Oct 31, 2008

off backpacking


off to singapore. here i come nasi ayam penyet!

its going to be a full weekend with lots of fun activities.

lets see if we can capture some pictures, because lately ive been too lazy to snap any.

Oct 30, 2008

when things get too mundane

i would be ashamed to tell the whole world what i have gone through today. or rather done. so let it be like that.

i cant wait for tomorrow. off to singapore and pick up sayang in melaka along the way.

then i have an emcee job in port dickson. its gonna be my first stint since attending that emcee training course. still doesnt feel that panic attack but wait for the actual day, then you'll see.

just finished a script for next week event. how mundane my job is. i want to do something excited. and fun. life's too short to waste time on scripting text for someone else to speak when you yourself have something to say too for the whole world to listen.

finally after many years, this year is the first time i managed to finish puasa-6. and yesterday was the last one. so today celebration lah! ;p

i feel relieved that next week the kids will be out for mid-sem break. but many events are lining up. just perfect timimg. *sarcasm*

okay, its already 730pm and im still at the office. gila loser!

p/s: the baby's name is 'aatikah mohamad zaid. still cant decide what to call her. you know, the manja2 ones. ;p

Oct 29, 2008

SE G707 vs SE X1


got the papers ready. but i doubt that the kids can answer them or not.

now, im breezing through for a new handphone. im tired of my old one. (though ive been using it less than a year). so who's interested in buying it please let me know. its a Samsung D880, a dual simcard phone. im letting it go for rm 500, negotiable. it still has a warranty of more than a year (the warranty is 2 years). i assure you its still in mint condition, except for hardly-seen scratches.

Samsung D880

i have always been a fan of sony ericsson models. before the samsung, it has always been SE. until the current job forced me into using 2 phones. (yela aku kerja for telekom kene pkai celcom) and hubby doesnt want to let go of his maxis. so it was a hassle carrying 2 phones especially during events so when the particular samsung came out, i had to grab it. but since celcom has detached from tm, then it isnt necessary for me to still use celcom when the husband is using maxis.

There are two SE that im eying on. one of them is still not available so maybe i'll take the latter one.
Sony Ericsson G705 - coming soon

Sony Ericsson X1 - this on i loike! and sounds kinky too

and working for a telecommunications co makes me want to be techno savvy. so these two will do just fine. ;p

so, lets see which one the pocket allows. tetiba dua-dua pun aku tak mampu. ngeh.

Oct 28, 2008

two different crowds

i just need to get this down.

its amazing how a certain crowd tend to deny another crowd from knowledge-gain. what saddens me most is that its our malays who are like that.

that crowd certainly made me want to quit this but that other crowd keeps me going, because eventhough they may not be good enough for the public unis, they do have that determination that i really admire.

so go suck yourself. because i wont let you get in their way.


havent slept a wink yet. been up all night getting the exam papers ready. just one part left and i have to stall that one later because i bought the wrong book at mph last night. sheesh, why would i need an economic exercise book when i teach english? i must be blind or what. oh well, this is me, i always do the most unthinkable things imagined.

i do not want to continue teaching next semester. it gives me high blood pressure and before you know it, i might be dead of a heart attack. the younger generation is a lot of trouble, i tell you.

nana's baby is still at the hospital, of yellow fever. lets hope she gets better. i miss her yawling. and saeed keeps clinging to the maid rather than us. and that is not good. once she wanted to perform isyak prayers so we took saeed off her to the next room. as usual, that little guy had to scream his head off and the bibik came running with a terrified look as if we tried to kill him. as if. hello, we are his family, for god sake! i had to shoo her off and tell her not to manjakan sangat saeed macam tu because he needs to get used to us, one way or another. kang dia ingat bibik tu makcik dia and im some kind of a freak to him!

cumell kan dia? somehow she reminds me when i was a baby ;p

okay back to work, ladies! its the horrible tuesday all over again..

jalan-jalan cari makan

have not been going to office lately. hence the absence in blogospehere.

