Mar 31, 2009

what happens if he ends up like one of the banglas?

on the way to work, stopped by a gas station..

him: i'll never forget when i worked at a gas pump. i just feel so sorry for myself.

me: huh? why would you feel sorry for yourself?did you feel like a bangla? (jokingly)

him: no lah. i had to work so that i can go on a date. lagipun my parents tak bagi pocket money time cuti. wow, gila la bila pikir balik.

me: to go on a date? tapi kita kan jarang dating dulu. so, mana duit kerja you tu pergi?

him: hey, dating dgn u la. i used that money to buy you a birthday present and treat you dinner. habis rm200 sekaligus.

me: oh yeah. i forgot that. mana i bagi u presents masa bercinta2 dulu. sebab tu i kaya. hahahaha. but then, mesti you rasa paid off kan, ending up married to me. if not, mesti menyesal tak sudah.

him: yelah, kalau tak memang nak kene la. kalau tak appreciate jugak memang saja je.

me: hep! i appreciate now okay. i give you presents now. and lebih penting, attention and kasih sayang. kalau dulu yela, buat ape nak bagi benda2 kat orang yang tak pasti lagi..kalau tertiba tak end up, kan dah membuang masa dan duit?

him: hmmph...

that got me thinking. how much you take for granted of a person. you know you miss it when that thing is no longer yours. baru nak terkejar-kejar balik. sometimes, you'll get it back and will appreciate more but for some of us, we could miss it by minutes and spend the rest of our lives regretting. of what should've happened. or not.

i'm glad that i got the second chance.

Mar 28, 2009

best nasi lemak saripdol

Sarip promised to make nasi lemak this morning. but he woke up at 12pm and just got back from the market. i offered to cook, thinking that maybe he's craving for my nasi lemak (gile perahsantan) but no, he insisted on cooking himself. and also, he strictly forbids me to go down while he's cooking. because he knows me that well. oh well.

smells delicious though. hope its ready any time now.

the bedroom set got in last night. and it is nice. in white. his choice, so im okay with it. plus, its not permanently so i let him this once. because i want the chance to choose when we move into our house when its ready. hah.

so, today it's vote-earth day. eventhough i sometimes think it wont make any significant changes but a little still goes a long way. who knows, maybe after this, malaysia's gonna do it once a month? so, i'll be roaming around in ampang tonight for the cause. and in white. so that you can see me even in the dark. heheh.

ahh, i hear someone calling me. time for nasi lemak! will update later okay..

Mar 27, 2009

Noises down there..

bonus is out. nothing much since we are in the recession. so the best option is to save. while you can. ;p

my on leave-days were spent mostly in the toilet. some food from the canteen must have not agreed with my tummy. every morsel i put in, not less than 30 minutes later, i would be running to the toilet. and it was noisy. i was at vicchuda when i had to go do my thing. i couldnt control the noise, it was so loud i nearly cried of shame. i was praying so hard that noone is outside the toilet. but then the clanking sound of pots and pans were louder, so thanks to that. oh, i have never been so embarassed in my entire life.

some furniture that we bought last week will be delivered later in the evening. so, another reason to scoot off earlier. ;)

Mar 26, 2009

1+2=5, if you get what i mean

ever since i was transferred to a different unit, i have made a record of skipping one day work of every week. that was in january. the excuses i give tend to be a bit unbelievable, hubs outstation, or a stomachache (but never went to get mc), or some maintenance guys coming over. anything as long that can get me off the hook. secretly i think that my boss doesnt believe the excuses i gave but she just go along with it. but this week, by far, is the biggest record ever because i missed work for 3 days.

the past weekend was really really tiresome. sisters and i did a marathon of shopping malls in kl, from pavilion to midvalley. i just realised that our malls are huge. yeah, i know it mounts to nothing compared to outside of malaysia. all the same, it did successfully made my legs hurt.

so, i skipped monday with the excuse of my car window broke and had it sent to the workshop (which is partly true but i got it done last friday). she bought that. i think. instead, i had a wonderful time chilling out with ibu and odah (again!) and did my hair. time well spent i must say.

tuesday was work as usual. but then i started to feel not so well. the weather has been so erratic that made me worship the aircondition more than necessary. i started to cough. dry cough. which rattled the whole body. at one time, when i was doing number two, i was coughing then my urat perut tertarik. that hurt like hell i tell you. i couldnt breathe for a few seconds.

