still look at shoes but with a wise head. no heads over heels or vice versa. and i always comfort myself, 'don't worry, it's not like it's gonna be the only sale here.' but nowadays, i am getting tired of looking at the same design all over again. nothing new. if there are somewhat interesting-to-buy, the price will be unforgivable. and i wont forgive myself for letting me broke. ;p

sampai window shopping pun x lalu sebab nanti depressed x dapat beli ape aku nak.

bottomline is i am not spending my money on shopping, like i used to.bags, shoes, makeups or whatever girly girls like to do. most of the times, i go social larking only. but the weird thing is, my money trickles towards the end of month. makes no difference whether i go shopping or not.

so i think i will start again my usual activity next week!

ok, i think i know where all my money has gone this month! ;p

when mahina gets the better of you

when talking about louis vuitton, mahina collection has always been my favourite. (and ridiculously unaffordable too!) if i have enough dough, i would get this one as a daily trot-on-arm.

LV Mahina L in black - i want i want!

it is made of soft and supple calf skin. black color attracts me most. with its golden brass hardware in the right places, it depicts a subtle elegance that LV can only do. it is slouchy but structured, it is simple but detailed, it is a size L but not too bulky-big, it is perfect for me but too expensive!

i wonder who would so much as kind to give this to me. i would be really happy for the whole year, if not another dream bag to yearn for!

Nov 17, 2008

i am enjoying the sweetness while it last

haha. i'm super high now.

just got back from lunch with fuzz in damansara. had a little bit of gossippy chitchat. now i'm super duper sleepy from all that mee rebus.

it seems that this week will be the last to berfoya-foya as the letters will arrive next week. yatoque suggests that we should look for boxes to pack our things. pity her, she has a whole 0f 5 years of rubbish while mine is barely 2 years old.

and rumour has it that my future boss will be a lady. a lady boss? gila, if she's anything like erra fazira (opps never seen the mobie before but i can imagine what its like ;p) i'll drop dead. i would rather have my now boss ten times more. well, i do have a lil bit of experience working with her. i hope we'll get along just fine. but for sure no 10am clock-ins. or 4pm clock-outs either.

tomorrow will be teaching day. i feel its been ages since i saw the kids. teaching is definitely not for me because i dont have that patience of a true teacher. i'm not saying they are a bit slower than the average but there's so much of a thin line of kesabaran that i doubt will remain a line.

tapi kan i always have this dream of teaching in the arab continent. i thought it would be much easier. but no, its going to be impossible because at least with these kids i can struggle with Bahasa, but with the arabs? my arab is so much worse i'll bet i won't understand myself. so poof! gone.

i need to get out of this crappy hole so that my post will be more interesting. tyiara, can we switch jobs please? yours sound so much fun what with the globe-trotting and all. ;p (bet i can't handle that too except the globe-trotting part ;p)

need to go the ladies. have been keeping it since morning. no wonder i can hardly sit still.


Nov 16, 2008

baa baa black sheep

at my parents' house.

just had a plate of lamb and rice. feeling like a lamb myself.

gave saeed a whole bowl of grapes. jangan marah nana, dia yg tarik aku ke fridge suruh suapkan!

i dreamt of getting that job offer in mmu. gila petanda macam xdapat.

and i also dreamt of something else but i wont say it here. people say telling a bad dream within 3 days might come true. aku takott!

okay, im off to see what i can feed that lil punk.

Nov 14, 2008

we got the passports ready


finally got myself booked to bali next year! but it'll be a long wait, i assure you. now, im at warong pak maidin, thank god for the wi-fi here. the main page says the seats are all sold out. but when i try to click on the wanted date, waalllall! i got it. pandai kau nak trick aku ye airasia!

okay, now im full with maggie goreng. quite nice though. and pine apple juice. but still thirsty. might as well pack my ass home where 3 jugs full of cold water waiting for me.

cheers! and have a nice weekend.

when passport is not within reach

ever since i can't log on to ym, my social circle has gone up and down..but mostly down. my only interaction with the outside world at work is through blogging. besides the long phone calls, of course. if they took away blogger too, i will scream this place down. gile hebat kunun, heh. ;p

i'm afraid to logout of the airasia page now because the seats might be all taken up. still stuck at this 'guest details'. it requests passport details and they are not with me now. jeesh. lupakan, slalu booking within malaysia je so apa ke jadah kalo nak passport kan.

everyones out for lunch. masing2 dgn pasangan. im stuck all alone kat sini. please someone humour me. tapi malas nak keluar sebab panas. ngehehe ;p and i dont even have have anything interesting to blog about.

oh, yeah time for me to update my resume. better find myself a place before they put me away somewhere ridiculous. maybe a totally new environment will help me cheer up. i never thought that going to work can be really tedious.

saya nak balik amek passport! nape la jauh sangat!!!!!!!

