Jul 31, 2008

random bitching


thank god i finished two shitload of work.

this week, you will be only hearing my rantings on work. for i have no life anymore.

and tomorrow is friday. and i still have some shitloads to settle. man!

im such a loser. with a big 'L'.

i need my social life back...

Jul 30, 2008

freaking topsy-turvy

another shitload of work falls upon me.

i hate reports. ever since i was in high school. and i even nearly fail my research paper in uni just because of reports. thinking and determining which are the important points to write really stress me out. now, i have a meeting report to do. and the dateline is tomorrow noon. i f reporting is just like blogging, i'll bet i wont have a problem then.

because of this report im supposed to do, i cleaned up my desk today. after a year. how about that? is it good or bad?

i cant think straight right now because everything is coming up at the office. everything at the same time. so how am i gonna deal with that?

but when im out of office, i cant remember a thing about work. how about that then? *bliss*

i so want to go indonesia in november. and i pray to god i have lotsa money to make me happy during the trip. ;p

i have to shoot off now. or else i'll be late making dinner for Sayang.

i am so freaked out at the moment. maybe i'll do my report before going to sleep.

as if. yeah.

Jul 29, 2008

clueless ~ money

i have shitloads of work.

and here i am, blogging away. while waiting for that person to email me details for the invitations.

sometimes i believe that 'we make money, not money maketh us'. the reason why is that if we dont have good money then how are we going to buy good stuffs like clothes, makeups, shoes, handbags and whatnot (all of these are my essentials). and in order to make us look good, we need money. ngahahaha. very the confusing one. nad why are logo free bags are ridiculously expensive? but i yearn for them...

i think i am on the brink of depression. not as in the mental case, i hope. i have been thinking why is it that money is the root to everything, good or bad? people rob because of money. they kill for money. and to certain extent, people donate for money too. and our government? feeds on 'duit haram'.

i am so depressed.

i have a list that i want to buy. but i cant because of money. its not that i dont have the money but its the thought of having to be careful in spending. and moreover since the oil price hike, everything has increases outrageously.

pray tell me, where is the relevance when you have work your ass off and you are not entitled at all for a small pleasure because everything is so damn expensive and you can hardly survive. and some of you might know my definition of surviving. which of course you deserve it since you earn it right?

and it doesnt help that the company you work for doesnt understand your position. i dont know whether they are being stupid or blind or just donesnt want to know of the current situation.

god, i need to change work. somewhere near to home so that at least i can save on the fuel. can you believe that before this my budget for gas is RM300 and now is RM500? so who can relieve my shit now?

and i so want to go on holidays. and i dont care whether its going to kill me but im definitely will go. so book me a ticket okay?

i hate bonds. i hate being bonded. i hate contracts. my soul is free so let me be free. and again the reason i cant be free, MONEY.


Jul 28, 2008

new look

my blog is still in the works...

im still trying to figure out what to do..im so bad with technical stuffs...

and, fernando, thanks so much! for all of these. and, yeah, i will scream for you i need you..;)

Jul 25, 2008

today is not so good. my dust allergy attack has still not subsided. blowing nose at every possible place really makes you look bad. with 'rudolph the reindeer's nose and all. and so unfashionable.

its my second day of leave. life is sweet when you are not working in a while. (minus the fact that im stuck with blocked nose).

finally, bought a house. but it will be ready in two years time. alhamdulillah. can't wait to play house and do all the deco myself. yeay!

tried to apply streamyx at TM Point but the people there really suck! and im embarrassed by the fact that i work for them. dont let me go into details because it is so not worth of telling at all.

went to Loreal Warehouse sale in PJ with my bestmate, fuzz. i had no intention of buying anything but ended up with a new lipstick and a really nice eyeshadow color. i always end up buying things when i had no intention of buying but when i really do want to buy things i always come back empty-handed. some people say, dont look so hard, the right one will come on its own. but thats for cari jodoh aight?

and i had a nice salad at secret recipe for lunch with fuzz. uh, yes, i decided to start a healthy regime. i have become so unbelievably unhealthy. i need to control of myself. i cant let some junkies food to control me. that would be so unfashionable.

i got sucked by an ex-schoolmate to join a school charity dinner. and it cost for RM200! and only at Holiday Villa in Subang. i think thats slightly stealing man. i know its for a good cause but come on lah with that amount i can get a better place and will still be donating too. there goes my pahala keikhlasan. ngahahaha. anyhow, i hope the company will be good tomorrow night so that i wont feel so robbed. need to find a nice dress. that part, i like. so fashionable.

the family will be back this sunday. and i think my flu is about to get worse.

please excuse me people.

and have a nice weekend of course.