today, it got worse. i couldnt stay in air-conditioned room but outside was burning. i couldnt stop coughing. my breath was getting shorter, mau semput. went to the clinic, did whatever was needed and got two days off from work. wohoot!

finally, a real mc! i wonder what my boss think of me now?

you crave for ice-cream when you have the cough. why oh why? and at ungodly hours too

Mar 21, 2009

melahap menyembah menyinta

i havent been to a bookshop for a long long time. and i mean a very long time ago, like 7 months ago? i have been avoiding malls for some reasons and most of the best bookstores are there. i could always go to silverfish bookstore in bangsar but that place is beyond my reach. unless there is someone who would be kind enough to take me there. ;p

i bet im a bit late in this. i was watching oprah and she interviewed the author of the book, elizabeth gilbert. apparently, she has wrote a few books but it seems that eat pray love has taken the world by a swirl. especially the women.

what took me off my feet were her words.

"when i wrote this book, it was just a word ladder for me, to pull me through what ive been through. and to see that other people is using the same ladder to get to their dreams, its just amazing. its like you lean the ladder to tip you off over the dreams."

i have to see myself what the rage is all about. and seeing that she seems a pretty much a lovely lady, that's a bonus.

way to go girl!

after 2 months haggling for a connection, at last it has been installed. now, you can leave me alone anytime. ;p

so, this will be first entry from my own connection. gila jakun!

i realise that i am a person who craves for constant changes. could never stick to one thing for a period too long. can drive me mad. just a matter of changing blog skin can make me happy. see how easy to make me happy? give me something new to play with any time, any day. but i wouldnt change my soulie for anything, though, and lets keep it that way.

i see that someone is coming down to kl all the way from singapore. and you are not breathing a word of it? just buzz us ok, me and odah will be around in kl, for sure.

seeing that blogging will be much easier from now on, i will diligently put up photos. as regularly as i can. so, here's one for a starter.

one down and one more to go!


Mar 19, 2009

kamu suka? saya pun suka...


got a headache and couldnt stand the looks of my blog..might as well get something refreshing for the eyes, and the head too.

what stresses me out nowadays is that i have this great urge to write but dont have the words to put down. that is the right words. i wish i could have been a writer, then i wont have to sit at the office and get all this ridiculous stuff done. oh boy, that wont happen in a million years...

choosing a new template within restrained time is like making an impulsive purchase. which i havent done that in a long time. i forgot how that feels good. i think this is a sign i will splurge like mad this weekend when i accompany my lil sis to do do her wedding spree. maybe then, i will feel my old self again.

have a nice weekend yaw!

Mar 11, 2009

bad service

just because i work with a telecommunications company so you can give me bad service. if you can do that to normal customers, i'll bet you would do even worse for me.

i think i have given you ample time to do whatever necessary and my patience is running thin. if nothing is settled by tomorrow, i will curse you like mad.

what is it with you and celcom anyways?

kawe dok tergilo kat nasi kerabu la nih

please read the title of this entry in kelantanese dialect. ;p

the 3-day holiday was full of home-cooked food and friends. and am still not getting of them enough yet.

i slept early around 8 pm and woke up at 11pm. ibu called about something then i tried to get back to sleep when suddenly i remembered that i havent wish kak intan yet. thanks to celcom yang bangang alih2 nak bar number aku. ces. hope everything's ok back there. sorry couldn't talk any longer but it was really nice talking to you even for a short time.

ohh must be the budu in nasi kerabu that i had for dinner tonight. now, i can't get back to sleep but yawning my head off at the same time.

i planned to get my office work done by tonight but kemalasan tahap cipan yang melampau. blame nasi kerabu again. never mind, i'll get it done tomorrow since, well its not even my work to begin with. i think its hard working at my place because you don't get to see other perspectives.

ive been craving nasi kerabu for the past few weeks. i never thought that i would love a kelantanese dish to bits. kalah laki aku yang berdarah siam tuh. found a nice stall selling nasi kerabu along the road to my house, ive been a regular ever since then. oh i heart nasi kerabu!