Nov 13, 2008

come quickly to me baby

since airasia is giving away free seats next year, ive been hogging on the site to pin on the free seats. so far no luck yet. ive been clicking away throughout the months (jun-oct) but unavailable. yes, there are but only a few and it falls on unpractical days. i can be patient so i will wait out this one.

i'm thinking of going bali. (thats where he wants to go so i'm just giving him a chance to choose, plus i'm not paying ;p) if i still dont get a kid by next year, then its definitely the right time for a getaway.

today i am very amused by the people in the meeting. i wonder where i'll be next year. everyone seems to know where they're heading. except me. the backside of a newcomer. people dont notice you. in a way, my blessings though. maybe i'll get transferred to cyberjaya/putrajaya.

so, i need to make sure my ass is on that table this coming 25th.

and, oh yeah, congratulations kak nor on your new baby...

Nov 12, 2008

To Rumaisa..

oh yeah, sya..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!





I can't Believe I Watched 'Sepi'

Oh sheesh.

You won’t believe this. I just deleted a really long post. And it took me nearly a whole day.

I won’t dwell on what has been done so this is going to be whole new one.

I was writing on a movie, Sepi. Starred by Afdlin Shauki, Vanida Imran, Eja, and Tony Eusoff. And many more (I can’t remember who). Yelah, semalam kan ponteng kerja. ;p

The movie is made of short anecdotes, though inter-connected with the characters. In a way, I could relate myself with the movie.

I love the part when Afdlin thinks he has something special going on with Vanida when suddenly she gives him an invitation to her wedding. He is totally devastated.

‘Maaflah, semasa kita bertemu, memang sudah terlambat.’

Vanida looks so forlorn and as if she wants to cry. Yeah, I know. When you have a whole wedding planned out, then it happens that you are not sure whether you want to go on or not. In our society, we would be thrown stones. We would be disowned. We would be the outcasts. The society won’t have anything to do with us. We would be ashamed to go on living. It’s better to get out of the country where nobody knows anything about you and starts anew.

Just like Vanida plans to do. Moving out to Australia. Again, it is soo cliché.

‘Tapi kalau kita bertemu untuk berpisah, buat apa kita diketemukan?’

Afdlin is blamimg fate. Another thing the society loves to do, forcing people into marriages. All his life, people keep pushing and asking him when he wants to get married. They don’t understand that he really wants to find someone that he could live for the rest of his life, but the problem is he hasn’t found one yet. We don’t want him to end up like Vanida, marrying someone she doesn’t love.

But eventually, he is engaged to Nasha (a bit mentally retarded), someone he doesn’t love because, well...

‘Orang yang dah sayang kita’

Maybe it is much easier for him to marry someone who will always love him. Maybe he doesn’t believe in love anymore. Maybe he doesn’t want to get hurt like he did with Vanida. Because he is a good man, he will take good care of Nasha, but without love. Of course. How noble. And the society approves that.

Anyways, he breaks off the engagement with Nasha when he finds out that Vanida didn’t get married after all. A brave thing to do, I must say. Goes against everything what the society has taught us.

‘Saya nak kahwin dengan orang yang saya cinta. Saya nak hidup dgn dia seumur hidup.’

So, they got married in the end. Cliché. But happy ending nevertheless.

Another life story in the movie is when Tony’s wife died in a car crash. A woman suddenly runs out to the road and Tony knocks her down. He goes out to look what happen, leaving his wife. At that time, they were arguing about how Tony is always busy and has no time for the family. So the wife was nagging on about a postponed holiday.

‘Bila kita nak pergi bercuti ni? Dah lama sangat bertangguh, setahun dah tau. Abang ni asyik sibuk memanjang.’

’Alah, awak ni. Cuti tuh bila-bila boleh pergi.’

Crash! A lorry comes by and crashes into his car. His wife dies on the spot. Suddenly she is gone. And he regrets that he couldn’t take his wife on a holiday. Didn’t spend more time with her when he could. The only way he nurses his grief is by running. Everday. Running away from his own guilt. He even neglects his only son, who is also trying to cope with the loss.

Until one day, he met Eja in the park on one of his running days. He believed second chance in love. Except that he didn’t get to be with her till his death since she is with another man. Imagine living all your live with your husband but your heart with someone else. I bet she was really tortured and as her punishment, she didn’t get to be with Tony in the end. Society’s punishment.

Oh. I’m too tired to type on the third one. In a nutshell, the lady that Tony knocked down was an arts student who was living in 2 worlds, a world of her deceased lover, Khalil and a real one. She is so caught up in the fake reality that she chased her own shadow and got knocked down, in deep coma. Ever since the death of Khalil, she has never let go of him. When a new guy comes approaching her, guilt kicks in. Her hallucinations became more out of the world, talking to herself most of the time. Everyone thought that she was nuts.

