Oct 27, 2010

this is for you, ESATEK

i know i haven't been posting too much on the house we bought in the previous years. mainly because i was thinking if i bitch lesser about it, nobody (read:IBU) will say 'i told you so'.

but now it seems i got hit back on the nose.

i could tell my mom was a bit reluctant when she found out that we decided on a house in section 15. i was adamant about it because location-wise, it's just perfect. i can just hit the highway to work. no hassle, right? especially for a not morning person like me.

apparently, mom's say still has wisdom, even after you are married. ;p the developer in charge, ESATEK SDN BHD, is totally being unprofessional and cunning too at the same time.

first off, we managed to get a 100% loan on the house and thus entitled to a refund of a deposit i put earlier. it took 2 bloody years to get back the refund AND the check i received stated half of what i paid. when i called up ESATEK, they said it's because of penalty charges due to late payment release by the bank. is that even my fault???

secondly, the house is behind its delivery. syarif called them and said keys can be collected expectedly next week. BUT we need to pay miscellaneous charges first only then the keys will be given. MORE CHARGES? when asked what for, they refuse to tell, saying just come first. and syarif said, then what about late delivery charges? they replied, oh you have to clear misc charges first then we'll pay you. easier said than done huh??

i'm angry now. i was hoping against all hopes that nothing bad will happen. looks like i'm going through the same nightmares that most house buyers have. houses are not cheap nowadays and house developers are rushing taking advantage of us poor people.

thank god that i have a good community. they are all fighters. and we will fight for our rights. chewah!

Oct 21, 2010

work was abit slow today. sleepyhead goes synonymously well with me. i yawned until my brooch below chin came off!

sent off the parents yesterday and suddenly malaysia sounds so quiet.

ever since i was prescribed with antibiotics for my bad tonsil, my skin breaks out. the whole body itched and tiny red spots appeared. agak menggelikan bila banyak sangat. after two dosages, i stopped and went back to the clinic. yeap, definitely allergic to the medication. now i can add erythromycin to my allergy list of medicines.

when my throat is not feeling too good, swallowing seems to take extra effort, i have no desire to go to work. haha, yes i know, what else is new? but seriously, i need to summon all my strength just to climb out of bed and hit the shower. and doesn't help when time seems to tick ever slowly.


so, i'm sure most of you, especially the women heard about the budget plan proposal recently. besides most (supposedly) designer merchandise will have a reduction up to 30% off on duty tax, the gst will increase up to 2-3%. we'll see who gets the better bargain in the end. just don't get your hopes too high though.

while in the same loop, the govt also proposes 3 month maternity leave. why are they targeting the women this time? because we are easy preys, ready to fall for anything and so easily sidetracked from the main purpose. plus, since women outnumbered the males now, they need our favours badly. BUT that proposal is only for the public workers. hence the question, why the need to air it in the budget? it's not for the advancement of our conutry, it is more like discussing hr matters involving benefits and perks, matters that employer resolve for employees. i bet they have nothing better to do at all, flaunting what they can do for themselves using our money. most of the budget proposals are repetitions from previous years and from what i observe, nothing seems to get better, if not a little. oh well...


it's been ages since i did any socialising. i hope friends have not forgotten me yet. will try to call up some people next week when syarif's outstation. and i need to do some scouting for the new house. but i think it's better to look around once you get the keys, right, so that you don't have to do things twice. penat okay. browsing magazines alone for now is good enough for me. ;p

Oct 18, 2010

today has got to be of the sleepiest days i've ever encountered.

i woke up earlier than usual, at 430am, to cook sambal telur. office mates decided each to bring along one dish and hence, the sambal telur. it got a bit burnt because i dozed off while waiting for the sambal to garing. ;p

so, imagine myself trying to keep my eyes orpen throughout the whole morning. i was half asleep reading emails. i was hald asleep playing sudoku. i was half asleep through everything. i could hardly wait for the afternoon to come because being sleepy on an empty stomach doesn't sit very well with me.

then afternoon came. everyone flashed his/her own part. from 6 of us, there were tauchu bawal, asam pedas kembung, ikan goreng, sambal telur, sambal ikan masin (the highlight!), bayam & labu kuah santan, ulam, cencalok, tempoyak, daging masak merah, telur dadar. crazy right? what a spread, and the winner goes to one of the managers since she contributed to half of above. if it was me, i would have sleep through morning already.

