Feb 25, 2010

Another 4 day weekend

Whoa I can't believe how much work it's going to be this year. The reality has finally sunk in, hard labour is just starting at full force. Come to think of it, it's not the burden of work that scares me, it's the burden of responsibilities (read: plural) towards the top management, especially the ceo. That means I cannot afford to make silly errors/mistakes which, if you know me well, I can never really live without with. I seem to attract all the mistakes in the world and can be so oblivious at most time.

So, I need to get a grip and list down what I should do/need to be organized.

  • Learn how to focus and pay full attention in discussions/meetings. This is because I usually can focus the first 30 minutes and last 30 minutes. Daydreaming is the best time in between. Hence, the lost in a forests of words and ideas.
  • Learn how to take notes in meeting. Well, beside the same reason as above, I need to google up some useful tips and tricks. When I can give my 100% attention, taking down important points will be much easier.
  • Learn how to complete tasks as required, as excellent as can be. Like now, I don't have the faintest clue on how to workout a 1 page communicating on KPI with target revenue and all. There goes my whole weekend.
  • Go extra mile. As quoted by my boss, be visible. By all means. Hence more study on how to kipas donkey's ass.

Okay, I think that's all I can think of right now. And making list is never my strongest forte. Maybe that's what I need to improve on, making lists. ;p

Will be on leave till Monday, so have a nice long holiday!

Feb 23, 2010


Two events in a row. One of those menteri is coming, going to be a fussy affair. By the time everything is over, I hope I still can breathe. Not that I have to do anything much but you know how these things go, just attending can be tiring too.

Everything is aching. I think sleeping on the floor is much better than on the mattress. Tapi dah geli plak, even though when we first moved in and couldn't afford anything, wood floor seemed the best mattress in the world. ;p

And, when my preggie sister laments about all her clothes don't fit her anymore, I think I kind of understand her because right now, I'm going through the same thing and I'm not EVEN pregnant! ;p

Mari odah, kita beli bra ramai-ramai..

Feb 22, 2010

Great weekend, great people, great food

Weekend was just too awesome for words.

Friday night started off with me helping out at burger Ramli stall. The experience was indescribable because I have never helped out at stalls or bazaars before. Even back in high school, I missed out that chance because, well, I prefer to be the buyer instead. :p

As I mentioned to a good friend, aini, since that burger affair (I wont' go into details here), I swear not to bugger customer service people so badly, unless it is unavoidable. Unfortunately, I will need to bugger the people at tmpoint though, the service should really be looked into. I applied for internet installation and waited for 3 weeks just to get an email informing that the service is not available in the area. Which I hard to believe considering that area is vista angkasa, right in front of menara tm!

Saturday was filled out with small gatherings and good food. Went to arina's new crib around noon and had marvelous food. Mee goreng mamak was my favourite, and the brownies too! Met up with kussesians, haven't met them for ages! Pial's son is soo adorable, I must say he did a good job of bugging arina. Heheh. Then headed off to pial's cny open house. Too bad we missed out on the lion dance, but we were entertaining a friend at arina's. Had a karaoke session, it was my first time melalak, and I think I am kind of addicted, even though I was really off the keys most of the time. :D

Sunday was a bit relaxed, went to a cousin's aqiqah ceremony, missed out on a schoolmate's wedding because it took place at the same time. Sorry, dude, another time maybe. ;p

Did a last minute laundry, a really huge pile that is, that needs a few round of trips. Berjalan je tak ingat sampai laundry melimpah ruah. And turned in quite early because I bet Monday traffic will be awesome. It was awesome because the traffic was smooth after all.

Now, waving a red flag with an aching back. Help!

p/s: that reminds me, I need to start doing research on house deco. Will be getting the key in 3 months time. Yikes.

Feb 18, 2010

Kenneth Cole up for grabs!

Yeah, see that title above.

I rarely do a post on jual-beli but I will allow this one to pass. I kasihan, and who knows it would become a past-time favourite. :P Anyhow, this will sure benefit us, either ways.

For now, I have 2 Kenneth Cole Reaction wallets for sale. Both come in different colours, peachy pink and classic brown. Just look down below, then you decide whether it's worth buying or not.

Kenneth Cole Reaction in Peachy Pink

See? Nice color, with faux snake skin, really sesuai for you girls yang gediks2 itu.

Inside, there are 9 slots for cards, including ID pocket. And, and there's a cute coin purse which you rarely see on other wallets. Comel kan?

Kenneth Cole Reaction in Classic Brown

Now, I must apologise for low quality picture. It sure didn't do much justice of its true color. It's dark brown, in a classic way, really suitable for those who have understated classic taste.

The front image, the inside is just the same as the pink above.

The price? Nothing overboard, I assure you. Each retails at RM250 with free postage, of course.
It can be a nice gift for your loved one too. J

If you are interested, leave a comment or email to sarahaliza@yahoo.com for more details.

