Jun 28, 2008

especially for 'refreshers' of my blog ;D

as i'm lying here on bed and typing away, the music blares and faizal tahir is singing his lungs out. it is petronas family day today.

my sayang and i planned to go to the said event. but somehow, we end up waking up real late. as usual, i should say. plans on weekends almost always didn't happen unless its really really important. and i mean important. like, going to the spa? hahah.

right now, he's not at home leaving me at his family's house. one of the cars rosak and broke down at ray minimarket. jadi dia pegi la tgk apa yang patut dibuat kan. so, aku pun malas lah nak keluar bilik kan. (and aku kenyang lagi dari barbeque semalam..and kepaenatan juga) kalau tak, takde la aku nak menulis blog nih. kesian blog aku, bersawang tak mengingat. anyway, i don't think there's anyone at home...oh wait, i can hear his anak2 buah yang menjerit2. all the more that i should just stay in my room.

for the past few weeks, especially since parents aku came back from gambia, i have been really busy with work. benci aku tau. awal-awal tahun was really peaceful with occasional events now and then. pastu banyak masa pergi menjoli, klcc, pavillion and good warehouse sales. aku suke bab-bab warehouse sales ni. hahah. now, suddenly tgah2 tahun, lots of events crop up plak. macam lepas satu, ada lagi satu plak. ish, penat aku. plus bertambah gemuk la aku kan because mane ada events without good food right? ngeh ngeh ngeh.

eh, aku sudah dengar kepulangan sayang ku. tapi aku sangat malas nak keluar kerana kene pkai tudung plak. jadi biar la anak2 buah dia yang rajin tuh yang bukak pintu. hahah.

this afternoon i will be going to the spa. its been ages that i had the chance to pamper myself. i cant wait since i've been cancelling the appointment for more than 3 times. see, kan aku cakap aku sangat la the busy one. hikhikhik. pastu malam ni ada dinner petronas. my sayang has bought tickets already, so while watching concert kita menjamu selera la. (kau taknak join ke nana, kau kan orang kuat petronas). and tomorrow i have beading class (which i have been cancelling trillion times too) and maybe i will hang out with huda too.

bagus. seems that it will be very productive weekend for me.

psst, my boss won't let me go and decided to take back the 3 options he offered last time. cis.

psst psst, mesti korang yang slalu duk refresh page blog aku mesti rase gembira aku dah update kan. ececeh. hahah. ;D

Jun 19, 2008

in hiatus

i know i know... long hiatus.

i am not in the mood yet. my sayang is not here. i miss you sayang.

when im back in the mood, i will update my trip to langkawi. now, im off to klcc for some good old gossip over good coffee. heh

Jun 9, 2008

useful and useless at the same time

a few words before i get off from work.

i can't believe that my whole day at work is full of work. heheh. don't get me wrong but usually i almost have nothing to do these past months. i think thats why ive been grousing with Big Boss because i got nothing to do. hahah. i did have something to do but it wasnt my cup of tea since i hate research. so i didnt want my boss to like me that much so he would give the work to someone else. but hell no, instead he likes to see me suffer. as always.

but today is something that i can do. that maybe i like to do. mind, i havent decided yet what i really like. so, please give me some space to experiment with myself. dont be surprise if suddenly im stuck at this big hole for quite some time. i see that the boss seems relunctant to let me go. thats because i havent been fighting with him anymore, but we are not exactly on speaking terms either. i knew it would come to this but i wouldnt budge. if i do get to transfer to putrajaya, hell, im gonna go for it. or to some other places in fact.

opps. i thought it was just a few words. looks like i got carried away. maybe i feel so useful today. hahah. its going to be a hectic week, this one, i tell you and im bracing myself especially against HIM.

psst...im going for holiday. all expense paid. though not exactly a holiday, but still, im going to enjoy. plus, i will be single then. heh. jgn marah, sayang, i sentiasa ingat kat you. heheh.

Jun 8, 2008

a little bit more of gassing

okay people.

who says that when the opposites won big time in previous election means no gas price hike?

of course, they would campaigned saying that but since their winning does not make them entitled to veto power, they couldnt do anything about it right?

anyways, its the PM who vetoed on the decision so please blame him. im not taking sides, mind you, but it irritates the hell out of me hearing people say, 'laaa, pkr menang pun x jadi ape'

i thought i was ignorant enough with malaysian politics but come on la, pkr menang tu setakat mane? bukan diorang ruling pun the government kan? in a way, i think PM wants to remind us who's still running the show. yep sir, i get you!

rm40 of petrol doesnt even come close to a half tank. i hate to think that i need to cut down my social life just because of this stupid expensive petrol. please, increase my salary then i promise to be good. maybe, i'll even stay longer at this company..hahah..


Jun 6, 2008

still kicking alive

a small part of me says that maybe PM is playing tricks. he wouldnt be that cruel to do that to his own people. i mean, whats the purpose of being a PM in the first place? to serve the people, right?

but as i drove along MRRT2 and seeing people queued in ri-dick-ulous lines, my hope was flattened out. still a small flicker of hope though, maybe everything will be ok tommorow. maybe it was all a bad dream. maybe nothing did really happen. god, im such a fool for putting hopes on PM. i see that now.

i know everybody is talking about gas price hike. i may not be the first person to talk on this topic but for sure i know im not the last one either. i mean, shit, if you really want to convert price of everything to foreign currency, then maybe you shoud convert our salaries too. say, since you like to compare us with singapore, their petrol is $1.9 per litre but their fresh grads' salaries is $2500. at least it balance even though on a tight scale. but malaysia? petrol is RM 2.20 per litre but us freshies are still on RM1800-2000 scale. where is the relevance of it? its not balanced and dont let me tell you whether its on a tight scale or not. its throat-cutting i tell you!

so, dear PM, i would really be happy if you can convert our salaries too. like RM5500? then i will be able to go on with my life in peace and harmony. more bags and shoes, i should say.HAHAHAHA (as if). and please, dont give us that rebate scheme thingy because its full of bullshit. if you think that would makes us happy then you'd better think again. anyways, you wouldnt know right because after all, u are not that effected by all of this kan? you have RM10k petrol allowance each month to make you happy. BAH!

and its a wonder that many malays are migrating now. who wouldnt, with this stupid government who only thinks of themselves. i would, for sure.

see, im back and still kicking alive.

Jun 4, 2008

Malaysian Artistes for Unity

just a quick one.

anyone knows the song by Malaysian Artistes for Unity and where can i get it?
i am sooooo into it, can't get enough of it on the radio.

i promise i will write more, once i get the song. heheh