Feb 2, 2011

who says homemaking is easy?

yeap, definitely out of their minds...

cleaning, arranging home and such like have never been my forte. well, i do imagine most times that i can do them anytime easily. but tell me, i wast prepared such hard work just to put away my crocks, pans, dinner sets, spices, belacan, basically everything!!

i vow to get those tupperwares for storage one day!

however, i just need to gloat about this, the only thing i did today that im proud of is cleaning out the fridge. the horror of it, i tell you! all those frozen food throughout these years! my aunt intan would have a fit. dont worry, i wouldnt even try to cook them let alone eat them! it's just that throwing things away takes up so much of my precious time and i can think better ways to have fun than do house chores. ;p

im crazy in a way that nobody gets to mess up my fridge arrangement, not even syarif! only i can create the mess or rearrange things. so imagine the torture i felt throughout the year of seeing my arrangement getting all strewn over. and i never knew i have this obsession until i move in with syarif's parents. because i never cared any mess or disorder around me, i'm just that klutz! but anyhow, i take it as a learning curve, putting boundless limitation to my patience. and it's quite hard when syarif always teases me about it. ;D

and oh, did i tell you that im blogging from my new house? can't really call it a home yet, doesnt have that ambiance a home should have. the living area is full of boxes and plastics, bits of paper, dust (carried with the boxes) and all sorts of rubbish. and another problem i found, i cant decide what to throw out and what to keep. i mean, what if i need it in the near future, right?

so, everytime i cleared a few boxes, a new mess is created. to the point i feel useless of clearing things up because i can never get them done!! such exaggeration, i know! and because i havent installed any cabinets or storage places, its hard for me to stash all my things. dont let me start with my uk visit last 2 years. (that long????) who knew i could accumulate 15 boxes in just 3 months? being that nearly half of them are my books. and there are still boxes at my inlaws. hahah.

all this hype is good, i guess, because then i wont have time to be miserable. im letting things go in accordance. its better this way, i hope. dont ask when's the housewarming. just come over anytime, because i just found the best mamak ever in my neighborhood! ;p