And yes, who could not resist a beautiful girl on the brink of insanity, right? Luck was on her side when she came out of coma, she decides to let go of her old flame and start fresh with the new guy (can’t remember the name). Young people. They have the chance to move on. New expectations. Because they have a whole long path awaits for them.

The moral of it all? Everyone deserves a chance of their own happiness and no one can be a judge at that. As long you know the thin line of between right and wrong. More or less, a different dimension of Malay movies. 3/5 I would rate it because I hate the fact of them putting singles’ tables at weddings. Come on lah, it is not a common practice in Malaysian community and has never been. People come to mingle around don’t care where they sit. Gila nak mengikut mat Salleh plak.

Okay lah. Penat la. This is the longest post ever.

Nov 11, 2008

up up up up and away

i skipped work today.

and i cancelled my class too.

i used my allergy attack as an excuse.

that part is true. after a check-up, turns out it isn't a sinus. just a major allergy sumting (can't remember what the doctor said).

he gave me some pills and a nasal spray. 2 puffs for each nose hole. morning and night.

all these years, i've led myself to believe that i have a sinus. see what a society can do to you. nad stupid me, i just follow them blindly. every healing place i've been to were just the same.

'oohh teruknya resdung awak ni. tengok ni, ha..banyak ulat-ulat kecil ni keluar.'

i was terrified of those ulat2. that was the last time i set foot in those kind of places.

until i couldn't take it no more. i've been having the attacks regularly. i decided to see a doctor. a real doctor. i was always a bit afraid of seeing a doctor. i just see a doctor to get an mc. and never took the medications. because you see, i believe in self-healing. unless i really have to take the damn medicine.

so i'm taking my dose now.

and very high too.


Nov 7, 2008

colorful bargain

the daring red
the cheerful turquoise blue

dua-dua cantik!

i was looking at my sis's blog and she posted a link for beautiful tudungs. really beautiful. and at reasonable prices too. now i cant decide which i want. nak semua boleh?

all the luck i need

went to pd again, this time for the closing ceremony.

this was between NUTE president and i, before the ceremony started.

'nanti awak jadi emcee, you have to throw out your voice. make an impact on everyone. saya tau awak baru lagi kan tapi boleh ni, nak belajar.'

i just nodded. speechless. but surprisingly, i wasn't pissed off like i usually do when people i dont know just bash out on me.

and i did better after that.

he was the president of a union for the company i work for. he was very big and dominating. but one thing i realise that, the union people just worship him. he has a way of saying things. all the wise things showing that he has gone through a lot. he respect people, of all kinds. he even bowed and thanked the waitresses who served him during lunch. with much humble.

he told us how he was an orphan. no parents. and everyone was surprised. he grew up in an orphanage until seventeen years old. when he got out, his first job was washing dishes at a restaurant. every fish head that came his way, he would put them aside for his meals. this is what he said,

'i just kepak kan kepala ikan tu. saya tak rase ape2 pun, bukannya kotor pun. ada lagi isi-isi nya.the only thing i know is to survive.'

i hold back my tears when i heard his story. i remembered the first time i wen to an orphanage. i cried the whole time i was there. i just couldn't bear seeing those young kids. having no parents. and i know this kid, she told me that her parents were divorced and not one of them wanted to take care of her and her sister and left them in an orphanage. i cried even more.

he must have come a long way to get where he is now. no wonder his people love him. he never gives empty promises. he made sure that the welfare of the union is looked after. he is a leader of great compassion. such a contrast to my useless CEO.

i wonder why we dont have our own union to look after the executives.

i would be a much happier worker.

before he left, he patted me and said, 'bagus adik, i know you can do it. saya memang gembira kalau orang yang saya kenal berjaya. it just makes me very happy. i wish you all the best luck.'

and he has known me just for a few hours.

damn right i need all the luck i can get.

Nov 4, 2008

It Started Fun At First But Not So Funny In The End


uncle & aunty being lovey-dovey di tengah2 kota melaka

(pic credit:odah)

my legs are still stiff. all because of walking down the 13 floors.

it was the most unforgettable experience of the year, so far. (well, after the pakguard's incident)

last sunday, we kicked off from singapore after magrib prayers. the weekend was so much fun, as expected. and full of love too. ngehehe. yela kan, we never have had uncles or aunties who willingly fuss around us. its just not the teachings of mohamad ali and zaidah abdullah. never go ask from people or menyusahkan orang lain, thats how we were taught. so you can imagine, how pampered we were, taken to all sorts of places and eat all kinds of food. this time around, we get to taste the oh-so famous sup tulang merah. We were full at that time, my tummy was hard already with all the stuffings, but still you can taste the goodness of it. it is mutton bones cooked in a red delicious gravy with bread to dip in. oohhhh. gile la beb, wa cakap lu. i like the part where you have to ketuk2 to get the sum-sum out. sodap!!!!!!!!! uncle and aunty said that place is the most famous place for sup tulang merah where all the malaysian artists go to. celebrity kah aku?! ;P

yeah, finally i had my dose of nasi ayam penyet! twice in fact, both at different places. i thought that i like the one in geylang but now i think i prefer waroeng penyet's. heheh.

