Dec 30, 2008

who wants to be fasha sandha?

so funny that some of my friends did their hair over the hols. because i just did mine yesterday, a hair spa treatment and i feel like a million bucks already. see, what a wonder can do to one. i feel so much happier, although i have a splitting headache from shouting at the kids (read: dip students) to be quiet!

i was making payment so i asked the person-in-charge,

"how many times do you need to do treatment in order to get fasha sanda's hair?"

"ermm, 2 kali sebulan, kak. selang dua minggu la."

okay, i know its a bimbo question. hahha. i really do not fancy her, so dont get me wrong. but my husband is a fan of her. i just don't understand that part. do i look like her, in a way? hahhaha.marah fasha tu kat aku nanti.

its just a tactic im getting my husband to know how expensive us ladies need to be in terms of maintenance. because we dont want our guys to run away to some other sleek, model-like, groomed women (or bitches because stealing other people's husbands), right?

by the end of the day, if the guys cheated on their wives for hotter women, i'll bet my ass that they have to pay for their maintenance in return (for screwing them?). wouldnt that make the husbands more broke, two maintenance at the same time? might as well give full service to the wives, because they certainly deserve it. after all, they are your wives right?

i guess thats why certain marriages can go awry because of this. before married, everything look beautiful. of course, kene berlakon seronoh sket kan? kalau tak, semua orang lari. but ladies, take note, after tying the knot, you should primp yourself even more. because who else do you want to please if not your own man?boleh nak pkai kain batik, tapi berkemban la. hahah. always be sexy for you man. guys are sucker for sexy women. like, fasha sanda? ohh not!!!

so, if a month you have to spend at least rm400 for the hair, i wonder how much for a whole body treatment? i shudder to think, all that money going down there, but we really want to keep our men, right ladies?

i will no more be an educator...

okay, i think i have something against private students. especially these small college students, ones that people are not even aware of.

and i hate them even more when they start bringing their parents into the situation when its obvious we know whos in the wrong.

but in a way, i know im not cut for this teaching thingy because all i do is keep cursing them and its not nice to have your own lecturer to curse you.

i dont want them to end up dumber than ever because of me.

so, i'm quitting. now and forever.

Dec 27, 2008

i'm tired as if i have travelled across the world

i can barely bring myself about.

past few days gone by like a whirlwind. fast-paced. i like. ;)

thursday went to pd for the small benl reunion. well, i haven't seen them since i left uia, or since they left uia. had a barbecue that night but it rained a few moments after that. we were laughing so loudly, and hard. i thought my stomach was going to burst with all that laughter. but when it started raining, everyone of us turned sober.

"alamak, hujan lah! ni mesti sebab kita gelak melampau sgt nih!"

so, we had to go upstairs instead. but the soberness didnt continue that long because after that we were laughing our heads off again. oh dear, i wonder what the people at the resort think of us. ;p

yesterday, went to see my tailor in kajang then went to meet kak intan and uncle adam and the rest. my my, you should see them doing a spree at putrajaya bazaar. gila kentang seyh!

and today, went to 3 weddings. first went to see im but missed out on the solemnization. didn't stay for the kenduri but nevertheless, she was breathtaking less beautiful. so simple but so sweet. terasa ingin kahwin sekali lagi. kahkahkah!

rushed off to pd (again!) for my cousin's bertandang. the traffic was really bad. i kept screaming at all the cars and hubs had to calm me down half of the way. heheh. malu i. then rushed back to bangi again to my schoolmate's wedding. gosh, no wonder im stuffed.

tomorrow i'll be going to see teh farhana and her new baby with tasha. then another wedding! i'm running out of baju kurungs already. in fact, i have invitations till monday. speaking of monday, im depressed already because it im working the next day. ive been loving these days with no concerns of work whatsoever. uwaaaa!

okay, got to look for a baby present now!

hahah! sebagai tatapan akhir. jangan marah!

Dec 24, 2008

Terong Berlado - Wong Solo

the festive mood is kicking in now. im a much happier person since S came back. oh yeah, baby, life is just too great at the moment! (he's picking me up at work and right now, stuck in the jam. but im not the one who's stuck!) weheee *evil laughter*

yes, aisyah, of course you would miss us. but that didn't force you to meet up with us when we were in singapore last november. now who's missing who? hehhe, never mind, we'll make it a point to meet before you fly to elsewhere, ok?

will be going to buy some things for the bbq party in port dickson. oh, yeah. a lepaking session with the BENL people. im counting on having so much fun until im drunk with happiness.

odah, i guess i lost to you last night, because i had dinner at Wong Solo after 7pm. so, there goes my 3-day effort of not taking food after 7pm. anyway, who could resist dinner with S when thats the only part of the day where i get to eat and talk with him? notttt meeee!!!!! sedapp siot terong balado dia and gila pedas sampai aku tercirit2 pagi ni tapi still xserik jugak nak lagi!!!

