Jan 29, 2010

new routine

as i'm typing this away, we are heading back to kuala lumpur. it's quite daunting typing in a moving car while squinting very hard through the blinding hot sun. i can already feel a headache coming along.

since this is my first time blogging in a car, im quite excited, as you can see. who knows, when i get my netbook in a few weeks time, blogging in car will be the next thing in my daily routine, especially when stuck in traffic jam.

oh yes, i forgot. yesterday, i received a letter, which i've been waiting for weeks, and next week i'll be reporting to a new place. i hope this time it's something that i will love, thoug i heard unsettling news about the new boss. but what the heck, he's going to retire in april soon, so let's hope for the best for the time being.

i need to blog off now. it's giving me the jeebies now.

Jan 27, 2010

mad mad mad hour

on days that you especially need to come to office really early, and i mean 745am early, things always come up, just to test your patience or endurance or mentality or whichever.

like today, for instance, we (hubs actually) need to be in early because he has an important presentation to make to his bosses. i turned in quite late last night, nearly 1am, and had to haul off my big ass to the bathroom at ungodly 6am. amazingly, we took off at 645am, with breakfast and all, isn't that too quick even for me? ;p

to make long story short, even at that ridiculous timing, we arrived barely after 8. quite frustrating you know, because you have put so much effort in getting up really early but still you arrive exact punch in time. and what's more, hubs just texted that the presentation was cancelled and that his colleague didn't even bother to inform him when he knew all along since yesterday. his office is in jalan tun razak and the presentation was at dayabumi and he went there all for nothing! such a waste of time and money. memang kalau aku cuba mamat tu kena maki sebakul.

in less than few minutes, i'm picking up hubs to go to tok yang's. has some business to settle before the week ends. if the letter doesnt come in tomorrow, i might have to forgo my leave on friday because who else would be so kind-hearted to pack up all my stuff, right? nahh, i might have some personal things buried in the 3 year stint (has it been that long? GOSH), things that i dont want unwanted people to nose about.

i found another reason for my depressional work, i don't have a colleague to work with, especially on maps. im so hopeless with this thingy, only yatoque understands how big a fool i am in maps. clearly, the 3 year stint haven't taught me all yet. :P

Jan 26, 2010


paycheck is out but already am back at square one. or squareless. hmm.

haven't done my maps tracking yet and it's due this friday, and i'm planning to take leave that day. so that leaves tomorrow and thursday.

will be going to kedah this thursday, need to buy tickets soonest. another damage to the pocket, it comes so naturally it seems so silly. but what the heck, as long fun comes with it, i'm jumping on.

a vaio laptop was stolen from a department across mine. we lodged a report already but i doubt we'll see that thing ever again.

struggling to keep watch of what i eat nowadays... never knew it could be this hard.. while i know it's more effective with work-outs, i simply couldn't find time/ or courage to drag my ever expanding arse. please god, help me out in this department.

everyone at the office is demotivated, the parking lot is half filled up. the vibe has caught on me, i'm feeling not too good either. letter is still not out yet, i just hope that no decisions will be taken back, god knows, its been a trend of making and remaking decisions in this company.

i feel the week is going too fast, already february will meet us when we come in after the long hols.

Jan 23, 2010

shooting star

hubs is yet off to another prospect hunting. stuck at home is way better than office. ;)

woke up quite early this morning (a first on a weekend!) and went for a brisk walk in putrajaya with ibu and lil sister. we covered the whole taman in just 40 minutes. haha! ibu was quite excited and keeps on saying that we have to do this more often. yes, there goes my future weekends. such lazy bum, that i am..

will be attending a wedding in bangi and later in the afternoon, shooting off to jb. i hope the traffic won't be so bad seeing that sultan of johor passed away last night. would that mean his birthday is no longer on 8 april? no state holiday on that particular date? tak sempat i nak duduk johor and rasa public holiday on my birthday. yeah, we share the same date you see..

getting ready for the wedding now..