weekend was a blast. drove up to melaka to meet sayang then routed to sg rambai for seafood at umbai with relatives from singapore. as usual, uncle treated us. and he always does it fabulously until there is no empty space left in your tummy. black peppered prawns? chillied crabs? (i took the gravy only because i dont eat crab but nontheless, it was super yummylicious) succulent grilled fish? fried sotong? uhuh, yeap my mouth waters all over again. (sorry no pictures, everyone was totally hungry and started gobbled as soon as the food had arrived)

and it was the first time we slept over in sg rambai. since we came back from the uk, that is. and that was like more than 10 years ago. nothing seems like it used to be. i remember when i was small, i used to perch and sing at the top of my voice, 'kesian dia, kesian dia', an old song by sudirman. i bet everyone remembers how pitchy my voice was at that time. i shudder to this day just by thinking about it. ;P

melaka was hot. i mean really HOT. ended up buying 2 hats. ngehehe.
had 2 cendol pulut and it was bliss from the scorching weather.
because i was too greedy for more, i got up to order another cendol when the worker took away the cendol that i was still eating. good thing he replaced a new one, for free!

then we went to tesco. you see, melaka has really developed. there are carrefoure, jusco, tesco, anything u just name it. no wonder the traffic was horrendous. we whetted out appetites at kluang station. i had hainanese chicken chop. was quite yummilicious. but i guess i prefer old town because they have my favourite ipoh noodle soup. ;p

see, i told you that uncle tend to feed you till you burst!

cant wait for the singapore trip this weekend. im panting for that nasi ayam penyet!

Oct 21, 2008

tick tock tick tock

my feet hurts from standing too long.

my throat is sore from shouting too much.

my soul drains from the mere thoughts of them.

was locked out from the office. had to call the maintenance and make blondish face at the same time. (yela, bimbo je yang tinggal kunci suka2)

seriously, what do you do with these kind of people. sometimes, i wonder what ticks them to be like that.

oh well. its life. and usually its sucks. so gotta learn how to suck it in. or i will end up, just like them.

i am so over.

Oct 20, 2008

does everyone know?

Just got back from Alor Setar, Kedah. Such a long journey, I must say. Nevertheless, I was sleeping most of the time because I didnt wanna see the whirlwind of 160 miles per hour passed by. Kecut perut. Endless stops, for the fresh fruits, or prayers, or the loo and sometimes for a winkie.

Seeing that Im tied up with part time teach, I couldnt take EL just as I wished. its time for me to feel responsible. and a little bit of grow up. haisshh. still couldnt balance the idea of teaching these kids. must get the hang of it. before the sem runs out.

planned to go waxing with a friend today but cancelled (hadnt done that for ages). probably end up with a coffee session. klcc. the only place that i can brave through. huh.

everyone at work is walking around with this kind of look, 'we'll see where we end' or 'we'll wait what happens'. major structure has been rumored since early this year and nothing has happened as of yet. supposed to be this coming nov. so maybe i will walk around with that look too.

old people couldnt bear of starting anew. and partly i understand that. sense of belonging. security. loans. friends. but i wouldnt mind if thay decide to let me go. then i can do something else. i never was one to stick to something for so long. i get tired easily. and sick too. maybe if i wasnt in a bonding situation, i would like it here (i hate being tied down). as usual, bonding with a thing is not as much fun as with a person. and that is a whole different matter, of course.

okay, back to old boring work. i definitely will go to that coffee thingy. i need it.

Oct 17, 2008

Tagging: 15 random facts of me

This is an overdue post.

I was tagged by zeti, and being a good friend that I am, I can't let her down right?

And this is the first time I have been tagged.

So lets see if there are 15 facts about me, not in particular order of course. (since I dont consider myself an interesting person)

1. I am a pharmacy freak. I love going into pharmacies. Even though I might not but anything but just for the sake of browsing through the shelves give me satisfaction. I find it amusing reading the labels/instructions/or whatever. Its like, wow, I never knew this! Padahal sume org da tau. The most frequent purchases would be shampoos, conditioners, facial wash, etc. Besides, theres a pleasure in buying cheap products then suddenly it works on you. Talk about being economical.

2. I sneeze in the morning. Even the sky will stiil be dark, I will sneeze like mad. In fact, the darker the sky is, the madder I will sneeze. Especially when doing subuh prayers. Sheesh. I know its my resdung and people tell me to do something about it. But if I do something about it, then it wont be a fact about me anymore, right?

3. I hate people asking trivial questions like, 'when are you getting married?'. Or in my case, 'when are you getting kids?', 'are you birth planning?' or such. I mean, I admit that I do ask those kind of questions but I dont put that kind of look as you have commit a crime for not getting married yet.
I had this makcik, with a nosy-look on her face, asking me, 'Da ada isi ke belum ni?'
'Huh, belum lagi.' I smiled a little, showing that Im not comfortable with her.
Then she goes, 'Ye? Kenapa, planning ke? Tak payahla, muda-muda la ni nak ada anak, senang.' Muka gile criticising macam aku salah gila sebab xde anak.
I replied, ' Alah, kita kan orang Islam. Tak percaya kat Takdir ke? Qada' & Qadar? Ada, adalah. Lagipun muda lagi, boleh nak enjoy selagi belum ada.'
Lalu aku pun pergi. Menyampah.
So stop with it okay. Tapi bila orang lain tanye about anak dia, SPM mcmane, trus buat muka membisu. Tau pun.