Terung Balado

Nasi Ayam Penyet with Tempe & Tahu Goreng

Iced Lemon Tea (laki ku mmg kurang adventure sket!)

Avocado Juice tinged with Chocolate (sedap gile!)
nasi ayam penyet dia sedap lg kat waroeng penyet's tp wong solo lg byk side dish dia. and terong balado!! (i da mention td kann?) uish terliur lagi...
ok lah, its going to be a long hols so take care and drive safe everyone.
well, im off to good company, and of course, excellent food!

Dec 22, 2008

im living in a dizzy world

i haven't slept a wink the whole night. something got into me. i tried many things to get to sleep but to no avail. blare the tv. switched on the aircond and off later on when it got too cold. the on the fan. put on the lights. (i usually sleep better with the lights on, an act of having to shut eyes in order to block out lights. very effective i tell you.) did a little bit of beading. some reading. but no. i couldn't sleep at all. in fact, all the things i have done took up the whole night.

and for the first time ever in my life (my career life that is) i went to work as early as 6.45am. i had nothing to do, literally. so might as well get my ass to work. gosh, i never knew that water can be so cold in the wee morning. i wished i have a heater then, but knowing me, i never showered in hot water, except for hotels. no matter how cold it is. just trying to keep mind occupied wishing for things that are a bit way off.

and because im trying out my friend's way of diet, which is no food to be taken after 7pm, (nothing at all!), you can imagine how hungry i am staying up all night. so i decided to reward myself a good hearty breakfast but when i passed by the stalls, tetiba tidak kepingin pun. so i got to office at 7.30am, hungry but not wanting to eat. gila depressed.

now its nearing 10am and im dizzy and hungry. i wonder if i can bear until afternoon? i think i'll do it for the sake of testing my self-will. since i got nothing else better to do.

o yeah, im glad he's coming home today. nak mintak tolong dia urut2 badan. ;p

Dec 19, 2008

Delayed 7 Facts of Me

ok, this has been drafted for ages because have been busy lately (god knows why because i dont think i have that much work)

i've been tagged by 2 zetis, amni and nazima and the combined forces have sucked me in to do this. its the second tag ive received so lets see what we can come up with. (because im not good at tagging games. blame it on my multiple choice disorder ;p)

  • List these rules on your blog.

  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog. (macam similar to the previous one aku buat je)

  • Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.

  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

  • Link the person who tag you.

  • Leave a comment for each blogger.

7 facts about me

1. ok. im still wondering the first fact about not a morning person. hence the difficulties in getting time to work. plus, i dont function that very well in mornings, regardless of buckets of coffee. so, thats why you'll see me going back late everyday. but when hus is around, i cant be very late because he's the skema one. so, him being gone is a total hate-love situation.

2. i am a forgetful person and absent-minded too. i could easily forget where i put my things in the last 5 minutes. so you can imagine how my work as an event manager can be tedious, if not heart-breaking and hair-tearing apart!

3. i love meeting new people and going to new places. i guess thats why sticking in a place more than 2 years can be a torture. (i hope i can stick to him for the rest of my live though)

4. i am an emotional person. i can get all cranked up at a smallest thing, and at any impossible times too. oh, i throw trantums too. so beware! (just kidding!)

5. so much of throwing tempers around, i am a scared-cat at heart. i have the most awful stage-fright of all times. yeah, i know, some of you might say, then why not memorise? but, believe you me, the moment i get up in public, my knees will tremble and go all weak, and everything i've memorised will fly out of my head! thats when you tend to hear me say all ridiculous things, which i wont remember saying them afterwards.

6. like most of my friends who have done this tag, i am also a club member of procrastinators. its how we click with each other. sometimes, it can be a contest, the last one to shower is the winner! ;p

7. i hate cockroaches. i never used to hate cockroaches this much but since this one, red, disgusting smelly cockroach crawled into my baju kurung at boarding schooldays, the very sight of them is banned in my eyesight. pernah aku menjerit sekuat hati kat hostel, sampai warden keluar ingat ada budak histeria. gosh, i will never forget that moment, cockroaches staring into my face! my neck and arms are all goosey-bumpy by just typing this down.