and of course, after quite a heavy lunch, the sleepiness won't go away. i could hardly keep my head up. sudoku no longer helps, numbers swimming through drowsiness. i decided to do zuhr and snatch a quick nap. which the 'quick' nap was a solid whole one hour. now, i'm fresh again! should have done that earlier morning and save all the trouble.

i still have another day before the parents fly this wednesday. funny this is, syarif said to me, sayang you could just a year leave and go stay with ibu. i was, what??? and leave you behind so that you can look for someone else? if i want to look for someone else, i would have done that sooner. but, yeah, then you wouldn't have an excuse right? at least you could come up with lame excuse your wife abandons you while i'm gone. no way.

men. can live and can't live without them. *sighs*

Oct 15, 2010

first council meeting

forgive me for being here twice, and at office hours too. i have too much time at hand that i am going wonkers not knowing what to do. i'm munching on some leftover junk from yesterday while typing this..

i should just have taken leave today but i was absent for 2 days already this week. wouldn't be very nice for the people to see. although actually i never care much what people say but i pity my boss for causing him trouble. ;p

not in the mood of hopping blogs today because my office computer is damnnn slowwwww! potong stim bila nak baca. so, i'm going to save that for at home later. looking at my current blogroll on the right side, don't be fooled by that. i read more than that. since i'm a lazy wuss ass, i never bother to update my blogger. instead, i just bookmarked the blogs i read. saves hassle and space, anyway. so, don't think because some of you might not be in the blogroll, i don't read you. i do, in fact. i would die of boredom (at office) without you guys. heehee

okay, i mentioned earlier (can't remember when) that i bought a house somewhere in bangi. it should have been ready by now, but the developer is behind almost 2 months. of course, thay will have to pay compensation, but you these guys, they charge you for late payment as quick as lightning and when they have to pay us, it will near to doomsday. metaphorically speaking okay.

nevertheless, syarif and i always check on the progress and i can see they are coming on nicely. roads are tarred, grass planted, road signs are up. i assume CF is in progress, i hope.

you should know that the buyers have set up a forum wayyyyyy before the poles were up last two year. i registered as a member last week (such a slowcoach i am!) and last few days, an active member texted inviting to the very first council meeting. how cool is that? heeeheee. semangat okay. of course, i said yes, but i do not have any intention of being a rep for any neighborhood. not saying that i hate to mingle with people, i'm just helping them by not appointing a lazy ass who will take forever to get things done. ;p

in a way, i think it's good what they are doing now. last time i lived in seri kembangan, i never actually knew my neighbours well. yelah, i left for work before dawn break and came home nearly midnight. and if to say someone broke in next door, i won't even know because i don't even recognise them! so, in the spirit of a new home, i'm trying to change that. good thing is that most of the neighbours are of young generation so i hope we'll gel well.

put that aside, i have to plan necessary things to be done once i get the house keys. need to do some wiring, lightings, fans, and of course the kitchen. it's ridiculous to hear kitchen cabinets are worth of thousands!!! even the midget ones... and you'll go ohh even small cabinets cost a fortune might as well make bigger cabinets. and you'll eat sand and rocks for the rest of your life after all is done.

i kid you not.

i mean, how far are you willing to spend just to make a perfect home, the house of your dreams? i know that some people did the crazy works just to impress people. biar papa, asal bergaya. it's silly, i know, but us humans are so easily sucked up to what people around say. i, for one, at times can be that too but perhaps for (not) entirely different purpose. you can't let people come over to a barren unfurnished home, can you? oh the horror!

so here's my priority list:
1. cooktop and oven
2. some cabinets for necessary storing
3. lights and fans
4. wiring

that's all i can think of right now. you might say, whatt??? only that? humphh!.
that, my friends, could mount up to 3 month salary!

so, the furnitures might have to wait. besides, if i'm having lots of people coming over, i need all the space i can, so see that as a BONUS. housewarming/yassin recital will happen, Insya Allah. let's just hope that it won't be for long now.

