Sep 27, 2011

heloo, i hope you still remember me!

So, the previous post was about my foot, yeah.. Until recently, i have been on painkillers.. To be honest, husband wasnt too thrilled seeing me swallow the white pills everytime the foot starts acting up. I wasnt too, either, since i proclaimed myself a self healer. But because im such a wussy when it comes to pain of all sorts, i just had to succumb to this cowardice.

Husband urged me to see a tukang urut for ages. You see, i sprained my ankle in high school while doing long jump. Landed quite badly i must say, and the foot swelled up nicely. A friend tried to urut but it was so painful i nearly kicked her! I resorted to painkillers (whats wrong with me!) and bandaged it up praying hard it will look normal again. Of course it did, but look what i have to endure now...

I cant be on my feet all day without feeling it sore at night. Had special guests from singapore coming over for dinner. My foot were starting to act up so i decide to dish up simple menu, without putting too much pain. By the time cooking was done, i just can barely walk! But i can put such an act that people dont notice easily. Haha. Cleaned the house and everything. Come morning, im in pain! And it didnt help when husband urged me to go along with him to all 5 openhouses! The last house we went to, i had to struggle my painful foot into the shoe without crying out loud!

So i ajak husband to the clinic for more of those fun pills. I hate doctors, to be honest, im just scared of them. Any mentions of needles, drilling or whatsoever related to doctor, j can just freak out. But for the pills, i sanggup! Husband was adamant, no more pills for you! We go see tukang urut and get that foot of yours right, once and for all! I tried to convince him berurut while on painkillers. At least i wont feel any pain. Haha! He wont hear of it...

Off to the tukang urut and man! I bet all her neighbours are used to hear screams from her house! Husband said i sound so crazy because i was laughing off my head. I said i had to, i cant be crying in front of that makcik, hilang my dignity. Even though im a wussy kan! I was making too much noise. Belum sentuh pun dah terjerit and tertiba teringat my childhood, i always start yowling before my dad hit me. Its a psychological reaction, it lessens the pain. Haha. He rubs it in my face ever since then.

Its been two days since the urut. The day after being urut, i felt extreme pain. I couldnt walk at all. I was cursing the makcik, making me feel even worse. I was tempted to go to clinic for my pills. Good thing it was a weekend, got the husband to wait on me, hands and feet. Muahaha. And today i woke up feeling abit better. The pain is almost going away. But i still walk like a robot though partly because i was afraid of hurting it again, and partly the foot has gone all stiff. And yeah, perhaps i will go to that makcik urut again for the whole body massage!

P/s lets just hope this is gonna be the last entry on my foot. Its quite embarassing already, as if thats the only exciting thing happen in my life. I sure as heaven will try to spice up this blog soon. Its been too long i know! :-)
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