7 Unspectacular Quircks About Me

1. i am a pharmacy freak. but a different kind, i must say. because i could just spend hours in the phamarcies (any pharmacies at that!), reading all the labels and whatnot but end up empty-handed. nevertheless, the satisfaction is still there because i get to smell the lovely clean-pharmacic smell. huh

2. i think lah kan, (dont know about you guys lah) in my humblest opinion, i communicate better through writing rather than speaking, (aku kan berdarah gemuruh). even though sometimes words get the better of me! tapi sesungguhnya, aku tidak mampu menandingi kawan-kawanku yang lain yang sungguh pandai menyusun prosa-prosa kata dengan begitu genius sekali.

3. im a stout fan of spicy food. you can give me the spiciest dish in the whole world, i can endure it. of course la akan meleleh air liur dan peluh tapi thats the whole purpose kan? eat while you burn fat. ;p but in my case, i can eat cili padi better than sambal because the pedas effect is a bit different. sambal yang pedas can blow up your head whereas cilipadi effect dia just a small part in your mouth. tak gitu kawan2?

4. i love sweet delicacies and cakes. the more cream and cheese, the better. hence the result of me now. ;p but i am not takened to sweetened drinks very much, except on exceptional occasions. i like to take big sips (gulps?) so when im drinking a sweetened drink, terpaksa aku minum skit2 sebab manis dia susah nak minum telan sekali banyak2. thats why i always ended up drinking iced water only.

5. even though i love meeting and making new friends, i always keep the closest ones to me. because you know you can never open all that much to everyone you meet, unless you get to know them for ages and sometimes time is not the factor here. its the first moment of whether you can get together or not. and thats hard to find nowadays because everyone is an individualistic by nature (blame the society for that) with different priorities. so i make do what i have, for now. tapi kan, yang sedikit tu pun makin sedikit dah. sedih betul.

6. i always have this longing of buying things impulsively and when i do have the means to do so, i couldnt bring myself to. and then that money is gone to somewhere else which i cant figure out where. ;p nope, i can never be a true shopaholic because i dont do impulsive buys without thinking of consequences. maybe im being too much of a judgemental case.

7. at last, the final one. whew! i get into fights with people closest to me. and i mean real fights. like screaming and shouting macam orang hilang akal. but then, as easily i lose temper, i am easily calmed back again too. and can be the sweetest person on earth. til to the point that person can forget that i can be a very mean person. until the next session of rage. aku rase aku ni gila la tapi i love you sayang!

7 people im tagging

1. raudhah - im giving you an idea to blog on

2. aisyah bling-bling - i think you like tag games ;p

3. hanis - salam perkenalan di alam blog ;p

4. ummisaeed - kau buat la, yg dulu tu pun kau x buat!

5. ibuhannah&sophie - jikalau kau ada masa

6. pial - its your first kan?

7. aini kassim - kau pun sama

and to everyone yang nak buat okay!

his face in the photo is staring back at me

i noticed that i have drafts in my posting. most of them are all incomplete, okay i think all of them. sometimes, i get that moment where i need to write down something and when i do, it will stop in the middle and refuse to finish itself. i think i have too much emotion in me but too few words to let them out.

no wonder im such a nutcase.

nowadays, i have not been too friendly with myself. im letting my self go. like getting to work late (as if thats something new!), adorn clothes without efforts of primping up, frowns at people i meet (that explains all the wrinkles i have now), getting angry easily, grumpy at all times and i dont know what else. it seems that anything that comes out from me gives negative vibes.

since i got back from terengganu i have been staying with my parents. maybe i miss my home. but i couldnt get my ass to go back just yet. i think the fear of loneliness is finally setting in me. and im hating myself for that too. because even at my parents, i still feel lonely...

maybe im tired of this phase of life. maybe i need to start things afresh. maybe i need to meet new people. maybe i need to change my wardrobe. maybe i need to get myself into a positive environment.


now im staring at his photograph. nicely done in a wooden frame.

now im all emotional again.