people say you get for what you pay. i believe that some good things should be reasonably priced. because nowadays, you pay a fortune for a certain brand regardless the look and taste AND still MADE IN CHINA, just like the rest of other cheap stuff. that's blinding stupid i say. even cheap products are such a ridiculous price, making us resort to products with well known brands but same quality as the cheap ones. see, how people suck up to this kind of thing? i'm like that too, sometimes. ;p

oh yeah, any good suggestions who can do ID for people on budget like me? ;p

just a lil remembrance is all

i'm still groggy from the little sleep i got last night.

left home for work quite late this morning, nearing 8 but we got to my office around 8.35. only a few minutes late, which i think is okay except kesian kat syarif because he has to clock in at 8. heehe.

yesterday, the office held a small surprise party (not so surprise after cos he smelled it out). it was a potluck (as usual) so i settled for banana&peach crumble pie, a courtesy to supermommy hawa. well, knowing me, i can never follow a recipe to the dot (in baking department, that is), always making twitches here and there and most of the time they never turn out right and i always always will put the blame on ibu. hihihi.

and the outcome? not as delicious as expected. no, hawa, i'm not saying your recipe is not reliable, i'm saying my hands are not super wondrous like yours and i couldnt get the crumbs right!!! so i'm going to try blueberry crumble pie next time around. and maybe i'll try twitching some new methods here and there. i never learn, do i? ;p

speaking of parties, in my humblest opinion, i don't think it's fair that bosses always get to have parties all the time, while, we meagre earners have to live a once-a-6-month party, and THAT we have to share with a whole load of people from the 6 months and we should thank our lucky stars IF there is one. like in my case (and others too), they totally forgot to have one, which is fine with me as i'm not into birthdays so much, but being in an employee engagement department, i think it is fairly crucial.

a boss needs to appreciate his staff so that the staff is happy (and healthy) at workplace. it's bad enough that we have to carry out orders (while he gets the credit) and when it comes to his special occasions (that includes wedding anniversaries, mind you), we have to be at beck and call again. and when it comes to our own special occasion, nobody gives a damn shit. seperti maklum, i hate ass kissers.

some companies, the bosses will put in efforts to make their staff happy. like, making sure the department gives some cupcakes on an employee's birthday. or, a small gift chipped in from everybody. anything to show an appreciation. yeah, the gesture may seem small, but i tell you, it goes a long way.

somehow, i know the current company i'm working at is going through a rough time, and based on a recent survey carried out, it shows employee engagement is nearly non-existent. how sad is that? politics play a big part in this because everyone is eager to please the top management and would push anything that gets in their way. bosses grin smugly knowing there are balacis looking after them, while the balacis are hating the bosses but carrying out tasks nevertheless and at the same time create disputes among themselves. no integrity, y'all. such a miserable environment to work in, i must say.

having high hopes at a balaci level is too wishful. i'm such a realist that i get depressed easily by all these. my wish right now is to open run a kedai makan2 at a simpang (of anywhere), operating from 4pm-7pm. that would be a dream come true, because there's nothing sweeter than simple things in life.

Oct 13, 2010

hey you, you have to be my Sahabat! or else..

i was on leave for two days due to a bad tonsil and major headache.

no matter how long my absence is, rarely unusual things find their way onto my desk. except for random express deliveries made by Tursina (a habit she develop during her confinement). so, i was quite surprised to be welcomed by a white sheet of paper, shouting Sahabat 1Malaysia.

obviously, it is a miserable failed attempt of our Government.

they must have create more than necessary share of enemies and had to turn to us, public people, as friends. mind you, not in nicely manner, i should say, but rather force us to fill in the form and submit by a deadline given. apparently, the iniative was introduced sometime earlier this year and they targeted 1 million applications and succeeded with 18 thousands so far. see how sad that is?

what tickles me most is the listed faedahs given should you sign us as their Sahabat.

1. Sertai secara percuma. (as i care?)
2. Menikmati keistimewaan eksklusif. (what??? can you be a bit more specific please??)
3. Ganjaran pemulangan tunai segera dari setiap ringgit yang dibelanjakan. (really? i can never trust the government when it comes to money ;p)

and some more that is no more interesting than my own sad ass.

i mean, what is this all about? we have tiniest of knowledge on this and suddenly you come up forcing a new rule down our throats? just like a true dictator. if you need to make friends with the people, go the right way. win our hearts. not by being a bully.

well, im sitting this one out, let's see how far i can go. but dont be surprised should i be deported to nowhere land. so much for Sahabat 1Malaysia.