when i attempted to sleep again, i had an entry in my head to write but i can't remember of my life what it is all about. i thought all the ulamans and kerabu i had should improve proneness to my short-term memory loss. i guess not. all the reason for another plate of nasi kerabu. lol

okay, since this is getting nowhere except crapping about nasi kerabu in the wee hours, i might as well turn in myself. since i'll be staying at mil's, i will be dropping by facebook regularly. kelakar.

but before that, revel yourself with this..

the original home-made style: baked tomatoes topped with cheese, a real weekend indulgence
photo credit to odah

Mar 6, 2009

3 months of every nothing

it's 6 p.m. and i just got off a meeting. and it's friday. huh

and oh, it's starting to rain now. how am i going to get back?

gile kentang laa.

all sorts of mixed feelings. after 3 months in a new department, i have been stumbling around trying to find my way. 3 months of not knowing what to do or to expect. 3 months of doing somebody else's work (which i hate that part most). and we just got to sit down today and smooth everything away. now's everything clear but the not best part is that it will be a heavy workload.

so, you see, being a fickle-minded i am, i'm not sure if i want to swith jobs or not now. but if that thing pulls through, i might just have to let this go...

okay, have to pick up that person now so you guys have a fun weekend!

Mar 4, 2009

take me away from here

for the nth time, i should be grateful for what i have. especially when the economy is not so good and many people out there are jobless or waiting to be put out in the streets. and i have a secured career, which i don't love right now.

ive been very quiet about work lately. not because of i dont have anything to rant about but because im just too tired to bother anymore. supression of these feelings has finally taken its toll on me.

dah la aku malas nak bercerita dah!

Mar 3, 2009

aku boleh bayar rm15 tapi kau jangan tipu aku, boleh tak?

setelah tidak larat tengok jerawat2 di muka aku nih, maka aku pun tekad untuk membeli acne serum di watson's. as usual, it will take me forever browsing through the aisle. so, sarip would normally buy himself a packet of candies and wait for me to do my thing. ;p

it was quite hard looking for that particular serum, secret garden acne serum. i was squinting at every racks, hoping to find a small bluish box. after half an hour, (gila pathetic i know) baru la aku nampak dia tersorok, two boxes left. the tag says rm15 with additional 15 % off.
'aha! ada discount! bagus2, murah sket ni!'

please bear in mind that this is my 4th bottle and it works wonderfully for me. satu malam je boleh kecut2kan jerawat2 anda. and kalo yg scars from acne, akan mengeringkan sampai bole mengupik keruping dia. thats the best part, mengorek2 muka sendiri.

tanpa berlengah2 lagi, aku pun gegas la ke counter untuk pembayaran. yelah, kesian plak aku tengok sarip duduk sorang2 sambil kunyah candies. heh.

so the cashier tabbed the serum. the price was still at rm15. so iasked lah.

'eh, dik. bukan ke ada discount 15%?'

'oh, discount la ni.'

'eh, yeke?habis tu kalau normal price berapa?'

'rm18, kak. da discount la ni.'

'mana boleh. selama ni saya beli rm 15 tau. saya memang pakai benda ni. kalau mcmtu memang takde discount la.'

'agaknya dulu memang harga rm15 pastu naik harga rm 18 sekarang da discount jadilah rm15 balik.'

'yela. maknanya takde discount la. jgn la ckp ada discount. tipu orang buat apa.'

and the cashier gave me this nonchalant look. menyampah pulak aku. tolong la wey, nasib baik aku tak lempar barang tu kat muka kau tau. and she gave the serum forgetting the plastic bag. agaknya penat layan questionnaire aku kot. oleh sebab bitchiness aku da keluar sikit2 baik bagi dia keluar habis2 kan.

'plastic bag?' (dalam nada angkuh)

'oh, sorry. sekejap ye. tapi plastic kecik da habis ye.'

and dia pun sungguh bukak plastic gabak nak masukkan serum aku yg kecil tuh. agak2 macam da terbukak plastic tu and dia pun nak masukkan barang aku, dengan keji nya aku pun cakap,

'takpela. tak payah plastic'. (dalam nada keangkuhan lagi)

and i just walked away, leaving the customers behind me, watching.

and as usual, i ranted to sarip all the way back home. sampai la nak letak serum kat muka waktu nak masuk tidur.