Jul 22, 2008

i have nothing to do

since i have nothing interesting to do, i got this from tits mcgee.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

i am such a poor wife..ngehehe..but im happy, that should count right? ;p

so, nana, are you up to do this? and anyone else too?

the rainfall

weekend was a blast. finally, i moved back to my home in seri kembangan. spring-cleaned the house and had the worst allergy ever. Sayang told me to wear glasses because he didnt want people to think i had been beaten by him. bought some stuffs. bought the maxis broadband. i dont quite like it, not really good in my area so im gonna return it in a few days. have to apply streamyx i guess. bought a mattress. at last. night's sleep is heaven now. so the problem now is to wake up early in the morn. ngahahah.

yestersday i came early to office. its been time since i came in early. heh. but there was an event and i was the emcee. its my first time so i have to show my effort aight? dato' was quite impressed and told someone that i have an accent that 'kalah saya punya accent'. he prides himself as a Brit so now he knows he's not the only one here in mmc. i was araid i'd blunder or mentioned his name wrongly coz that would be the downfall of everything. i even imagined what happened if i did? talk about pessismistic.

had brunch just now. while we were eating, it rained so hard. so we had to take refuge at the stall. so to make time we talked silly and suddenly the rain water fell from the big umbrella onto my colleague and then me and then another colleague beside me. everyone was shocked and yelled. then we burst out laughing like mad. and i think i was the loudest. aku kan slalu nak menang. hahah. man, that was the best part, everyone was wet but the one who caught it first was the wettest. i havent felt happy for a long time. reminds me of highschool days yang sangat mendasyatkan.

today, i will be on duty at the hotel. so i get to go back earlier. yahoo! i might go to the gardens if im up to it. ngahaha. today is so boring. except for getting wet earlier, of course. or i could sleep, my all the time favourite to-do. i so want to go shopping but its the end of the month and im broke and my next pay will be in the next few days but i still cant go shopping because theres lotsa more important things to do/buy. HAAAAAAAAAAAA. i wish im rich. but im still thankful for what i have right now. what am i trying to say here? sheesh.

thats it la..ibu if you're reading this, i know what you're gonna say. buy me something nice so that i can be a happy person again.. hahah

and to aisyah diamonds-are-lurve, remember you're a diamond yourself so whatever you do, you are worth it okay? and you know how it becomes diamond in the end? through the hard way, of polishing and time and such until it become a shining stone. so, you just do it and bear through it. ur strong just like a diamond. i know you can. :)

gila philosophical aku ni. i usually dont give advices. but when i do, just accept it okay? ;p

i miss my new mattress. ummph bestnya tidur time hujan sejuk2 gini!

Jul 18, 2008

weekend at last!

finally, at home resting my back. but not my eyes though. ngeh.

completed dato's speech. waiting to be printed on monday.
confirmed with tourism malaysia representative to come and give presentation on malaysia to the mtcp participants.
did my emcee script. need to practise only. (i hope i dont blunder in front of dato')
table tagging. done.
agenda. done too.

oh wait, please dont let me forget to prepare some souvenirs for the outside guests. please god?

things to do this weekend:

- buy an overdue gift. ngehehe.
- spring cleaning my house. i wonder how it looks now?
- get together with buddies. its been so long.
- if im not lepaking, sleep and eat and laze around.
- or if im bored of lazing around i'll ask odah to merayap. (Sayang will be not around this weekend so excuse my 'singularity' moment. heheh)

ok guys have a nice weekend!

i found someone who can help me with the template. should be ready by next week. but im not pushing him or anything. he can just take his time. after all, he did it for free. thanks, fernando!

cant wait for it to be ready :)

Jul 17, 2008

camwhoring while waiting for the expected to arrive

its a long day and its not even over yet.

i am still stuck at office writing speech for my CEO. the event will next week on monday. so i still have tomorrow. its the same event for the past few years so im cracking my head trying to add new points. and here i am, blogging away first. ngahaha, who knows i might get an idea when rambling silly in here?

this morning, stupid traffic jam. the jam started even before the sungei besi toll. thank god i called my lil sis before going to work. so we had to detour and used the seri kembangan route and took the exit from seri petaling to kl. even along the serdang road i can see the heavy traffic. god, i cursed baskets to the government.

