Mar 23, 2010

Laundry business

Of all the house chores I hate doing laundry the most. Gathering used clothes, putting them in the machine, waiting for them to be done, taking them out, hanging them according to type and length, and folding them based on colour and type. All of these seem to take up more time than I bargained for, especially when clothes get too piled up I had to fold them begrudgingly.

Oh, don't mention about ironing. Thanks to ibu, I send clothes to be ironed every Thursday. Her maid lah, of course.

In spite of my much dislike for the tedious task, I would not let others do my laundry, even Syarif. I have my own standards of doing laundry, which I know it irritates Syarif at some point, but in the end, who will wear the clothes? Yours truly, right.

I do washing every few days and separate them by colors. Wouldn't want to spoil the whites/ lighter colored clothes. I have decided daia as my faithful detergent and daia (blue) as the favourite softener. I'm such a sucker for smells so these are the ones I have narrowed down, thanks to spending hours in detergents aisle at Giant.

When the clothes are done, they need to be hanged within a few hours, maximum by 3 hours. Meaning, I expect them to be hanged nicely, kurung paired with kain, syarif's work shirts and t-shirts by row, undies in one line and thick clothes lined sparingly with thin ones so that they will look neat and tidy but most importantly, easy to dry. There are at times I have no mood to hang them and had to ask syarif's help and I would cringe looking at the way he did them, which I did not dare to rectify for fear of hurting his feelings.

If there is one thing I cannot tolerate in laundry business is the smell of abandoned washed clothes, even if it's only for a day. I hate the smell and would wash the clothes again because I know that if you attempt to wear them, the body sweat will trigger the most horrible kempam smell. If you're thinking of saving on water bill, then you should remember other people's feelings around you. If not, get them washed again, or even better, dry them quickly after the machine stops.

Laundry business and I is like a hate/love relationship. As much as I hate doing laundry, I love the aftermath of it, its fresh smell putting my mind at peace, making all the efforts put into hard work worth it.

Mar 8, 2010

It’s not what you think

Things are beyond my control, I need to get a grip before everything is lost.

All I need is self-determination, a belief that I can do it.

A whispering comfort telling I'm not a quitter.

Maybe God knows that you are still not ready. He knows what is best for all of us, says he.

I don't know, I can never bear with pain. How am I going to go through all this? asks she.

Prayers, prayers and more prayers. After all, it is all that we have in the end.

Mar 2, 2010

Something to look forward

day in, there was no break in between. Well, except for a quick lunch and prayers. Then another meeting at 3 but was postponed to 4, so this is a breather I'm chancing upon.

Tomorrow will be my dad's 55th birthday and you know how you never know what to get for parents since they have everything they needed, if not more. So I decided to treat him dinner at a place I've been eying on for quite some time, waiting for the right occasion. Since my dad is retiring soon this year, I think this should call for a celebration of hard work putting us siblings through school and all.

Will tell you guys more tomorrow. This time, I promise to take photos (I will make sure sarip does :P) and post up here. At least I have something exciting to look forward to in the midst of piling works.