4. I hate driving. Especially into KL. But I learned, manage in fact to survive for the past 2 years. And now I think I cant take it any longer because I can end up in a mental institution. Curiously enough, when Im on the road, I am one of those yang bawak macam haram. Still, it affects my brain sbb nk bawa kmcm haram pun kne pkai otak. Can you please speed up my transfer?

5. Public speaking. My ultimate weakness. Working in a corporate, and communications too, doesnt seem to help at all. If you put me in front line, pasti ak akn menggelupur. and sweating. Gile tak attractive langsung. So, I hope this part time teaching will help me come over this ridiculous stage fright.

6. So much for my fear speaking in public, I am not scared to speak up in situations of crossed conflicts. Like, orders being forgotten and being rude about it, I can throw a tantrum then and there! And I dont care if people turn around and stare as long as my rights are....fulfilled?

7. I dont easily open up to strangers. I will be so oh-forever-polite. People wont believe its me! But give me time and a few embarassed moments, I will be the loudest of the loudest.

8. I can go without food for a whole day, ot two perhaps. But when makan-makan, I can eat the most. Well, of course, that shows why Im like this. ;p
I guess thats why I can go on a diet for long because 2 weeks I'll be on healthy regime, then the next 2 weeks the most unhealthy amok takes place. Excuses, I know.

9. I fight with the closest people to me only. Because you know, even if you fall out on the most disagreeable argument, somehow you can patch it up later on. Plus, you wont have to trade in your ego. So saying sorry wont make you feel the lowliest people on earth.

10. I like shopping alone. Where nobody will pester me what to get or not to get. I can roam the malls for hours, alone, without feeling a loser. Well, I dont have a reason to be a loser since there's a wonderful man waiting for me at home. ;p
But mind, I also like going out with girlfriends. Those are the wackiest time that I treasure mostly.

11. I cant bear smelly odour. Any smell that smells disgusting. Even the faintiest waft. No, I dont tolerate that. Mulut aku akan mengomel sepanjang jalan samapi hilang bau tu. Lagi-lagi plak yang ketiak berbau tengik/bawang. Sheesh. Im not saying that Im ordorless but I go to certain lengths to make sure that I dont. Because I dont like body odors so Im not expecting people to like mine. Its all about respect.

12. Apa lagi ek? The next coming facts will be bimbo ones. I love to write but I cannot write as well as these people do. Sometimes I am so amaze (and proud too because of knowing them) by what they can come up with. Like Tyiara, Huda Izam, Tasha, Tini and so on. There's many more but I ahve a whole list, not to say the least of unlisted one too.

13. My new found hobby. Blog walking. Any blogs will do. Just to take my mind off work. ngehehe.

14. Shoes. I love shoes. Especially those high heels ones. So the sexy one meh! In fact, I always look at peoples' shoes first. Someone said that you can tell a person by his shoes. Im not being materialistic here but I guess sometimes its true. Tapi janganla korang tengok kasut aku plak sebab kasut aku selalu da buruk2. Yang lawa2 buat duk simpan dalam kotak. ;p

15. At last! I thought this would never end! Im a klutz and dont you dare judge me. Sometimes I just glorify in the fact that Im a klutz. I leave my things in a scatter. I leave things behind. I forget things. I stumbled upon speeches. I ignore people without noticing Im ignoring them. I get lost in directions (Im really bad with directions, and I mean really BAD!). But I dont care because thats what I am.

Okay, Im tired. So Im tagging Tyiara (I know u can do much wonderful than this and I cant wait to read them), Odah (kau pun sama), Aishah Berlian BLing2, Nana (kau nak tulis pasal saeed pun aku xkesah!) and to whoever reads this.

Tata. Im going to makan-makan.

Oct 16, 2008


Finally, got myself back.

My lovely layout (to me its lovely that is!).

I feel so ME.

Thanks again, Fernando!

Oct 15, 2008

Class was okay.

Still couldnt decide what I feel about them.

A racket was going on when I walked into the classroom. A sea of different faces turned to look at me. I guess they must have been wondering what the new lecturer will be like.