Dec 16, 2008

hugging and lugging

sorry guys..

i know its quite frustrating to click on this page and see the old title over and over again. my bad, my bad.

we are in the middle of a major structure so everybody's been lugging and hugging his own worldly (precious?) possessions. thankfully, i got to stay where i am now but i still need to move some things around. hopefully, next week business as usual. or next year perhaps. ;p

i didnt take lunch today but i read hanis's place, im hungry all of a sudden. sedap nyerr kau masak weh, rasa macam nak datang singgah buat muka x malu! ngeheheh.

seeing that im single mingle, i dont have anybody to cook for (malas sebenarnye) i wonder who will accompany me? bazli pun jadi kan. that will be another entry, on bazli. now im off to pick up the cuppies from bake-freshly. yumyum.

xpayah makan lunch pun xpe kan sebab those cuppies will for sure cover the whole week, if not a whole month. jeesh!

Dec 10, 2008

i'm waiting .. and expecting..

i have so many things to write down starting from the overdue tag post till the adha celebration. but that have to wait first.

suddenly i feel like backing out. i hate interview parts the most. or evaluation sessions. i wish you can just get a job without going through all that. save me from a heart attack, won't it, no?

i need all the luck in the world and to make it even worse, mr hubs is not there with me. of course he's there for me though, literally but technically, not there. okay, quit babbling.

will be off to johor tonight on a big expedition. its matter of life and death. ngahaha. kidding ;p

and to terengganu till sunday. so monday i will post something for you guys. or in between if i do get the means of communication.

be happy and im wishing you all early, happy weekend!

Dec 7, 2008

happy eidul-adha people!

hello people.

can't be too long here. there's something cooking on the stove. (nothing special though ;p)

so happy eidul-adha.

Dec 4, 2008

its karma i tell you

okay, here's something funny (to me lah)...

a notorious former ceo of a place tells somebody (who is also facing the same thing as he) about his opinion on the whole restructure thingy.
"you know, everything that has happened is all personal. they, who are taking over, are doing it for personal sakes."

alright. i wonder lah, if you have been a nice chap all this while, i'm sure nobody would have the heart to topple you down. i bet it hurts real bad when the people who have been fanning your ass are the same people who discarded you off. and now, you try to make friends with those you discarded long time ago.

yeah, i do pity you but you should have seen that coming in the first place.

because i did.

but im not saying that im happy with whats happening now.

im getting back what i deserved.

and all thanks to you, of course.

Dec 3, 2008

when choices overwhelme you

two major things happened, in letter format.

finally, i received the transfer letter this afternoon. and drat! tomorrow i have to be really early coz i need to report myself to the new boss (which btw is a lady). she's not a dragon but she can be a snake coz she just stabs you in the back!

another, i received a letter inviting for a ptd assessment (2 weeks away), which coincides with my trip to terengganu. being me, i would just jump myself to terengganu, but laling hubs wouldnt hear anything of that. drat again! i'll have to juggle-jiggle whichever allows.

i dont wanna be a civil servant (gomen?!). but i sure as hell wouldnt mind being a govenor! *winks*

Dec 1, 2008

when a lonely woman speaks her mind

the weekend has been very eventful. what with the religiously attacked warehouse sales. i know im broke already even though its still early of the month but i managed to braoke myself even more with a few unnecessary purchases. i just cant resist colours! and god knows when i will use them. hah!

i dont mind helping out with a wedding but just knowing and listening to ridiculous adat is another thing. im okay with certain traditions you know, but if a request is imposed and make the situation harder, might as well not get married at all. because you'll be doing it with remorse and not sincere and end up hating each other. if you are so into traditions, why dont you sit down together and discuss them all out, not just sending messages to and fro and always changing according to your needs. oh yeah, come to think of it, maybe its not because of traditions at all, i bet you want them all for yourselves. opportunists.

i used to think that i can do things alone and dont mind it at all. before i met him, going to movies, malls, or do anything alone was no biggie to me. i could just venture the world all by myself. it was the perfect time to reflect and muse on many things in life. yeah, i used to think i was a philosopher once but now, im a lousy crap so sue me! sekarang, aku nak drive pergi kerja pun kaki macam haram berat nak letak kat peddle! i dont know how im going to survive another 3 weeks. i wont think much of this sebab orang kata bila tak pikir sangat masa akan berlalu begitu cepat skali. ni semua salah you, sayang, making me cacat sebelah tangan. ces.

so, today i will try to make an effort doing chores all by myself. sebab orang tu mengelat x bayar bill sampai habis, aku plak yang kene bersusah payah skrg.


okay, enough said. am too emotional.