If there’s one thing I cannot bear is, bad smell

I was never a judgmental person when it comes to people I have never come across before, let alone construct a few words of conversation. I do my judgments after getting to know them better and let them have a taste of my dry humor beforehand.

Now, it's a different situation altogether. In front of my work station, there's a man who reeks of body odour mingled with strong nicotine smell. Every time he comes in after a smoke, I nearly puke of disgust. I had a hard time of keeping my face straight so it won't be too noticeable of my dislike. I couldn't even lean towards my monitor without getting a full dose of his smell.

It's like heaven smiles at me when he's not in (mostly he isn't) and I can't wait to move out. Our place needs to reno before we can settle in. Because I have this problem, when I start to dislike a somebody, everything about him can be impossible. Like now, I can't stand his voice or the way he speaks, especially on the phone. He sounds so, gatal-ish. If he says something to me, I would just nod and give a polite smile, a way of saying I'm not that interested in what he has to say.

Cruel, I know. I pray that I can survive all of this without hurting anyone, particularly him. That would be beneath of me.


friggin' bored

Hubs is on leave today. Which is not fair.

I'm having constipation problems since yesterday, so I concoct a drink of apple cider vinegar and honey. The burning aftermath is a relief.

My colleague took emergency leave, her baby girl is not feeling well. And the little manager is nowhere to be seen.

Hubs will be busy with his business affair the whole day so I might have to crash at tok yang's after work.

So much for 3 days of work only but why do I feel time crawls so slowly?

2 small gatherings this Saturday and a schoolmate's wedding on Sunday. Can't wait to start socializing!

And oh, there's a makan-makan at the old office. Now I can go to the place without feeling remorse and hate. Weeeee

I've a feeling it's going to be a looooong day..

Feb 17, 2010

piri piri

I can never get enough holidays, no matter how long it is.

Waking up this morning was such a pain after 4 days of late sleep-ins. Fortunately, roads were clear and managed to secure a parking. Planned to continue sleep in the small room at the back, but got stuck in front of pc, surfing through online shopping sites while chatting with little sister. And now, I can't possibly sneak in because everyone is stationed at their own work stations (in front of the small room of course).

I've done a lot of cooking during the hols. I made nasi lemak, bbq, piri piri fish and.. that's all?! I thought I made a lifetime of cooking!

When I was in uk last year, during ramadhan, we went to a nearby neighbor for breaking fast. She made this marvelous spicy fish dish and I asked her how she made it. She used a kind of herb I've never heard before, piri-piri, and foil baked with whipped cream. Being a fresh water fish, it releases that fatty tasty moisture which I can't get enough! So before I came back, I hunted down that particular blend of spice and found it on the counters of tesco.

I was figuring out what to do with my sardine for lunch yesterday when I remembered I have still yet to experiment with piri piri. I didn't have cream in stock so I used coconut milk instead. It turned out quite well but I think the cream would have done the trick much better. And switch to fatty fish too. J

I've wiki-ed on piri piri (which is surprisingly the same as nando's peri peri), apparently it is a name for bird's eye chilli (cili padi) in some parts of Africa. It is widely used for making sauces and marinades for grilling and roasting, especially in Portuguese dishes. Even chain-stores like KFC is using piri piri in their recipes. I need to look up for more recipes using piri piri. I think I'm addicted to its spiciness. But I still need to pound in some fresh cili padi for more heat. Little Aatikah loves it though, she's such a punk!

Feb 9, 2010

Specks of rainbow

I am into the second week at the new work place. So far, I love it here, mainly the perks that go with it, clean toilets, free coffee, great environment. I am happy, most of the time.

The only side kick is that people hog parking space. Imagine 55 floors worth of people cramming into, what, 500 lots? Ridiculous, right? Yeah, I have to get to the office by 730am or let the car exposed to the dangers of dbkl and pdrm. Saying that, I think the summons accumulated might just be more saving rather than pay parking fees of rm120 (that's the cheapest btw) per month.

Nonetheless, I'm happy as it is.

Because I drag myself out of bed every 530am and out of house before 630am, I always feel drugged despite the cold showers I usually take. I would sit in the car, half-awake, not bothering to put any makeup whatsoever, and arrive at the office, puff-faced. Horrible. I have no options than to feed in my once-buried addict for caffeine. Like I said earlier, we get free coffee, so sugarless expresso has become my new best-friend while sifting through emails. On days I feel adventurous, I mix black coffee, expresso and cappuccino altogether, without the sugar of course. On top of all that, I strictly keep to one mug a day and flush out with gallons of water.

Luxuries aside, I get on quite well with my bosses, which I communicate more with the superior rather than the supervisor. The supervisor is retiring soon in april, hence the slow momentum of things. I'm still learning my way around here, I just hope I get to settle in soon enough. Haven't really moved into the right floor yet, which is supposed to be one floor lower than where I currently am staying.

Last night was terrific, I couldn't ask for more. J