Nothing like I expected. What a difference between public uni students and private students. In terms of attitude, mentality and dressing. Yes, even their dressing look kind of weird.

Tapi aku sedih lihat orang melayu kita macam tu. Pikir nak main je tanpa menghiraukan masa depan mereka sendiri.

The students will address you like nobody's business. Shameless. To the point where you question yourself, is this kid being rude to you? I take that in a positive way because I wouldnt want a silent, mundane class. But I told them, in a nice way, that they need to be civilised and polite when trying to make themselves heard. I know this kind of kids, you just have to be a bit nice so that they will listen to you, but not too nice for you to be stepped on.

I remember my uni days, it was really different. You dont talk and laugh at your own lecturer. Everything the lecturer says and presents is correct. And you cant refute that. To that extent. But then, they will be complaints that our students are too impassive. Too submissive. Not able to think critically. All the traits that companies do not wish to dwell in them. Nevertheless, Im sure the government will readily accept them. Perfect ;p

Anyways, going back to the issue, I hope to make a difference in their perspective, if not a little. Im no preacher and less of a perfect but at least I can share with them what the real world outside there is like. Come to think of it, they are like little sisters and brothers that need a bit of a guidance. Maybe, I need the guidance. Its a teaching-learning situation after all.

So, next week will be on full track. Then I know how I feel.

Oct 14, 2008

frantic antic

Okay. Inhale. Exhale. Be calm. Everything's going to be fine.

This afternoon will be my first class. And I havent prepare any materials yet. Still in the midst of grammar books. Who knows that grammar can be so complicated?

My friend says that there is no need to worry because the kids are just a bunch of SPM leavers and couldnt get place in public universities. Even a bimbo can get away with it! But of course, I do not wish to be a bimbo. I want my class to be remembered by all the students.

Oh, my god! What have I got myself into?

Sorry for being such a dunce

Something is wrong with the outlook of my blog, but knowing me, a computer dunce, I just can't figure out why.

Can somebody help, please?

Oct 13, 2008

Free Handbags Anyone?

I have never won anything from any lucky draw contests or such relevant. Luck never seem to be on my side in this case. But when Handbag Planet is giving away 24 FREE handbags at every hour on 15 October 2008, I know i just have to try my luck. Who knows, this time around I will strike luck, right?

Its so easy and no glitch! All you have to do is log on to their website, www.handbagplanet.com to register, then you will get to choose a bag that you like. You only get to choose one so make sure you make the right one because if you do end up winning, you don't want to be stuck with a handbag that you dislike. But no worries though, you can always give it to me. Ngahaha!

So, come on ladies! Only one day more to go. Don't miss out on this one.

Please, God, let me be strucked this time?

Oct 2, 2008

Raya Nasi Dagang Sokmo

Hello peeps.

As I'm typing away this post, I am lying on the bed, fresh from a looong shower. It was so hot today that I was cranky most of the time. And in Kelantan, of course.

I'm waiting for Sayang to come back with my 100 Plus drink. Very much needed indeed.

Celebrating Raya here is quite different from Seremban. Everyone houses Nasi Dagang all the way. Just as much I cannot take nasi impit and rendang, nasi dagang is not much different. Dont think I'm weird but I never really like ketupat (nasi berimpit or nasi berketul) and rendang. It just doesnt make me feel good. Nasi Dagang? For one thing, I am not a fan of nasi berpulut and thats how nasi dagang is. I wish they would serve nasi kerabu instead. That I would really love! However, some of them served nasi minyak and theirs were quite different than the ones I use to eat. Not appetising enough I should say. And of course, everything is not spicy enough. I wish I had brought cili padi with me! :p

All the same, I enjoyed going around because I kan suka jalan2. Plus, I received some gifts since its the first time I came to Kelantan. (its their culture to give small gifts to welcome new people into the family). Tak dapat duit raya pun xpela. But I got angpau of RM3. I was so excited because it made me feel like a kid all over again. hehe.

Pity most of the shops are closed though, or else I could have done a little spree. Speaking of which, I have to get some keropok for Aunty Intan tapi tatau la mcmane gayanya. Kedai tak nampak pun yang bukak lagi. Tomorrow we're going back. I'll try to find for you ok Kak Intan?

I dont know when I will post in again as I took 10 days of leave. Next week I will be going to JB and Singapore. Cant wait for that one! Nasi Ayam Penyet, here I come! Till then, I will put up the piccas ok.

Enjoy continuing your Eid okay!