Jan 22, 2010

olly yolly polly

it's friday and i'm still at the office. :(

not because of work, per se, just because hubs went off gallivanting with his friend on a hush-hush project. trying to act like a good wife that i am, i try to give my best support in any way, that is... by staying late at office. ;p

if it were a thursday, i would have been at the gym (please don't mock me!) as fridays are for men only. however, should the case be young handsome guys sweating out, i would totally not mind at all. so i would pass this one, which is safe to say, middle-aged people to have fun by themselves. ;p
at times like this, i usually lock the door from inside, partly i do not want people (read:boss) to barge in and dump last minute work on me, and mainly i take off my shawl for a breather. it also helps by not feeling too much of being at the office. bahahaha. and then i crash out on the sofa. today is an exception though, because i do not feel like sleeping because i know i will be the crankiest person on earth the minute i wake up.
hence, the blog writing twice for today. i never know when i will be writing next, so whenever i feel like crapping away, i take the chance.
oh yeah, people keep asking me, 'sarah, kau kena pindah ke?'

naturally, i always like to read in people's tone (you'd be surprise to hear the zillions types of tones here) and from what i can muster is that i am the black sheep and needs to be deported as quickly as possible. while on the other hand, i see this chance as a liberation, freedom from the too narrow-perspectived people. because it's less than a week now, i taichi myself that to hell with these people, they don't know nuts that's why they are still stuck in this crappy rut. rhymes huh? well, it goes together anyway.

off now to a dinner date with huda. (which is just outside of my office :P)

all in a cap

i am trying to eat healthily these past few weeks. if i really miss my usual rice with ikan keli and sambal tempe, i will succumb to the longings, in moderate portions of course. so far, i had them once in a week and manage not to eat after dark. im really proud of myself. ;p

my working days here are numbered before i report to a new post at rebung. i have a week to get evrything settled and handed over. in some ways, i feel relief at going out of this place but like everyone else, no one gets a free meal ticket over nothing. parking is a major headache for people over there, getting summons is normal. i come to terms that you win some, you lose some. it's all the mind, people say, whether you let some small nuisance to get in the way or not.

i'm getting annoyed with blogger nowadays. like women, i believe it also suffer from hormone imbalance. i write quite long entries and when i publish, a page pops out saying an error has occured. to add more salt to the wounds, apparently, the draft hasn't been autosaved and all my ideas go, pooof! hence the lacking of updates within a week, which i can't be bothered to write again, it'll never come out the same way as the first time.

i'll be heading up to jb this weekend (again!) and coming down to kota tinggi for a wedding. i hope this time, i get to have the lovely steamboat at dataran ( i think thats where it is). weekends are so bad for my diet programme and thank god that it's just 2 days but while we are it, i have to make the best of them. :P

excuses, excuses, excuses.

Jan 19, 2010

things seem to turn up lately. God have been listening to my prayers. all i need is just in black and white. eventhough it isn't exactly what i ask for, nevertheless it is a ticket to what i have in mind.

baby steps at a time.

Jan 15, 2010

end of the week, a start to fun

fridays, at work, mean casual attire. in decent way, of course, not like dressing up for a movie. (which i usually do all the time, cardi over a tee with dark jeans, pair off with flops). but because i have a meeting this afternoon at the headquarters, i have to be appropriately dressed in a shirt with pumps. :)

fridays, also mean half of the office is empty. upon arrival, the carpark is only half filled up. not surprising, though, it's been the norm for decades. no wonder people who hate work like to be dumped here, whereas in my case, i wish to get out as quick as possible. who knew getting the right job is hard? need to go through many obstacles and cemuhan to get to where you want. tapi cemuhan belum lagi kena, just preparing for the worse lah. :)

because the place is a majority of senior citizens, mostly waiting to retire, people like me who occasionally likes to dress up a little bit or striding in 3-inch heels, sadly categorized as 'vogue'. why the word is in inverted commas, the word is mentioned not in the nice way. as if it's a nice way of saying 'slut' except because they are 'nice' people, they can't say words like that.

i just knew that in order for online applications to be processed, it needs approval from the supervisor. no wonder all my previous applications came to nothing because the ex-boss didn't approve them. the more reason i should hate him, but since he no longer get to point orders at me, well, let him be. what comes around goes around, and i can see that coming already. not too long, not too long...