arrived at office. just switched on the computer. then nature call. when i was done, saw a miscalled from my colleague. i forgot there was a meeting. im such a dunce i know. my forgetfulness will be the death of me some day.

around 11ish, went to pick up Sayang. his parents came back from jeddah for good. so we had to bring a big car for the luggage. went to um to get the car. arrived at airport around 1230pm, the flight should arrive at 11am. the flight was delayed to 130pm. thank god we didnt stick to time though. so to kill time went to have lunch at food court. killing expensive, man! the usual lauk pauk i took usually will cost me rm3 but that kakak charged me rm10. luckily, Sayang was fortunate he got 50% off because he was mistaken for airport staff. i should have let him pay for me!

PILs finally passed through the checking at 330pm. stopped for half an hour at KLIA mosque. send them home first. then went back to office at 5pm. people are starting to go back home and we are going to the office. how losers can we be?

so now im stuck out of ideas for CEO's speech while gossipping away with azwan and yatoque. and its 8pm already.

Sayang when can we go back?

Jul 16, 2008

please help me

dear to anyone who is willing to help me.

i have a slight problem here.

i am such a dunce in this computer tech thingy. i found a template that i really like. but the thing is its in a classic mode. since i am a dunce in this thing, i would like to change it to new blogger template. its easier for me to use it and and understand it, of course.

so, anyone who's kind enough to help me out? for free i hope.

ngeh ngeh.

another stupid step

hi peeps.

got to work a bit late, around 11ish. bought breakfast nasi lemak and laksa johor to ibu's. the family is off to umrah but i didnt send them to the airport. it'd be too late to the office then. heh.

i skipped lunch. well after that big breakfast i woludnt know where to put anymore food. since i started fasting, i can manage to control my eating habits. wuhoo. i wonder how long this will last. heh.

news is out. anwar has been arrested by the police. and it's even before the deadline 2pm. i have the feeling that i dont want to live in malaysia any longer. i dont feel safe anymore. and sad to say, its not that anwar is making me not safe but our own government. it is so corrupted and i cant just tell how i hate them for doing what they are doing.

UMNO is not like it used to be. UMNO that we know fight for people. though they do say that they look after their own people but i dont see any of it. i mean, how come they are so many rempits, drug addicts and drop-outs? shouldnt they be doing something about it if they really do care about us? nope, they are just a bunch of orang gile kuasa.

i really pity anwar. he is not being justified fairly. they just arrested him based on baseless allegations. what if i go up to the police and report that i have been sodomised by badawi and najib and it was a fantastic threesome? i'll bet that i would have been shut up forever or blown up to pieces just like Altantuya.

i think that the government is trapped by its own trap. and the natural thing they would do is to lash out at anwar. the usual scapegoat. they are so scared that anwar will take over. if the evil is in power, it is hard to tumble them down no matter how innocent you are. and they can do just whatever. like arresting without any base. or manipulate facts.

its no use of reading papers nowadays because it is government-controlled. where is the freedom of speech? journalism should have this act, to view any opinions unbiasedly. like other democratic countries. no wonder we are still stuck like this because we are the robots of the heartless government.

and you condemned people who dont support their own. tell me then, dear pak lah, how are we going to love you if you dont love us? relationship is a two-way channel of emotions. instead you screwed up big time. and the biggest mistake you did was to hike oil price at the time that people are pissed of with you. you make them angrier. it is so obvious that you are trying to cover the loses with the increase price.

please dont be such a selfish and ignorant b*****d.

what is it if you get an allowance of rm10k for fuel every month? u wont suffer like me then with a small income plus no big fuel allowance. ok, of course everyone knows that a PM should be well off but cant you be considerate. after all, your responsibility is to look after us. not just saving your ass.

did you think that by arresting anwar will win our hearts back? of course not. duh. even the police on the news last night was stupid. if he couldnt speak english please just say it in malays. we are malays after all. i guess anwar doesnt understand a word of your gullible english. even i dont understand you.

i think its useles of writing this down. because, if the governement do suddenly take action will be to arrest me for talking bad about them. see what i mean? they dont understand that its us who chose them to be leaders. if i vote them to arrest me for just voicing my own thoughts, then it would have been a very bad and unwise decision right?

i rest my case. better off watching a movie and eating lovely junkfood.

or i could buy a ticket to england tonight. hahah.

Jul 15, 2008

nasi ayam penyet

i am fasting again today. since i have no eating agenda this afternoon, i am going to take a nap. then i will continue to surf for FOOD. saya rasa macam nak nasi ayam penyet laaa.... siapa yang baik hati untuk memenuhi my need?

