Apr 29, 2008

a day without a night's hug

hello again.

we meet again today i guess. i don't have a clue what to write as of now. just got back from lunch. a big lunch, i must say. i'm full with sushi and soba noodle. stuffed, more like it. heheh. i have nothing else better to do so big lunch is the chosen option. oh sheesh, why am i talking about food.

work is sooooo boooring. yes, i know there's no such word as 'boring'. but that shows how bored i am. and i'm even starting to think about dinner. god, i must be cursed with no resistance against food. and thats why my diet never succeeds. heheh. talking about diet, it must have been on my to-do list (or is it wish list?) for decades. i can stick to healthy diet for 2 weeks at the most. after that, kaboom! i will start to have this crazy-mazy carvings for ridiculous foods, especially the fattening dishes (of course la kn) with butter and cheese dripping off. man, i'm drooling just by thinking about it. and there goes my diet again.

i started off today to work in such a foul mood. and i blame my other half for it. last night, after dinner at cozy at 10PM, i fell asleep with makeup and all. that kong hu yee mee really did me in. my other half was doing his work, he had to prepare a presentation for today. around 1 AM i woke up to wash off makeup and changed into my nightie. i waited for my other half to finish his work. we didn't say anything but i was really comfortable with that. (you know there are times without talking feel so right?). plus, i wouldn't want to disturb him, he looks so concentrated. around 2AM, he was done and he switched off the light. he came back to bed and lay down. i waited. he didn't hug me. still i waited. but no he didn't. i heard him starting to snore softly. oh my god! he didn't hug me before going to sleep like always. no, i can't accept situations where its always done and suddenly its not done the way i'm used to. i freaked out. so, i got up and went out. i heard him stirred.

"sayang, where are you going?"

i didn't answer and went to the guest room. some part of me, i was hoping he would come and look for me. he knows that i like to sleep there sometimes. and he didn't. until morning came. i didn't get much sleep since i was in such an angry state. he asked me again where i was last night but still i say nothing. becuase of him, i didn't get sleep. but i was early though (which rarely happens as i always arrive office late..heheh). until now, not a word pass between us. i hope he hugs me tonight then maybe i will talk to him again. hahah. i'm a sucker for his hugs...awww

orait then. i'm surprised to see that it's quite a long entry. no wonder people can get addicted to blogging. hahha, no i am not addicted yet. i just need the loo then maybe i'll think of another entry. god, 2 entries per day?! my work must be really boring.

next entry, i will try to upload some pics. and a shoutbox too. i'm starting to love this. hahah

so, later babes.

Apr 28, 2008

i bid welcome to all

welcome to all.

finally i have a blog of my own. though i wish to write anonymously for now. maybe in the future, i will let a glimpse of me shown..heheh. we'll see how this blogging thing goes.

i don't know what made me to create a blog but somehow it's just there. and i don't expect any readers for now since i'm new to this. but never mind, like everyone else, i need a space to let out my turmoiled feelings and thoughts. i used to like writing and had passion for it but ever since i start working, i never seem to have time of my own. don't get headaches reading this entry since i just write whatever comes into mind. and i'm telling you, my mind is really not constructed as it should be..heheh..so forgive me.

i hope this blog will get me somewhere. i hope to see a light at the end of a dark tunnel..as my boss likes to say (I HATE HIM THOUGH). and he's the reason why this blog exists.

enough said.