Jun 22, 2011

i'm still alive..

.. but kicking with one leg.

when i first started out this blog, it's just to make my daily job bearable. so now, since i've been practically jobless starting last february, i was abit astrayed. it's not my nature to let known my true emotions in public, but let me just say this, what's done is done. i couldn't be more happier than before.

last night, we went to alamanda, to sign up for digi broadband. syarif couldn't bear to think i am alone doing nothing at home. i've refused many times, mind you, with excuses i ahve my books to keep me company. i think he's just signing up for himself, perhaps i don't entertain him enough, what with being married for nearly 4 years. lol. but anyways, here i am, blogging again after more than 2 months of silence.

AND i happen to bump into someone that i would not rather meet in another lifetime. i think i can just leave the gossipmongers behind. wouldn't miss them a bit at all. good riddance to them!

had the kids at my house over the weekend. they were so excited to see STAIRS. i forgive them, since they live in a condo for most of their little lives. haha.

the first thing they ask, 'mana toys aunty sheya?' '-_-"

i woke up to their whisperings. the brother suggests to go downstairs and explore. the little sister agrees. they quietly open the door AND close it. wow. i let them be for nearly 30 minutes, knowing that they can't do nothing much as my house is practically empty. when i came down, the kids were lying on the sofa, i think gossipping about school, teachers and friends. ahaha. how cute is that?

my parents will be coming back this friday. i can't wait to see what they will bring this time. hehe. and then, we have a quite huge food-laden gathering this sunday, to celebrate granma's birthday.. and that night, will be off to bangkok for a few days. i'm so excited about the trip, it's been ages since i get to go travel. ;p

alright, this is just a warm up after so long a silence. let's hope that i will continue to write more. i have so many things crammed up in my head, but the minute i try to write, everything freezes. they just don't look right when you put your thoughts in words. we'll see what we have for tomorrow, yeah?