Gila teruja seh..da telan seteguk air liur da!

Jul 14, 2008

i am fasting today..ooohhh

today i am fasting. and i know i shouldn't be saying this but my tummy is growling with hunger. i can hear them. and i can feel the rumblings too. shows that i can no longer stand hours of no food. please help me!

it is 5.36pm. Sayang is on his way to pick me up. its one of the rarest days that he has to send me to work first. since he brought a cockroach into the car this morning and couldn't be found until now, i did not desire a trip alone should the damned cockroach came out and scare the hell out of me. so, he has to send me to work first.. it is raining quite heavily, i'll bet he's taking time, what with all the traffic jam down to my place.

the good thing about fasting is that you tend to crave for food. and i mean all sorts of food. and at times you cannot really decide what to eat. i guess thats why people spend more than they should in Ramadhan. ;p so what i did today was browsing through the internet and salivating over food. yes FOOD. the creamy cheese pasta, perfectly grilled lamb shank, pan-grilled salmon with lemon sauce, lovely sushi and desserts. dont let me start on desserts, plus i cant remember all of the names though.

so, by the time you cannot think of another food to crave, then it's time to break your fast. i mean the activity of dwelling on food just occupy your whole time! hahah. plus, you'll appreciate more of what you eat when you havent eaten for the whole day.

oh wait. i'll continue later on. after breaking fast, that is. heheh. Sayang has arrived. yeay!



i had a really good dinner. i guess nothing can beat mom's good old cooking. even though there is no creamy cheese pasta. haha. but fret not, i will have my share of that, sometime around this week. i usually treat myself to a good meal since i earned for it, aight? just to give me some motivation to drag myself up early in the morning and a hellish drive to work.

ibu and everyone has gone to seremban, visiting the Grandparents. they will be going to Jeddah to perform umrah this wednesday. i dont know whether i can get time off to send them but we'll see how everything goes. heheh.

i am feeling sleepy now. i think i'll fast again tomorrow. it seems that my body can function properly even though with all the hunger pangs. i am just waiting for my facial mask to dry then i'll turn myself in.


Jul 10, 2008

where my absent-mindedness has lead to...

i am feeling shite.

yesterday, i got off work earlier and went to pick up Sayang at his work. we planned to watch Hancock and berbuka puasa at Alamanda. ok lah tu kan.

as usual, my mind will always wanders and imagines things. my favourite game is to imagine 'What If'. just for fun sake lah. like, what if im rich in the next 2 years, will i still be using the same car (or will it be a new Honda Accord? ;p) and what bags will be on my arm and so on..you know lah kan..but that is a little fragment of my imagination. heheh.

well, as i were sitting beside Sayang, i was imagining that i am living in England (next 5 years lah). i was listing in my mind the things i would do if i were there. ;p then suddenly, i happen to glance at the petrol meter. oklah, 2 notches, jap lagi kene isi minyak nih. then, my mind went blank. i was trying to figure where the hell did i put my petrol money (i have a small pouch to keep petrol money, its more organised this way ;p). the last time i can recall back is two days ago when i took out the money (which happens to be my anniversary la kan) to fill up at a petrol pump. i gave Sayang RM50 and waited for the change. usually we fill up RM40 but Sayang said takper lah because da blinking meter. i was like, okay.

while waiting for Sayang filling up, and i had nothing to do, i absent-mindedly counted the money. just to see how much is left until next salary. AHA. this is the weird part. i never counted the money because... i dont know. maybe i just want it to be there everytime i took some out. i believe that God is Pemurah, so i bet He will sympathise with me for being selalu kesempitan wang. heheh. and zilch. thats the only thing i remembered what i did with the money. i couldnt remember a thing at all what happen after that.

so, i was sitting quietly when suddenly i lurched and opened the dashboard. just in case i threw it in there. none. Sayang was astonished.

'Sayang, u cari ape?'

'uh...tengah cari duit minyak'

'Baby, tak ingat ke mane simpan?ur handbag xde? korek sume dalam dashboard tuh, mane tau terselit'

'dah...3 kali dah..macamne ek, i cant remember at all what i did with the money'

'ke u ada belanja kot?'

