Sep 24, 2010

300th post in 3 years?? such a bad blogger i am.

as i'm typing this away, my sambal is sitting cooking nicely on the stove. the office is having a potluck lunch cum farewell session cum raya celebration. i'm trying not to make too much noise as hubs is sleeping soundly, and yes, it's 5.35 am.

suddenly i realised it's been more than a month since my last update, which was before i left for bali. something came over me and blocked me from logging in only tonight (and at ungodly hours too) that i feel the urge to write.

wait ah, kacau sambal kejap.

okay.. where was i? oh yeah. eid celebration was okay, minus a few dramas along the way, which i won't dwell on anymore. except that laundry business is still halfway through due to excessive travelling. the only thing that kept bugging me is the time we went visiting one of the relatives. i was greeted, 'haaa, i know a tip that will guarantee you a baby'.

oh great. now, you're giving me tips?

i have nothing against people pushing their famous tips towards me, but i feel a bit apprehensive when it's only ME who gets the brunt end. hello, it takes 2 to get a baby, remember? and somehow, it's always me who have to do the changing part. i guess my feminism got carried away. i am not less of a woman even i dont have kids (yet).

okay, my sambal udang is ready. :))

enough of emotional drama. don't worry, even though i may rant, somehow i still try to follow the tips. of course, ego always got the better of me, ask hubs if you don't believe me. heh.

alright, getting ready for office now. will update frequently from now on, regardless such random posts because god knows, how i miss this little space of mine.