crushed chicken sprinkled with crunchy batter and wallop sambal belacan

warm fragrant rice dripped with slightly thick sweetened soy sauce. available in indonesia only

and lots of bubble teas! it was quite different to the ones here. their pearls are quite smaller compared here. i remember my first bubble tea was at kajang metro, my friend's treat. then i got hooked, of course!

this time around, i got to make worthy purchases. much worth of my money. the last time i went to singapore it was chinese new year and most of the shops and malls were closed. so i ended up buying stuffs that i regretted later. but now, i am so happy with my purchases. 9west is so much better than in malaysia. i cant wait for the next trip in dec/jan.

okay, back to the story why my legs are stiff now.

i had to emcee a funtion in port dickson. so, before we went off to singapore i made a booking at p.d world marina resort with full payment. by the time we arrived there, it was already nearing 12am. we were tired and grumpy with the long drive. but sayang was sweeet all the time. ;p

we went to check in. it wasn't at the usual reception. i called the person in charge and was told to go to her house. macam ibu ayam seyh. with the ledger and all. and her looks too. she gave us the keys and directions to the apartment.

the parking lot was almost empty. and the building was quiet and well, ..... quiet. i couldn't see a soul but then it was nearly 1am. we took the lift and that was when everything started.

we pressed 13th floor button but nothing happen. we pressed again and again. suddenly the lift just shook and grumbled and groaned. (this is no exaggeration, mind you!) Sayang and Odah dah menggelabah and started to press all buttons. i stopped them because that could jammed the lift. kang tergantung kat udara, x naya ke. then the lift moved and odd thing was, the numbers of floors kept changing. it was 4, then 9, then 3, then 7, and lastly it stopped at 9th floor. it took ages for the doors to open. it was 13th floor okay. gila creepy time tuh. we got out, partly relieved.

the corridor was really quiet. we walked further and just to make my story a little more dramatic, the corridor of our room was dark. odah was muttering something, reciting ayat al-kursi i guess. we were urging sayang to unlock the room quickly. (we thought that being behind locked door would be much safer, but no) we went in and was.... well, how shall i put it? scared? disappointed? angry? frustrated? insecured? all of them and many more indescribable.

the curtains hung in tatters. the toilet seat was gone. bathroom lights weren't working. and we were in the middle of the air with no one else around.

sayang and odah went out to the balcony. they were deciding on something. then they came back inside.

me : i don't care. i hate this room. i want another room.

sayang : okay. kalau diorang takde bilik lain, kita check-in je hotel lain.mintak refund.

odah : btol kak. aku rasa macam xsedap tempat ni. kalau tak, ak nak tido dgn kau je. (trust her with her sixth sense)

we didnt take much time to get out of the apartment. went back to the lift. i pressed the 'down' button. the button box fell out. can you imagine that? we had to go down by stairs and it felt like a lifetime. i was half expecting some druggies or rempits to jump out at us.

i was seething by the time i got to ibu ayam's place. i told her off, how angry i am and violated too. i asked for another room and if that one too is inhibitable, i want my money back.

so we went to check out another room. eventhough it was a bit better than the latter, we still didnt like it. it was dusty as if it hasn't been cleaned for months. the chairs were on the table. letters piled on the table. and the unbearbale musty smell. it was a no-no.

amoi tu mmg cari pasal. she said that the room has been cleaned. i almost shouted back to her.

'do you think that i tak tau macamane bau bilik dah cuci? kalau you xpercaya sangat, pergi naik tgk sediri!'

then she went on its not her fault lah, she's just there holding the keys. i bad-mouthed her after a bit then stormed off.

we checked into the nearest hotel so that it would be much easier to get there in the morning. at that time, it was nearly 2pm. we had late dinner (or early breakfast?) at medan ikan bakar to soothe our anger. ;p

while i was getting the script ready, i emailed a complaint to the person in charge and asked for a refund. it was quite a long email. and all they replied was 'we have cancelled your booking reservation. please give us your maybank account and allow 3 working days for the money transfer'

bongok! they don't even have the guts to say sorry, at the least!

huh. even the function went all wrong. and i dont wanna even touch on that part. cibai lah!

tapi kan the best part was when we arrived home and showed off everything that we bought in singapore. ngahahha! mesti kau suka kan nana?

and yeah, i got the refund back, thankfully! kalau tak, amukan kedua akan berlaku.