i'm hoping that i can make it in time for celcom blackberry party at pavillion at 4.30pm. even though i have decided on htc hero, it won't hurt just to check it out. then off to dinner with the girls, breakfast tomorrow with the girls, hang out with the girls until sunday. my service for hubs is during nights only. :P

so, get ready for the weekend!
today's work was 4 hour chit-chat and 3.5 hour idle net browsing. though it may sound unproductive, catching up and bashing (in a friendly manner) did a whole good to the soul. of course, it's not healthy to be doing them everyday. :)

throught the chit-chat session i had curry mee, nearly half a dozen of cucur badak and nasi tomato. all that unhealthy goodness at the times when going to the gym is hard enough. and as if that alone is not enough, i decided to get a new lappie and mobile before a treadmill. i think i got my reso all mixed up. ironic that it's still early 2010. :)

tomorrow i have a meeting at rebung at 3, so beforehand i may do lunch with fuzz in bukit damansara. haven't seen her for ages. chef n brew's baked fish. yum yum yum.

i know i said i wont be doing social duties during the weekend but it seems that many plans are lining up. i can't wait!!

happy friday, y'all.

Jan 14, 2010

rakan gaduh

beberapa malam yang lalu, saya cakap dengan hubs, sayang, i rindu pulak nak gaduh dengan nuha.

hubs menjawab, dah pulak. ym lah, pasang camera.

eh, mana sama. lagipun perempuan kecil tu mana main gaduh online ni, mesti face to face situation punya.

hubs, habis tu?

kita pergi sana lah. dah puas gaduh, kita balik. ok?

hubs buat muka malas nak layan. ces.


looking back at the previous entry, i can't believe its been a week! there were times when i was on hiatus, but this time, a week seems like a few days. weekend was too short, workdays went by in a blink and tomorrow is friday again, weekend hits again and back to work in no time. how time flies without realizing it.

as usual, work is hectic considering it's a kickstart of the year, so yeah, can barely figure out things to do at a time! i've been meaning to blog religiously everyday (part of my reso, need to polish writing skill, which i don't have much at all), which i did but most of them ended up drafted due to lack of time and ideas.

as expected, january made a big crack out of my wallet and i just can't wait for the next pay. social interaction is limited because, obviously i don't have the luxury yet to spend. and you know how when things are a bit down, every single thing seems so tempting and CHEAP but still, you can't afford to because there are many other obligations to be considered, more important than shoes and handbags.

so in the meantime, i'm already planning what to do with the next pay. planning a trip to batam, still doing some research on that, transportation and such, if everything goes as planned, thaipusam and federal holidays wont go to waste. except that i will be even more broke than ever, but what to, a girl has to have some fun sometimes.

i must say, God has his ways with us. at times when i would think 10 times to go for lunch, invitation for free lunch always come in my way. who can resist free lunch? especially when the canteen has employ a new cook, all the way from genting resort! while i'm typing this away, i'm waiting for a call to curry mee chow-down.

and while we are still on the money subject, how am i going to save up for the states trip???

Jan 7, 2010

not too late for 2010 wishes even tho i don't see the big deal out of it..

Well, it’s been a week into new year and forgive me for not wishing you beforehand. Perhaps, a part of me is still holding on to the yesteryear’s treasure of precious moments and pieces. Perhaps, I do not want to think too much of what 2010 will bring. Nonetheless, eventhough some hopes were crushed but new hopes always replace the crushed ones.

Can’t believe today is already Friday, I hadn’t time to savour the whole week thoroughly. Heedless to say, I've been skipping gym since 2010 knocked in, not because I was lazy but the pressure at work is too much pressing. Too many programmes to roll out, what is more, the company expects to launch its new baby sometime in this month, that’s premature launch and the nationwide do will be in march. So, you can imagine the hectic everyone is going through right now, just to give Malaysians the best service we can offer. :D

Because going to the gym is pointless at this rate, I've been thinking to buy one of those machines, say a treadmill? At least I can get on it anytime I wish, even in the middle of the night! Hubster then can monitor me as (if) a personal trainer. Yeah, right. Ambitious, I must say, but since we are still new for the year, it won’t hurt to resolute some aims in losing weight. So, need to do some research on that. Hihi.