'eh xla kan?!! mesti la i ingat kalau i belanja!'

aku dah memang muka gelabah. somewhere deep in my heart, i believe its somewhere waiting to be found. but i don't know where it is waiting. uwaaaaaaa

i searched the car until we reached home. and i searched some more. Sayang wasn't in the mood anymore. so we cancelled Alamanda. (sedih aku tau). aku sambung cari lagi dalam bilik. mana tau ada terselit kat bawah katil kan. yilek. i was feeling down. Sayang pun macam malas nak ckp dengan aku.

after magrib, he went out with his friend. i went to Ibu's. continuing with the search. still couldnt be found anywhere. my mom, as usual, mestilah bising2 kat aku kan. but i just let her because i know its my own fault.

'ntah-ntah kau ada belanja bukan-bukan tuh. x ingat'


pastu dia bg duit. hahah.

'kau bayar balik. ibu bukan nak berkira tapi its time you take responsibilities. tak kesah la brape lama kau nak byr but just pay back'

'ye ke ibu. tapi kan nanti ibu x cukup duit' (saja buat ayat kesian..hahah)

'amek je la tp bayar balik. kau ni. baca Quran tuh. bagi kuat ingatan sket. solat tu, jangan lambat2. jgn laju2 sangat nanti Allah susah nak terima. kau ingat duit ni senang nak dapat ke pkai hilang je?'

'ye la..tau..tapi Allah kan Maha Pemurah. tak payah nak mintak2 kat org, dia terus suruh ibu bagi kat sarah..hehhe'

'eh ke situ plak..bukan bg, bayar balik'


mak aku ni x sudah2 suruh bayar balik plak. yelah, bulan depan gak saya akan bayar..hehe.. so, when i told Sayang he said why did i accept the money, malu la dia. tapi i kan pandai memujuk.

'xpe sayang. ibu kata nak byr sebulan RM50 pun ok. kalo credit card kan x bole buat mcmtu. mane satu kita nak, loan with interest ke or loan interest-free?'

so, berjaya la saya memujuk ditambah dengan aksi-aksi yang lain..hahah.

bila nak tido malam tuh, i lay watching the ceiling (my favourite past time before i got married). dah lama aku x buat macam tuh. Sayang came out of the toilet and saw me.

'Baby, u duk pkir lagi ke about the money?'

i just kept quiet. well, i didnt know what to say exactly.

'takpe la baby. da memang xde rezeki. lain kali sayang berusaha la ingat ape yang sayang buak ok?'

'ok. sorry susah kan u. i sayang u'

my heart lightened a bit. walaupun mmg salah aku pun. but somehow, i feel that i will find that money. its just a matter of time.

come to think of it, i never ever misplace money. maybe its due to the fact that i tend to spend before placing them anywhere. haha. it shows that my absent-mindedness has reached to the limits.

jadi pemgajaran nya ialah make sure u spend all your money before you misplaced them. baru boleh pening kepala pikir mane hilang duit. macam pempuan bawah ni. kahkahkah.

boleh ke macam tu? kehkehkeh.

Jul 7, 2008

my 1st year anniversary of marriage ~ 7.7. 2008

i am writing this down so that i can look back and remember this particular day.

yesterday was my first anniversary of marriage. at first, i couldn't really believe it. time passed by like lightning. it's like i blink only once and suddenly it's a year already. so what have i done in a year of hitching?

i've been having fun, obviously. getting to know my hubby better (not that i know him to the core yet, still a lot to learn. heh). mind you though, knowing each other for 5 years before marriage is nothing like it in a year of being married to him. instead, you will learn different things, which i won't go into details. i'll let you guys venture the marriagehood yourself. heheh.

somehow, one thing i learned about being married is that you always have to live up to peoples' expectations. it's like everything that you used to do before getting hitched is not appropriate any more after being a wife and husband. why oh why? we are only human beings, for god sake.

another thing is the pressure people give on getting a baby. yes, i know that in islam, the significant reason of marriage is to extend good family bloodline. but come on guys, you cant simply force it out of the belly if there isnt one, can you? please,have some sensitivity here. i thought orang-orang tua la pandai bercakap halus, ni tidak. macam taktau je proses nak dapat baby mcmane. ok la if the conversation goes like this, xpelakan..

A: eh, xpregnant lagi ke? (a bit harsh i must say but i can let this pass cause i can be blunt too.hehe) or another one, 'xde ape-ape lagi ke?' (ni berlapik sket la)

me: hmm, xde lagi la...(buat muke mcm xbersalah)

A: xpela, xde rezeki lagi la tuh. lgpun muda lagi, ok la tuh.

me: haah. tu la, tgah berusaha sungguh2 ni. hahah:D

but i REALLY HATE this one.

