Aug 16, 2011

Harus sembuh cepat, esok mahu berjimba

Yeah, i know.. This is not the best time to be here after more than a month of silence. But i need this to take my mind off the pain.

Yesterday was my usual house chores day (dusting and vacuuming), except i put an extra notch, i mopped the entire house. That means 4 rooms, living area, dining area, tv area and 3 bathrooms!

By the end of it all, i was totally flat out and decided to iftar outside. ;)

Wait, thats not all yet.

Throughout the night i kept moaning and whining how tired my poor feet were. I vowed never to mop the house again! Usually that is syarif's expertise. I massaged my feet so gently before to sleep.

So this morning, i was rudely awakened by an excruciatingly painful left foot, right at the big thumb area. I could barely walk! And alone too..

Called odah to find the nearest tukang urut. Thank God it's right next to my housing area. Then called maisa for to send there. She has an appointment with a spa and couldnt possibly cancel, just for me. -__-

Was a bit hurt but decided to go by myself. Even wearing shoes hurt, it puts pressure on the foot. I was checking back my tears, feeling so sorry for my foot..

Got to the place in one piece, alhamdulillah, and hobbled in pain to cross the street. The funny part was i acted as if nothing happen tapi bila masuk je klinik terus nak pengsan!

It is a homeopathy clinic, darus syifa'... Registered and waited for the tukang urut. He checked and said,

"Bagi dia lintah seekor. Satu je kang satu seksyen 15 dengar dia menjerit."

I freaked out lah! Pacat and lintah tak boleh buat main2 boleh mati kegelian kot.

"Eh urut je tak boleh ke? Saya tak boleh lintah ni, geli!! Lagipun saya takut darah..."

"Kena buang dulu darah kotor, baru boleh urut. Nanti bengkak lain plak."

Yang peliknya, i just went along what the ustaz suggested. I malu lah nak buat scene sebab takut benda kecik.

Half an hour passed, lintah tu tak nak gigit lagi!! Rasa nak muntah feeling the sliminess kat kaki. Good thing memang kat kaki, so i can't see the lintah. Cuba kalau kat tangan, macam mana??!

Had to puncture the skin first, get the blood out then the lintah latched on. Didn't feel its bite but again the slimy body is enough to make me gag!

Doesnt help that the lady attending to me dozed during the treatment. When she started, she pulled the lintah just to see whether still latching on ke tak o__O

Nearly an hour passed. The lady informed paling cepat sejam. I was counting by the minute. I was bearing the pain and geli at the same time. I cried the whole time.. Walaupun bertwitter dengan geng

To the point i couldnt bear any longer, i was going to tell her to stop the treatment, it was over. Then the massage began. I cant describe how hurt it was. I was crying even harder.

When everything was over, i paid and went home. Not surprisingly, lagi sakit adalah. Throughout the time kat treatment tadi, i was wondering why i didnt go to see a real doctor. I shouldnt have gone to urut first. At least kena scan la dulu kan, who knows it could be muscle tear ke.

Sakit gila. Nak solat pun azab. I cried to sleep just so i dont feel the pain. Itupun restless sleep. Nak pegi clinic betul macam malas dah. Sebab nak jalan pn seksa. Not like anyone would want to dukung kan.

Thought of putting a photo of the lintah treatment. But nak tangkap gambar pun grosses me out. Google image lagi nenakutkan, google lah sendiri at your own risk.

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