People have been asking whether I’m feeling well or not. I am feeling well, mind you, it’s just that suddenly I'm having one of those moments, major breakouts. 3 big flaring red zits on the chin. Of which I had enjoyed picking on them in traffic jam. Of which I gladly would like to blame Kak Intan for her generous stock of chocolates and nuts. And to top off all that, we braved really really late nights during our trip to Singapore. Hence, the breakouts and bloatedness due to uneven sleep and unhealthy eatings. Thank you, sup tulang. Seriously, I do not regret you. And big thanks to kak Intan and Uncle for their bestest hosting for the weekend!

For 2010, I have only lined up bali trip in july, to make up for the canceled trip last year. In the meantime, I wish to plan a few vacations/plans, just so that july will come quickly. Lil brother is getting married in that month too, so pretty tied up then. After that, a few more plans after july so that 2011 will be here in no time. Aha, a trip to the states, need to save up on that. Anyone up for it? I know kak intan would love to go too, and since we are suckers for cold seasons, we’ll go some time at the end of the year okay? ;p

happy new year!

Jan 5, 2010

Tagging berehhh

Because I had nothing better to do, because I am quite pissed of with the office people, because I need to write something silly, because I owe Yatoque this one. Ever since she decided to be a 'blogger yang tegar' I couldn't keep up with her, because I had to scroll previous pages to copy the tag game. So here it goes..


1. First time you met him - when and where?
we used to go to the same primary school but nothing happened, mind you. Met again in uni and I hid behind ibu when I saw him. That was on the first day registration. ;D

2. Love at first sight?

first sight? Could have been since in primary school… nah, kidding. Do you consider hiding behind your mom's behind is love at first sight or sheer stupid shyness?

3. Who is he when the first time you met him?
an arrogant young boy yang poyo who just came back from the UK and suddenly beat me in story-telling. I did 'little red riding hood' and he did 'goldilocks and the three bears'. Of course, he's quite ashamed about it whenever I tease. Haha.

4. How long does it takes for him to ask you out for a date?
okay, let me see. So, we met on the first day of registration and we went out for the first time on 5 october 2001. I remember that because he forced me to treat burger king on his birthday. But then, we still haven't declared anything, main assumptions je. Haha.

5. First dating place?
burger king? Okay, that might not sound romantic at all but you have to understand the young feelings of trying to get to know each other, which I would not wish any other way. We stayed for 5 hours. Crazy.

6. How he proposed?
you know the funny thing is that he never proposed. He just said that when he asked me to be his special someone (he didn't even say 'girlfriend') he meant it a lifetime. So when I answered yes, kira dah terikat lah. Haha. Buat penat aku tunggu proposal. Tap tup tap tup dah kahwin.

7. Special date with him?
too many. Every single moment spent together is special. I guess that's the beauty of marriage. I could just lie and do nothing, just being with him, with cheezels beside, that could be my perfect date.

8. Changes that he asked you to do?
jangan kuat jerit? hahahah

9. What is about him that you love so much?
I don't know, it's too unconditional.

10. What is it about him that you wish he would change?
hmmm, God, can you make him not snore at night? Thank you.

11. You lose your mind and crack your head when he…
starts going on about how beautiful fasha sandha is and how sexy fara fauzana can be.

12. You will smile through your eyes when he…
kisses me goodnight, especially when he thinks I'm already asleep. It's like after all the hard work during the day is paid off, that I am really appreciated and that he still loves me by the end of the day.

13. Complete the sentence, "My love towards my husband is as big as ... "
do you really want to know? Because I don't. If I can describe love, I would be a genius.

I'm going to mention a few names here, odah – because you haven't update for a while so get this done, apple – yours must be interesting, I bet, nana – I'd be surprised if you get this done, hawa – kau rajin aku tau. And to you yang rajin2, please help yourself okay.