B: nape xde lagi baby? kau ni, planning ke? xbaik la planning2 ni. muda-muda la nak ada baby. senang bile da tua nanti.

me: mcmane planning, bole ajar?(hati panas ni)
tapi kan, ada je yg planning tu terdapat gak baby, mcmane tuh?
baik xpyh planning ek? tu makne nye rezeki di tgn tuhan kan?

orang mcmni mmg x pyh di ajar. kalo kot ye pun ada org planning, its not your place pun to ask because malu la sket. kita kan orang melayu, penuh adat istiadat. ces kan aku da membebel padahal aku nak cerita benda lain.

ok back to the main story-mory i..heheh

kami sangat bahagia semalam. sgt lovey-dovey. hahah. i forced him to take leave, itupun half day. i had to lepak at my office to wait for him. after he settled all his work, then we went to Public Mutual to settle few things (anyone interested please contact me. heh). then, suddenly he said,'jom kita pergi lunch. sayang mesti nak lunch dengan fazana kan?' heheh. nak la, kan da dekat time tuh. so, i called my bestfriend and told her we are on the way. we had lunch at Kopitian, just below her office. food was delicious, especially the chilli tempe. so orgasmic. heh. plus cik faza kita yang belanja. :)

kami yang menggediks

pekan mee rebus..bole tahan la beb

then, we went to bank islam at KL Sentral. seem its the day for visiting banks. heheh. yela, bila lagi kan because my sayang is always so busy. menyampah i tau. tapi xpe, going to the bank togeda2 pun da gumbira. hahah. we are applying loan for a house. yela, setaun kawen kene cari tempat tinggal. heheh. we found this place in section 15, bangi and we fell in love. at last, finally we could agree on the same house.

after that, kita org pun wandering je around deciding where to go next. suddenly i remembered charles & keith has opened recently. so, off to pavillion. i was a bit disappointed though, the design did not attract me at all like it used to. i dont know, maybe the wrong line came in? boleh ke macam tu? so, jalan2 je. tgk nine west, it's even worse. zaman tuk anun bile ntah still the same old design. pastu bile sale, benda yang sama gak. new arrival pun sama jugak. haish. malaysia kene do something la.

last-last, we bought nothing. nothing that really makes me want to buy. tapi tipu la xde but the things that i want is totally out of the question la kan? heheh. so, kitorg pun lepak kat j.co je. sambil melahap doughnuts and ice-blended cappucino, we talked about our future. and the past too. da lama x sit down and talk like this. sebab dia kan slalu busy tinggal kan aku je. haha.

my sayang

me, just after the second orgasmic doughnut

magrib kat pavillion. then we decided to go to ampang look out point at menara tinjau. a place yang banyak orang ramai telah perkatakan. a place where you can see the whole KL free of charge without going to menara kl and kene bayar plak tuh. the view was quite amazing. you really can see the whole of KL. i bet thats where the drama-drama melayu sering dilakonkan especially part-part bibit asmara tuh. haha.

KL view from Ampang Look Out Point

rase macam berlakon drama melayu - part bercinta diatas bukit :D

we had dinner up there. the wind is quite cold and chilly. plus it just rained so it was misty. there were 3 restaurants to choose from. one serve bbq, another western and last serve arab food. we opted for the arab food (the middle one called Bread & Olive) since it was the least crowded. romantic sket, kata anniversary kan. hahah. the food was nice lah and affordable too. except sayang's roasted chicken was a tad little bit of salty when eating own its own but with rice it's just nice. plus, i know arabs like salty food. and i must say really good service. and i know lah kan because i hate bad customer service. aku bole mengamuk je kat situ tau. boleh la kalau ayah mau blanje kami di sana.. heheh

our appetiser: zatayer (arab version of pizza)

mine: lamb shwarma

hep, don't touch my chips!

sayang with his briyani roasted chicken

we went back happy and full. it wasn't much but i really enjoyed it because i got him to myself the whole day. to those who wished us, thanks yaw!

us: yang sangat happy :P

and to sayang, happy anniversary. hope we will be happy for the rest of our lives. and thank you for making me so happy on our special day. hehe :)

p/s: i promised myself i will make an entry on the previous trip to langkawi. we'll see how time allows me to mebuang masa. hehe

Jul 6, 2008

new dress


i'm trying to find the right dress for my baby. sorry if you get a bit of headaches with all the changes.